I am definitely too old for this!!!!!!!

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  • shamus

    Awww,,,, you are showing the tell-tale signs of being a Grandma. It's okay.... it's only natural to feel like this!

    He is misbehaving, all right. Do you have a crib? A two-year old does not know what a "time out" is. Just tell him if he doesn't do something, "do you want to go nite-nite?". After asking him (reminding) him 3 times, just plunk him in the crib, turn out the light, and leave him for a minute. He'll get the hint right away. That's all that I did with my 2 yr. old nephew....

    Toilet training? Oh my god, you poor, poor woman! Those stinky, stinky, stinky diapers!!! Bleah! That is just too much!!!!

    When he throws his food around, whatever, meal time is over, period! Tell him no more until the next meal. He'll learn in one heck of a hurry what meal time is all about!

    One more thing - make sure to play with him, and laugh with him. He needs not only that type of discipline, but immediate love and feeling like he's not the worst little kid in the world! Don't make a big deal at all over his mis-behaviors. Just make up your discipline, stick to it (remember, he's only 2 ! ) and don't worry too much.

    Spanking? I suggest taking his diaper off and giving him the tiniest pat on his butt imagineable. That'll make him cry, and it will not hurt him one little bit. That is, if you need to.... a wooden spoon? No, put that away. He doesn't need to feel that kind of pain at 2. He is going to be a bit bratty, and scared, seeeing as his parents are away. Please keep that in mind before hurting his little behind. He doesn't want to drive you nuts - but he is; so, grandma, you need to take it... (I know it sucks! )

    Good luck, and try not to stress too much.

  • Cassiline
    Put the spoon away you'll just feel guilty....

    Children will eat when the get hungry. I would offer him what your having then if he spits it out I would give him a time out. I am sure he is upset but that is a difficult age. I would try Jello or soup he may just be upset enough that he doesn't want to eat.

    If it’s warm enough there try the sprinkler outside and lots of play outside. Alex loves the out doors. If it is not quite warm enough, fill the sink with water and add soap to create bubbles—one of Alex’s favorites to play with water toys and bubbles when we can’t go outside. (Just make sure you use Johnson’s Shampoo for the bubbles so the bubbles don’t sting his eyes) It seems as if most toddles love water I also let Alex “paint” with water. A basting brush and a small amount of water, a towel on the floor and a wall suffices for his “canvas”.

    Amen Sheila!

    (((( Mulan )))

  • Mulan
    Do you have any video's ???

    Oh yes................lots of them. Shrek, Barney, and more. He wants them on but doesn't watch them. I have tons of toys, and he loves them, but they were all over the house, which I can stand, but spitting out food, and his juice makes me so frustrated. I didn't get mad at him ever...............couldn't do that to him. We spent a few hours in the back yard today, weeding, and playing with the hose. He loved that a lot.

    But he wouldn't eat. I made lasagna for dinner and he acted like it was the most vile thing he ever ate. I made scrambled eggs and bacon for breakfast (he eats that at home) and ate the bacon and spit out the eggs...........wouldn't touch the toast. His mom said he eats everything...............well, no.........he doesn't.

    The kids know they can play with almost anything here, but he is on self destruct too, and tries to climb out the windows, or hurl himself down the stairs...........no fear, and he doesn't seem to get hurt either.

    We've had him before for a week at a time, and it's always been so easy...........this is HARD. I think it's his age.

    I am hoping tomorrow will be better............or he may get a nap, and grandpa may have to take over while I go out tomorrow night. (kidding)

    I bought that herbal bath stuff.............and used it tonight. I am really hoping we have a better night. I am off to take my shower now. I know I won't be able to tomorrow. He will burn down the house if I disappear into the shower while he is awake.

  • shamus

    LOL, Mulan.

    Have a nice, hot shower. You're doing great! Just the terrible two's.

  • SixofNine

    Whatever you do, don't put the little cretin in the washing machine, I don't care how messy he gets. You'll get no sympathy here if you do!

  • manon

    He sounds like an absolute dreamboat to me. He's probably missing his mommy & daddy in the worst way. Young children don't adjust very well to change try to bare with him. Don't worry about how much he eats on a particular day he'll come around when he's hungry. Small bite sizes foods always work best--finger food. Entertainment: playdough lots of playdough.

  • Valis

    *LOL* Poor woman...the twos suck indeed...*LOL* Here's a few tips and hopefuly some encouragement..

    1. When he is hungry he will let you know...don't give him all the opportunities to set his own diet...they will do this...When you have a snack make sure he is around to see you eating...he may suprise you and want some of your nibbles....This may sound cruel,but I guarantee you, 2 year old boys will eat just about anything when they get hungry or determined enough...*LOL*

    2. Take the boy outside and run his little ass off! get him tired and good and dirty for the nice hot bath...

    3. Then make him lay down and take a nap....yes again a bit cruel sounding, even if he does put up a good fight and squeal a bit...do it for his sake, as he will be in a much better mood later in the day, and your sanity gets another respite.

    Take care and best of luck....


    District Overbeer

  • Princess

    I can loan some "fresh" toys if you want mom. I agree with all the food advice, I was going to say mac and cheese but you already got that one. Same goes with the food throwing, meal over.

    The kid is nuts but I have to agree that he is just acting out due to frustration and missing his family and routine. He'll probably settle down soon, by Friday at the latest.

    Spanking won't help. He doesn't get it at home so you will just freak him out and make him scared of you. Time outs will be more of a punishment for you than him. No crib to put him in and he'd climb out anyway. Playdough is a scary but good idea, if you are up for it. It gets everywhere but they love it. I just give it about twenty minutes to dry and sweep it up.

    McDonalds, McDonalds, McDonalds.

    You have to get out of the house or you'll both go nuts.

  • LyinEyes

    Poor Mulan , I can sympathize for sure,,,,,,my youngest still acts this way,,,,,,,,and he is 8!!!!!!!!

    Well he doesnt spit his food out , but darn he is hard to deal with sometimes, and when he is disrupted from his normal routine, he goes bonkers.

    I remember when my two , 17 months apart , were in that hard to deal with age.......and I was sick, I was so exhausted. I used to put them in the room with me and turn on the tv in one room and shut the door , they had plenty of toys, or would watch the movies, if they had their sippy cup , we all some how made it thru. God , it seems like time for bedtime just crawled , waiting for the time to put their little hyper butts to bed.

    McDonalds is a great idea, plus it has the playground and other kids that might play with him for a little while , or maybe the park. Seems like there is always some older kid that will play with them to keep them occupied as you watch,,,,,hopefully you can rest your feet and not have to run after him.

  • Jade


    I can certainly sympathize. Sounds to me that he is off his normal routine so he's being difficult. You've already gotten the McDonald's & Mac & Cheese suggestion. I would also suggest Cherios. My neice lived on those and they aren't real messy.

    Another playtime suggestion. My friend used to sit her son in the bathtub without water and use a can of shaving cream and a couple of drops of different food coloring to make colored snow. He would play in that and write on the tub walls making all kinds of finger paints with it. When he's done, you just rinse him and tub off.

    Hang in there.


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