Leaked 2018 Elders Training Video RE: Elders Reviewing Pionieers

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  • steve2

    The video gives an unintentionally revealing glimpse into the power-and-control-obsessed role of elders. We begin to understand why some men actually thrive in their roles as elders in local JW congregations.

  • ToesUp

    Robotic, sterile and reminds me of the Stepford Elders. lol I know it is a training video but who talks like this? It is showing the uncaring, unloving "Brothers" they really are. All about hours, title & judging. So glad these things are hitting the internet. The rank and file are getting to see the inner workings of the borg.

  • pepperheart

    840 hours a year on the carts and still watchtower is crumbling

  • AverageJoe1


    I thought that too but after having read the accompanying questions in the outline, it’s not! The only thing it states they did wrong was not be better prepared!!!

    This can be checked if you look at the outline for this talk. It is number 9 and the questions for the two videos are on pages 2 and 3 (yes there are actually two videos. There appears a pause icon at the 9:34 mark) and here’s a link to the outline in PDF that accompanies this video:


    it’s very judgmental but according to question 7 it would be “unloving” to let her continue as a pioneer. Unbelievable!

  • jookbeard

    this elders meeting is quite ridiculous, firstly elders meetings are not conducted this way, generally they are bad tempered, tense,stressful affairs, no way are they conducted in a calm civil manor like these three morons are behaving, secondly are they really concerned if sister x isnt making the required amount of hours? I very much doubt it? one other part I noticed was to quote " we really must be trying to maintain the high standards that pioneers have to adhere to" what a joke that is 99.9% of all R&F and auxiliary/regular pioneers canvassing are either spent aimlessly walking around the territory, driving around for hours windscreen witnessing or standing by the stupid carts gossiping or messing around with their smartphones, and as if all R&F/pioneer hours are really a true reflection, they are all mostly exaggerated ,they really are a joke, I couldn't watch that video with a straight face.

  • slimboyfat

    What a stupid video. Is this really a good use of anyone's time and effort? What's the glory in being called a "pioneer" anyway? Surely one of the emptiest titles ever devised. I guess it means a lot to sisters, who can't attain any other sort of title in the organisation.

    Isn't it a bit odd that one of the elders is treating the other two elders like his students. "Will you read this paragraph and see the direction?" Like he knows all the answers already and needs to lead the other two in the right direction. What if none of them read the instructions carefully?

    Then they agreed they didn't want to upset the old sister by suggesting that she stop pioneering. But "out of respect for the letter" they must offer her this option. But they need to talk to the CO first.

    Oh man, what a waste of time. It's excruciating. It seems that some elders think this sort of direction is so loving and wise. But aren't there better things they can do with their time than sit around evaluating hours, regulations, allowances, excuses and titles? It's so empty it's depressing.

    Just thinking about the time and effort involved in all this nonsense: making the rules in the first place, making the video to illustrate the rules, gathering the elders to watch the video, elders discussing and applying the rules in their congregations, informing the pioneers of their decisions, pioneers begging not to be deleted, elders thinking again, elders consulting Circuit Overseeers, pioneers getting depressed and talking to others about being deleted, elders discussing bad atitudes toward their decisions and directions. And on and on and on: endless empty nonsense. Get a life.


    '' Eljeddiah, I know you wish to be the 13th. disciple. You have left your family, quit your work, followed me from the beginning and have great knowledge of the scriptures. But, I have noticed that your field service hours aren't close to the monthly average as the other 12 men. I have prayed over your situation and have come to the conclusion ...to dismiss you from following me and to take your title ''Disciple'' from you.''

  • freddo

    This just shows more and more micro management from the Gibbering Boobies. I served on service committees as Secretary and as P.O./C.O.B.E.

    I have to say our service committee meetings were much more relaxed than this and I remember we didn't care if a pioneer wasn't doing 840 hours as long as they were above about 750 we were just happy to accept they were doing their best.

    I remember one time when a twenty something got married and for about 3 months before her wedding the hours dipped and in the three months after too. We just said do what you like and pick up again after using the example of the O.T. young Israelite soldier who got a year off to get married and set up a household. She actually came to us beforehand and asked what should she do and we said we really didn't mind and that she could choose to have a break and go back on later or just take six months off but keep the title and let us know then whether she wanted to stay on.

    Another time a pioneer sister had a baby and she still got about 500 hours in and picked up afterwards. The C.O. didn't mind and just said "you know her circumstances best, brothers".

    And we consulted with the other elders too (I understand that if you have a body of a dozen or more you can't consult on everything but we didn't want a "body within a body" syndrome) if we really felt someone should come off.

    I also note the "we'll announce her deletion" - that is so cold for the 34 year old who had been struggling with genuine health issues.

    More and more bloody micro-management! I am so glad I don't have to even think about being subject to and subjecting others to Pharisaical rules any more.

  • cha ching
    cha ching

    Hilarious, Rules and Regulations!

    Haha! Would make a great Saturday Night Live scene!

  • steve2

    Surely everyone here knows the Scripture that says, "By this all will know you are my disciples if you strictly observe without exception the hour-requirements of regular pioneering."

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