I am definitely too old for this!!!!!!!

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  • ozziepost

    Funny how parents think their kids are

    Others see them as

    I'm glad it ain't me! I bet Dave's in his study!!!

    "This too will cease" - it'll soon be over, Mulan!

    Cheers, Ozzie

  • Shakita

    I am smiling when I read this. Wow, do I remember those terrible two's like they were yesterday! I had four that I swear took years off of my life! And, on top of that I provided daycare in my home for years for preschoolers. It is definitely harder to watch preschoolers that are someone elses than your own!

    Kids of preschool age love crafts. I always had a craft hour when we would make refrigerator magnets, paint tee-shirts, make popsicle stick boxes....there are tons of projects to keep any preschooler busy for about an hour or so. The trick is to wear them out in the morning so that they take a long afternoon nap. It is your only time to re-coup and get anything done around the house! When you have a very active two-year old away from their parents and their regular routine, it all adds up to trouble! You have my sympathy! Rides in the car are also good, strapped in that car seat they can't get into any trouble and usually fall asleep after a while. Car rides when the kids were young were my savior!

    Just remember though, with small preschoolers, threats really don't work. That just works the kid up more. Bribery is Best! Bribes of candy, presents, and trips to the park are high on the list. And, kids eat when they are hungry, so don't worry about that. Good Luck Mulan, sounds like you are going to need it!

    Mrs. Shakita

  • teejay

    Funny thread.

    My daughter's four and we must've missed the terrible twos part 'cause she NEVER acted like *that*. Is it really true that girls are easier to raise than boys? Hmmm....

  • Angharad

    Another vote for noodles here, my kids love them! Also mini hotdogs, we get them in tins here and my youngest who is three will eat a whole tin of them!

    Playdough and painting are great, but make sure you have a table cover

    Also what about chalk that he can draw on the path outside? they get messy but you can just dump him in the bath later.

    This is a great web-site, with lots of games designed for toddlers all they have to do a lot of the time is move the mouse, also there are lots of character pictures you can print out and he can colour in.


    Get out of the house if you can it will make you both feel better! Go to the park and let him wear himself out.

    Hang in there you'll make it.

  • LyinEyes

    LOL @ Teejay,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,my answer if girls are easier to raise than boys...............I think they are all spawns from Satan............and angels sent from above ,all at one time in any given day.

    My daughter was holy horror until she was 3, then she started sitting at meetings with her drawings for awhile and things got better. She finally stopped screaming....... for three years it went on , and then one day it just stopped. Well she is 10 now and I swear she has a case of Pre PMS.

    My youngest son,,,,,,,, was the perfect baby until he was 3 and the numbers 666 started to slowly surface. He is 8 and I am still waiting( probably in vain) for him to snap out of it.

    My oldest son is 16,,,,,,,,,,,,,and a teenager now, who wants to drive, is sick of school, has a few girlfriends,,,,,,,,,,,,,,errrrrrrrr, and can never find his stuff anywhere,,,,,,,,basically a regular teenager , need I say more......lol. He never gave me a bit of trouble until he turned 14 and those male hormones kicked in....lol.

  • Angharad

    Also not sure if this is applies , but dont let him have too many fizzy drinks, with mine anyway this hypes them up completely and they are impossible if they drink too much of the stuff.

    Also re potty training, if he has only just started and it wouldn't confuse him too much, I would stick him back in his nappy and carry on with it when he is back into his normal routine. Its may ease a bit of the stress on both of you. Its hard enough normally but if he is missing his parents and in a different place than he is used to I think you are likely to have lots of puddles etc.

  • rocketman

    Ah yes, the wodden spoon. My mom used that on us. That ended when it broke while she hit me in the leg. She realized then that I was getting too big for the spoon.

  • Aztec

    Six, you're such a smartass.

    Teejay, girls are only easier until they're teens. Then, watch out!

    Mulan, something someone suggested to me was to put out a kiddie pool and just let the kid run. Playing in water wears kids out. If he is teething you might need something cold for him to suck on. I know that sounds obvious but the only time my son was ever a picky eater was when he was teething.


  • Cassiline
    My daughter's four and we must've missed the terrible twos part 'cause she NEVER acted like *that*. Is it really true that girls are easier to raise than boys? Hmmm....Teejay

    I have two girls and now my ‘surprise’ three year old-- a boy who IMO is much harder to cope with then the girls were. Perhaps it’s my age and I don't recall the um ah ‘challenge’ that he presents with. But I would have to swear boys are most unquestionably harder to raise then girls.

  • shera

    I have 3 children and my oldest is 15,she was a terror when she was a 18 months to ummm 11,then the teens hit! When she was 4 yrs old she would have such bad fits she really"ripped" her clothes off her body because didn't want to go to bed.I couldn'tenore her because she hurt herself from thrashing around.What a doll she was.....Shes the one in the profile pic with me. My son is austic ,so I cannot comapre if raising a girl is harder than a boy. I also have a 2 yr old girl and she is the sweetest thing,shes a screamer tho but I don't let it get to me too much,I enore bad behavior and it stops sooner ,than if I pay too much attention and show anger myself.

    Almost sounds like he is angry his mommy and daddy are gone.He's older now and it sounds like he is trying to be a baby rebel. hehe

    I feel for you,taking on someones elese's child,when you don't fully know the child can be hard.It will be over soon and take a nice break just for you when the sweetie goes home..

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