I am definitely too old for this!!!!!!!

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  • BeautifulGarbage


    Hang in there, honey!

    My Mother just lives a few houses away from me. Hubby and I went away for a the weekend recently and she and my stepfather were exhausted and ecstatic (to see us) after spending two days with my kids 11 and 6. Both are high maintenance and picky. The one thing that does make them tolerable is that they are so loving and affectionate.

    You know it's bad when you own Mother marvels are your patience.

    The food thing? Tons of great suggestions. If he resorts to spitting, etc., immediately remove him from the table and mealtime is over. Toddlers will not allow themselves to starve. McDonalds is a great idea, too. When my daughter was a toddler she ate two foods, ONLY. Chicken nuggets and spaghetti and that was it, period. No mac and cheese and no noodles. But, I understand lots of kids like those. Cheerios is good too.

    I don't have any suggestions of sleep. That was the ONE area I was blessed. My daughter sleep through the night the day I brought her home from the hospital. And my son only woke up once for a feeding and then immediately went back to sleep. He slept all night after a few months. I guess I had to be lucky somewhere.

    It also has not been my experience that girls are easier than boys. Both of kids have the capacity to be monumental pains in the butt.

    LOL @ 6of9. Now THAT was funny.


  • Mulan

    It is now 10:30 AM and he is asleep in the car!!!

    We went to the post office and the grocery store, where he immediately ran to the books and grabbed a Winnie the Pooh book and wouldn't let go, so we bought it. I also bought mini pizzas, frozen chicken nuggets and some Top Ramen. Thanks for those suggestions.

    I am making my coffee and planning to take a break before I bring him into the house. The door is open and it's warmish outside, so he is fine out there. I can see him easily from the house..............driveway is a few steps from the door. He's safe there..............don't panic.

    Feeling much better about things today. So is he!! I think we will be fine now. Grandpa won't be if he keeps getting wakened at night. He's threatening to sleep in the trailer.

  • shamus

    Good that you're feeling better today - both of you!

    Have fun with the poopie diapers..... I've seen enough.

  • SheilaM

    Six: OK, watch out I now will HAVE to kick your butt....

  • ashitaka

    Just another reason why I'm NEVER having kids......ugh.


  • riz

    expat- great minds think alike I'm not parent material either.

    Props to all of you parents and grandparents. I would go insane

  • Mulan
    Have fun with the poopie diapers..... I've seen enough.

    If you think that's bad, try poopie underpants. That's why he is back in the pull up diaper-style undies today. You can tear them down the sides at least.

  • SheilaM

    Ash Riz: I hope you change your minds children may be difficult but the joy's are boundless. Even Thunder wants more. He hates the grandbaby having to go home. So keep your mind open

  • mouthy

    I was a nursery nurse ( MANY YEARS AGO) How did we keep them interested?????>>>> "walky around the garden" on there little hands- "Insy Winsy spider" "i.m a little teapot">> "As tall as a house as small as amouse"
    They love to see Nanny doing all these things. But you have to do all the actions.. Mashed bannana with a bit of sugar is good. NO Paragonic!!!!!!! My mother used to give us that .It is delicious but addicting... Poor Mulan....I do sympathize with you my love .. Why do you think God stopped us from having kids after 50??????? ( oops I forgot how old you are -but yes your to old to have a two year old.......But ya cant help loving em the little monkeys.... Hang in there just two more days left....Grace

  • IronGland

    Dont do anything special to coax him to eat. Definitely dont give him mcdonalds. If he's hungry he will eat. If not, too bad. Kids should learn to be adults, not the other way around.

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