I am definitely too old for this!!!!!!!

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  • Mulan

    Our two eldest sons and their wives went to Las Vegas for the week today. I have the 2 year old son of one son and the 14 year old daughter of the other son, for the week (until Friday). The girl (Carlie) is an absolute dream, so helpful and has a great personality, but she goes to school everyday. The 2 year old is the "toddler from HELLLLLL!!!"

    He is so cute and looks just like his daddy did at that age, but there is where the similarity ends.

    I just sent Princess this email: "I am absolutely DYING!!!!!!!!!!! Duncan is a holy terror, trying to self
    destruct in hundreds of different ways. I am so exhausted. I hope I can last 3 more days.

    He won't eat..................much of anything of substance, and lived today
    on fruit chewies, cookies, and 2 pieces of bacon. Everything else I tried
    to give him, he turned up his nose at, or just spit it out all over the
    place. The mess was unbelievable.

    I tried to get Karen (the other grandma of our granddaughter) to trade with me, for Sammy (Carlie's 4 year old brother) this morning, but she didn't think it was a good idea. DAMN!!"

    Does anyone have suggestions on what I can feed this kid? He spit hot dogs out, made an unbelievable mess out of peanut butter and jelly, and ate about 1/4 of the sandwich.

    Oh..............did I mention he is being potty trained? I just want to run away from home. And..........he doesn't take naps unless we want him up until midnight every night, so I am just toughing it out everyday.

    They brought him last night and he woke up several times during the night, crying for his Mommy, and Dave and I ended up with him in between us all night.................neither of us slept more than 3 or 4 hours. He slept great....................the little heater.

    Tomorrow he is going to be introduced to grandma's wooden spoon..............I am so tired of telling him "no" and he just ignores me. Achhhhhhhhh!

  • myself

    ((((((((Mulan)))))))))) I have no advice.....just sympathy. I hope you are getting a vacation after this week.

  • SheilaM


    Put the spoon away you'll just feel guilty....

    Children will eat when the get hungry. I would offer him what your having then if he spits it out I would give him a time out. I am sure he is upset but that is a difficult age. I would try Jello or soup he may just be upset enough that he doesn't want to eat.

    To bad the trade didn't work. But I would just be firm and talk to him I squat and look them right in the eye. IT usually works. You might try mashed potatoes Mel loved those.

    Do you have any video's ???

    I know it is exhausting with a strong willed lil one. Just watch him while he sleeps and you'll think he's an angel tomorrow LOL

    Best to you and hope you make it

  • Double Edge
    Double Edge

    Try anything with noodles.... make some Japanese chicken noodles ( 3 min) and stick some little chicken pieces in it. Also, make some orange juice popcycles. See if he'll eat some ham or cheese (thin, sandwich slices)... don't worry about it, they'll eat when they get hungry.

    I also find it very effective to say to an 'unruly' toddler... "do you want a spanking?... this is a spanking"... then I slap my own knee hard (for effect).... they usually get it... I'm sure you already know this, but follow thru, whatever you do ... they'll then know you're not kidding next time...

    Good luck...and get some rest...

  • Brummie

    Poor things! When my kids where going through this we discovered they never once turned noodles away or anything with Pasta. Not sure it'll work with yours but its worth a try I guess...just dont tell him they are worms like I did and almost blew it.


    edited to add. Double I never saw your post until after I posted, seems noodles has worked with many huh.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    Oh Mulan My heart goes out to you - you probably know all these things but...

    Distraction distraction distraction

    2-yr olds love pots and pans and anything they are not supposed to touch. If it is unbreakable let him play whith it. You can always wash it later

    2 or 3 options at a time is enough at that age

    As for the eating - don't worry. When he is hungry enough he will eat. In the meantime try providing finger foods that don't make a terrible mess

    If you can, get him outside to play.

    At least an hour of quiet time before bed might help calm him - perhaps a warm bath with a ton of toys as long as he likes bath. If he screams and gets all worked up it won't be worth it.

  • Mecurious?
    The 2 year old is the "toddler from HELLLLLL!!!"

    Terrible two's tell me about it!


  • Ravyn

    try mac n cheese...but not too much(well on second thot it might help with the potty training if you constipate the kid...LOL j/k) scrambled eggs work too. what does he eat at home?

    applesauce, cheerios(dry), vanilla pudding, oatmeal.

    a warm bath with lavendar does work--it is soothing and J&J makes a baby bath with it now too.(but so does Dimetapp--again j/k!!!)


  • Shutterbug

    I can remember when our daughter was that age and smarter than the two of us adult parents put together. Keep up with her was sort of like keeping up with fast moving butterfly. If I lived close to you I would do anything I could do to help you with this kid, except keep him/her (I forgot which) for you. In the words of Roy Rogers "may the good Lord take a liking to you." Bug

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    Macaroni and cheese (the kraft kind or velveeta shells and cheese) and chicken nuggets, never met a kid who didn't like mcdonalds, french fries are a gift from the gods to the mother of a picky toddler! Also dry cheerios. most 2 year olds can't stuff them into their mouths with their chubby little hands fast enough. other favorites of my daughter (who was very picky) chicken noodle soup (I recommend more noodles, less soup so less mess)...then there's applesauce, spaghetti o's...animal crackers are a big hit with most of the Pull Ups set.

    btw...love his name, Duncan. that is a fabulous name.

    Remember, Barney is your friend! its worth putting in some earplugs to protect your own sanity and have a half an hour of peace by parking the little guy in front of the Great Purple Satan. but don't get me started on the Wiggles *shudder*...

    Even if you have to get down on the floor and play cars with him or something to keep him from destroying the house, it's better than the wooden spoon! just remember how fast they grow, soon you'll be looking back fondly on when he was so little (then again...) if you have any big empty cardboard boxes, or an extra bedsheet, make a tent. that should keep him busy awhile.

    just a couple more days to get through, you'll be okay! oh, and as soon as she gets home from school, enlist the help of that 14 year old if you can.

    good luck! let us know how it goes.



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