Legalized marijuana. It's coming to canada and I want to try it.

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  • JWdaughter

    I moved back to the states and all of the sudden they were selling hard liquor/booze in the regular grocery stores and I had a choice of medical or non medical marijuana-sold on the streets-EVERYWHERE.The little green crosses are everywhere-one is next door to my local KH!

    The one thing age gives us is a little more experience and knowledge of ourselves and our bodies and our family history. My family has addiction issues on both sides, I have hallucinations with anything codeine based, and alcohol literally makes me ill. This makes pot seem a little less enticing to me. Ok, It removes it from my consideration altogether. I'm glad all this didn't happen when I was younger because I could have easily justified it as legal and it would have been a really bad thing for me, personally. I didn't know all this stuff when I was 18 or 22. I didn't even know about the drug reaction until I had to take it for an illness in my late 20's. Healthy people don't usually mess around with pain killers much, so I was clueless as to narcotic drugs.

    You know yourself.

    (My sis tried it and was unimpressed and it didn't help her migraines as hoped).

    And I would have tried it in brownies back in the day without a bit of guilt if it were legal.

  • talesin

    The police are still arresting people for simple possession. *rolls eyes* As if we don't have enough *real* crime that is left unattended. I'll be glad when this endless (and meaningless imho - let's talk about really destructive drugs - open up your medicine cabinets. and I'll have a go) debate is put to rest.


  • Heartsafire
    When I was sowing my wild oats as a rebellious teen I smoked the maryj but it was illegally. I haven't tried the legal stuff. It affects people in different ways, kinda like alcohol does, and I never felt great when I took it, just really drowsy. If you're a first timer, smoking would be the way to go. And don't do it alone--invite someone you like to laugh with. Stock up on snacks, put on a great movie, and kick back for a night in. Or, take it with you to an outdoor concert with friends.
  • Finkelstein

    Apparently there is a motion going on by the Canadian government right now to change the maple leave symbol in the Canadian flag to one with a marijuana leaf.

    Go Canada !

  • talesin

    I knew it was all over when I saw Pierre Berton on 22 Minutes demonstrating how to roll a joint (coner). "Firm, but not too firm. That's the way I like it." ; D


  • 2+2=5

    Like we all should know as ex JW's, education is key. So much of the social commentary surrounding cannabis here in Australia is just pure ignorance... it makes my head hurt....

    Far more serious drugs that WILL cause serious and lasting harm, even death if overdosed, are prevelant in society and prescribed daily by the drug dealers that are endorsed by the government.

    There must be something in the word "cannabis" that has people cease objectivity and reason. Sadly for the sick peolple in the community it also has our politicians suspend their compassion.

    For a country that has a profound binge drinking culture that claims young lives daily, and accepts weekend hangovers as normal, I find the ignorance that is reserved for cannabis discussion amongst the media in this country unbearable.

    My son has epilepsy and suffers from seizures and a host of other serious health problems. Due to my ignorance, I was poisoning him with a cocktail of seizure medications and pain killers that were prescribed by the doctor.... for years.

    Cannabis has benefitted my son greatly. It is one subject I have become quite passionate about since leaving the doomsday cult. Get educated everyone.

    its 4:20pm as I post this. Shivers down my spine

  • DarioKehl

    I personally haven't enjoyed it. The paranoia is overwhelming & I always get very powerful "self-realization" highs that mimic & trigger my regular anxiety/panic issues.

    When I get high, my mind goes to a very destructive place and I realize how much of a f**k up I must be to everyone who knows me. It's brutal and it's also the truth.

    if there are issues in your life, things you hide in the closet, eccentricities, self doubts, fears of what others think, things you're ashamed, embarrassed or worried about, this stuff really forces you to stare them in the face. You realize where you're at. It's a brutally honest self-assessment and I personally have a little PTSD from some of these confirmations and revelations.

    I dont use weed recreationally (because for me, it's rarely enjoyable). But, it's also forced me to make changes so that others' perception of me improves. That part has been very beneficial, but goddam, sometimes the truth is disturbing.

    i also relapse into JW mode when high--as if my self from 20 yrs ago walks into the room & judges me with a JW gauge. I "feel bad" for my current heathen life. My mom's voice plays in my mind, "look at you! what have you become? drugs now? really?"

    just a warning. Not everyone is the same with it. Most people I know absolutely love it and just get stupid intoxicated. My mind, however, ruminates and it's a pretty unnerving ordeal.

  • talesin

    2+2=5 , agreed. It's hard to understand why a doctor would rather prescribe Lyrica (with its myriad dangerous side effects and prohibitive cost), when MJ can be grown on the windowsill for pennies. It blows my mind.

    Good on you, for self-educating, once you got free from the cult, instead of buying into another propaganda machine (the corporate-run government kind). See you on 4.20.16. ; )

    t :sunglasses:

  • talesin

    Dariokehl, I wonder if MJ helps direct us to whatever needs attending? Your comments made me think, , hmm. When a person can't eat, it helps with the nausea. When a person is in great pain (physical), it helps to dull the pain When a person is in psychic pain, they feel it intensely and are forced to deal with it. That makes a lot of sense.

    As a pain med, it's no different (for me) from any other. Except without the physical side effects vomiting with each dose and paralysis of the lower bowel (ack!). I was recently in hospital and had to take narcotics for several weeks. Did I feel high? Nope. The pain went away, though. It's the same with MJ. When in constant pain, it offers relief. And yes, it's different for everyone - as is anything we ingest. Makes sense.

    Take care!

    t :sunglasses:

  • Bruisedandbleeding12
    I can't, my wife is a police officer & still in (they still don't know what this means for them as officer's)!

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