Guantanomo Bay to become death camp!

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  • Yerusalyim

    I say, let em all go, I'm sure they'll promise to behave.

  • amac

    Hehe, well I don't think we should go that far. But I think a lot of people would feel better about this if they knew these detainees were at least going to get a fair trial before we kill them. At least that's all I'd want to see.

  • Abaddon

    Yeru; sharpen up your reading skills matey, I said ;

    "They are being denied the same level of rights as an Americn prisoner detained in the same manner for the same charges on the grounds of their nationality. I call that racist."

    You straw man me like that, what's the point in talking to you? Read my above sentence and answer it, rather than evading and squirming. To make it simple;

    USA man do bad thing treated different than non-USA man done same bad thing. This is wrong.

    Got it now?

    Also, playing the fool doesn't sit well as a defence;

    WHICH specific BASIC human rights of theirs are being violated?

    Well, they've been detained without formal charge, have no access to a trial which can be determined by outside observers to be fair, and have no chance of appeal. That's in violation of their basic human rights. You still seem happy with this.Stop asking assinine questions, pretending to not understand a very obvious point makes you look silly.

    THANK GOD the US doesn't govern by world opinion, if we did, Hitler would still be in charge.

    Oh please, the USA entered WWII because they had to. Grow up. Learn some history even. You're not even making a valid point here.

    You really do believe that the USA is right, no matter what the rest of the world thinks. Fine, pursue your policies of alienation. Your country right or wrong!

    You are also intellectually dishonest, here's another straw man argument;

    The Majority of the world holds WHAT values dear? Tell me how dear China, Russia, Cuba, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, etc etc etc hold these "values" dear. That's such a bullsh*t statement as to be laughable if you didn't really believe that.

    ... yeah, like I meant China, Russia, Cuba, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. Your only defence is that there are some countries that may be worse in some area?

    And more dishonesty;

    What terrorist activity? Get real.

    Yeah, like the way people in the USA supported the IRA for decades? The dead children from that, dead with armaments paid for by Americans, are they real enough for you to actually look at your government (NOT your country, you can love your country, that's fine but you're blind to the difference between the two man, very very blind) and see where it stinks? What about the Sandanistas? If you're going to claim you know of no instance of America fostering, funding, training or supplying terrorists, insurgents and revolutionaries, who did EXACTLY the sort of thing the people in Camp Delta did, then you really don;t know a thing about your country.

    I can't recall reading one thing in a post by you or Realist, Trauma Hound, and others that give the US and the Bush administration support. If you can't be honest enough or capable enough to support the US occasionally then how on Earth can we respect your opinion in ANY area. Intellectual honesty is called for.

    I've said the bringing down of Saddam's reigeme was a good thing. Unlike you, I object to the fact the US government plays the world for fools, with their double standards, their violation of international standards and the fabrication of evidence. Of course, you and others can really believe the USA got it wrong accidentally. The rest of us aren't that credulous. Weapons of Magical Disappearance!

    And you still have no idea; you argue it's okay for the USA to do what they do as at least they are better than others, and that people shouldn't just be nasty, but say nice things to, as the USA does nice things.

    THAT is your argument, and that argument doesn't justify the USA's actions.

    How nice you found a flawless new god and organisation to worship... your excuses for the USA are the same Witnesses have for the Borg. Wasn't one cult enough for you?

    Your last comment shows exactly how much you've thought about the issue;

    I say, let em all go, I'm sure they'll promise to behave.

    Another straw man; people aren't saying 'let them go', but 'goive them the same rights'. If lying about the opposing sides arguments is the only defence you're capable of making, you'd better change your game.

  • searchfothetruth

    Something you may want to consider:


    A Dutch court cleared 12 men yesterday of plotting a 'Holy War' against the west. The man had been accused of helping to recruit Al Quaeda and Taliban fighters in the Netherlands.

    But the Rotterdam district court said that there was no evidence to convict them.

