I am definitely too old for this!!!!!!!

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  • SheilaM

    YEA Mulan......he is training you well LOL Glad he didn't ruin the floor.

  • Soledad

    ***yes doctor, I think I will seriously consider that tubal ligation procedure we previously discussed***

  • Ghost of Esmeralda
    Ghost of Esmeralda

    yikes! glad he didn't ruin the floor, or worse yet, decide to give the stuff a taste test!!!!!!!! do you have the number for poison control handy? Seriously, if you don't, you should! We all should! Damn, where did I put that number?

    i think the funniest/worst thing my daughter did when she was 2 was...well she must've seen me hand washing lingerie in the sink, because I had gone into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, she was playing quietly with a toy. too quietly! about two minutes later i find she'd figured out how to open the child-proof doorknob thingie on the bathroom door, and I see her with her hands up the wrists in...the toilet! (she had also managed to undo the lid lock)

    "What are you doing!!!!" I shreiked, and she jumped back, eyes filling with tears, she said "mumma, washin' panties..." Sure enough, she had fished a pair of my undies out of the hamper and was 'washing' them in the toilet *groan* She was so afraid she was in trouble, she kept saying "I sorry mumma!"

    I picked her up, put her in the shower directly and washed up good. Then I thanked her for trying to help but told her the only things that belong in the potty are...well, you know. Gave her lots of kisses so she'd know that I wasn't mad, she didn't know any better!

    anyway, she never touched it again. I fished out the panties with a metal hanger and into the garbage they went...thank god she didn't flush!

    sending e mail addy again, Mulan! glad he liked the chicken nuggets!



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