Do You Think The Obama Administration Should Be Investigated For How They Treated The Trump Accusations?

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  • stillin

    Tameria,I agree that Russia definitely didn't want Hillary in office. Neither did I. And I see that the country is getting the "shake-up" that voters wanted.

    As much as I despise Trump, I have to admit that some of the stale paradigms have been replaced and people seem to be more interested in the state of the Union. Even a bunch of people who once were proud to claim political neutrality are finding themselves expressing opinions about things that are going on in the US.

    I'm proud to be living in a country that can conduct an in-depth investigation into their leadership. Some might call it a waste of money, but it demonstrated what democracy is about, while at the same time scraping some of the corruption out of the inner circles. Hopefully, some will think twice before they break the law in the future.

  • minimus

    It was a waste of money because the whole thing was hatched from the very beginning by sore loser Hillary Clinton. It was a sham. Nobody should be accused of treason if it’s all bs from the beginning. I think Trump is extraordinary in that he still fulfilled his duties while almost half the country railed against him.

    I hope this never happens again prove how good our democracy really is! That is like saying about a wife, that she’s a cheater, a criminal, a horrible woman. Now the poor woman wants to disprove such horrible accusations. She spends years of turmoil and millions of dollars to prove she wasn’t guilty as charged. Imagine saying how great that it was because it proves that the marital institution works, even under unfair accusations.👎🏿👎🏿

  • stillin

    Here's a perspective that we might agree on,

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