    The prosecutions case was hit during the three-and-a-half week trial when judges ruled evidence provided by the Dutch secret service inadmissable because it was uncorroborated. Intelligence officers called to testify during the trial had refused to elaborate on the information or disclose sources. The court issued a rebuke to prosecutors, accusing them of mistakes and carelessness.

    The four Algerians, a Frenchman, a Libyan, an Iraqi, an Egyptian, a Turk, a Mauritian and a Dutch citizen were arrested last year in raids across the Netherlands after their phones were tapped. Police seized video's and books from their homes.

    The men- who faced sentances of up to three years in jail- were jubilant after the verdict, smiling and waving at friends in the public gallery. It was the second big case lost by Dutch public prosecutors pursuing Al Quaeda-linked charges in the past six months.


    If these men were let off because there was NO evidence, then how many of the hostages in Guantanamo Bay would have to be released for the same reason?

    If the Americans had sufficient evidence to convict these people then surely they would try them and make a public display of convicting them.

  • Abaddon

    An update;

    Canadian Juvenile Offender Could Face Death Penalty At Guantanamo Bay
    American military officials say that a Canadian teen being held at Camp Delta in Guantanamo Bay, Cuba could be eligible for the death penalty. The 17-year-old boy was captured in Afghanistan last July and is accused of killing a U.S. medic during battle as a member of al-Qaida. After 18 months of imprisonment, none of the 700 detainees have been officially charged, but a review of their cases by President George W. Bush is pending. Some of the cases could involve capital charges, and officials note that the government is considering establishing a death row and an execution chamber at the camp for prisoners convicted by upcoming military tribunals. (Calgary Sun, June 4, 2003).

    And some background information;

    ... oh say shall we see, by the days early light, the exec-e-cu-tion of a brain-washed teen-age-er...

  • searchfothetruth
    Last Updated: Monday, 16 June, 2003, 11:28 GMT 12:28 UK altalt
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    Father's anger at 'execution' plan
    Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay Some detainees may be executed if convicted at military trials
    The father of a terror suspect held in Guantanamo Bay has condemned reports that the US authorities have drawn up plans for an execution chamber at the Cuban compound.

    Azmat Begg maintains his 35-year-old son Moazzam is innocent of any wrongdoing and called on the British Government to take action to protect him.

    Moazzam Begg, from Sparkbrook in Birmingham, was seized in Pakistan in February 2002 and was transferred to Guantanamo Bay a year later.

    His father told the BBC's Midlands Today programme he is angry at the treatment of Moazzam.

    'No answers'

    "I am very worried about it. What about his human rights?

    "The Americans are doing whatever they feel like and nobody can say anything to them.

    Azmat BeggaltI should be given the right to visit him and he should be given all the human rights that he is entitled to alt Azmat Begg

    "I do not know what kind of law this is."

    He added that, despite the attempts by lawyers in both Britain and the US, there had been no "positive answers" about the future of the nine Britons being held among 600 terror suspects at Guantanamo Bay.

    It is reported that the British suspects could face the death penalty if convicted of links with the Taleban regime or the al-Qaeda terrorist network.

    Mr Begg said he last heard from his son, a father-of-four, one month ago and learned something of the conditions he is being held under.

    He said his son told him he was getting food and medical attention, but added that he did not know what he was supposed to have done.

    Visits prevented

    Azmat Begg said: "He is taken out in the morning for about 15 minutes from his cell in the open and the same in the evening.

    "He is on his own and there is no one to talk to. He is very lonely."

    Moazzam Begg Moazzam Begg was captured in Pakistan

    Mr Begg's family claim he is the victim of a case of mistaken identity.

    His father said he had written a letter to the US authorities pleading for permission to visit his son at the Cuban camp but his request had been refused.

    "I should be given the right to visit him and he should be given all the human rights that he is entitled to," he said, adding that the US should not be able to hold British citizens without charge or the chance to appear in court.

    "If he has done anything wrong he should be taken to court and if he is found guilty he should be punished," he said.

    Mr Begg now intends to continue his campaign to travel to the prison camp to visit his son.

    "I will write a letter to the President of America, to Tony Blair and the other authorities to try to go to America and see my son," he said.

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