Do You Think The Obama Administration Should Be Investigated For How They Treated The Trump Accusations?

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  • stillin

    It seems to be a conclusion that Mr Trump did not conspire with Russia to hack into the election results. But it is also a fair conclusion that Russia DID meddle with our election. Is that OK if you like the results?

  • I believe in overlapping
    I believe in overlapping

    There are far too many dumb idiots about and they need to be educated or else it's all going to come crashing down.

    That is a scary thought! Only because I don't see it possible of getting rid of dumb idiots. And all it takes is ONE!

  • Simon
    But it is also a fair conclusion that Russia DID meddle with our election. Is that OK if you like the results?

    No, there is no evidence that anyone has presented that Russia meddled (as in "interfered with" the election). They try to influence the election - most countries do this and especially the big ones, but no meddling. The US tried to influence the UK election and Russia many times.

    The confusion has come from so many who use the term "influence" as a synonym for "interference" so they could claim that Trump was guilty. Using the language to suggest that it still happened and that people don't care because they are partisan is part of the same charade.

  • atomant
    it exposes main stream media for what it is fake news and proves conspiracy theorys are real
  • voltaire2

    Start by investigating the FISA warrants. Someone knowingly signed a fraudulent warrant application (maybe several times). That has to be a serious enough crime to go away for the rest of one's life. That person will flip. Comey has already admitted in public testimony that he leaked conversations between himself (FBI director) and the president. Those memos were, I believe, later classified by the NSA as confidential (or perhaps it was Top Secret, I don't recall the specifics) A special prosecutor will have those two people (Comey and whoever signed those FISA warrant applications) facing bankruptcy and life in jail in no time (a la Michael Flynn). They will talk and it will begin to unravel. Though getting proof that Obama was involved will be difficult. Hillary was given immunity for her mishandling of classified information. Not sure how easy it will be to get her on lesser charges, but, at a minimum, making her talk now under oath, along with her aides, will expose her to perjury. If she tells the truth, she'll be exposed as having lied and committed egregious acts as Secretary of State. If she lies under oath, she can finally be prosecuted. And if she tells the truth, she'll likely expose others (maybe Obama?) to serious jail time. Those people will likely turn on her with evidence of crimes not covered by her immunity agreement. Let the investigations begin!

  • minimus

    Hillary will never take a rap alone and be the scapegoat. She will throw everyone first under the bus.

  • Simon
    She will throw everyone first under the bus

    Then the bus will mysteriously explode.

    There's going to be a spate of those "Clinton related suicides", I can just feel it.

  • Vidiot
    Simon - "...they just want so much for the person or group they dislike to be the bad guys that they are actually disappointed when they are not and turn out not to have committed any crime..."
    Wait... does that mean the WT leadership aren't mustache-twirling comic book villains?

    They're just deluded fucktards?

    Simon - "...Imagine, being sad and disappointed that a hate crime, for instance, didn't actually happen..."

    I've never seen "sad or disappointed"... but I've definitely seen angry.

    Simon - "'re never going to be happy if you create monsters in your head and pray for them to be destroyed..."

    Oh yeah, that'll completely bugger you up.

    Reminds me of when I was an active JW.

    I would sometimes actually get kind-of-sort-of disappointed when I thought the Great Trib was about to drop (because of something that was going on), and then it didn't...

    ...although in retrospect, I think it was more about...

    a) ...viewing Armageddon as my own personal supernatural revenge fantasy, and...

    b) ...just - ultimately - wanting it all to finally end, because I foolishly thought that in the "New System" I'd actually be finally free (of the WTS).

  • minimus

    If I were in the Obama Administration, I’d lay low for a while and not piss off certain people.

  • Finkelstein

    Russia did subsequently meddle with the 2016 election in that its secret service made an attempt to aid Trump and his campaign officials with H Clinton's emails.

    This may have come about by Trump and his business associates trying to create a close business relationship with the Russian government to help Trump build a Trump tower in Moscow .

    I dont think Putin liked Clinton anyways, knowing that she was not pro Russia and she was opposed to Putin as the Russian leader.

    ........the saga continues

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