Leaked 2018 Elders Training Video RE: Elders Reviewing Pionieers

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  • pale.emperor


    Quite frankly im disturbed at the lack of love and compassion. Especially for the first sister they talk about!

    It's all about the numbers and no genuine love at all. "Since her operation, she barely manages 50 hours" WTF?!!!! GO HOME AND REST SISTER!!

  • darkspilver

    For context... this video is from the current Kingdom Ministry School (KMS 2018) for Elders.

    It is from Item 9: "Exercise Balance When Evaluating Regular Pioneers"

  • jp1692

    How weird that it begins with two of the "elders" admitting they hadn't read all the directions!

    That's a real WTF moment?!?

    The WTBTS always takes every possible opportunity to make everyone of its members--EVERYONE--feel like no matter what you do, or how much you do, it's never enough!

    This "You're a pathetic piece of shit" moment has been brought to you with "warm Christian love" from the Governing Body, Inc.

  • jp1692

    Ugh, couldn't watch past the two minute mark.

    I'm so glad I'm no longer part of this fucking cult!

  • dubstepped

    I watched quite a bit of it. It's so convoluted and ridiculous. Don't forget sister, we're taking you off the list for your own good. Yeah, you've been a pioneer for 8 years, but that's really not long. Yuck.

  • Sliced

    Perfect... considering my father who is a MS is attending this... Such LOVE for the flock... MICROMANAGING AT ITS FINEST! And, wow- the online files are so easily accessible... privacy laws being violated by chance???

  • sparrowdown
    Monstrous! She been volunteering to advertise their stinking cult for free for eight years and now when she needs some common human kindness and decency all these heartless bastards can muster is in effect "your not doing enough, you have no legititate reason for not to be doing more, we have been patient long enough with you, now take your sorry ass home and stop wasting our time...oh and don't bother us again until you can put in the full hourly requirement!"
  • darkspilver

    Sliced: Perfect... considering my father who is a MS is attending this

    Follow my links in my post above - the OP video is ONLY being considered and viewed by ELDERS - NOT by Ministerial Servants.

  • exjwlemming

    Talk about legalistic! You would think that these guys were sitting on the Supreme Court and submitting dissenting opinions. They must think very highly of themselves to be able to render such judgments to who is able to hold some BS title, "pioneer." After nearly 15 years, my mother volunteered to come off the pioneer list sometime ago. The eldurs were holding her to a higher standard that the R&F and criticized her for some minor infractions, such as, not giving the list of the not at homes to the eldur, but directly to the one that checked out the territory card. Shame on her. The eldur must of felt slighted by being bypassed. She still makes the pioneer hours by is a lowly "publisher." The eldurs were concerned that the CO would question this situation, which he did. This gave her the opportunity to tell the CO about the wolves in sheep's clothing. Needless to say, nothing changed and she had been blacklisted for being a rabble rouser. She still faithfully serves the borg and quickly defends them.

  • Designer Stubble
    Designer Stubble

    What a horrible pharisee video. Two of these three elders couldn't even find the time to read a letter and now they are judging those not quite hitting their hours. 50 hours and you should come off the list. One elder heard other elders gossiping on Br. Carpenter who should choose between LBC or pioneering. and how he dared taking a two week vacation, when he could have been knocking on not at home doors. What an unloving pharisee video. This is truly a works based organization, that doesn't care about its sheep. Their yolk is burdensome, not light.

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