Covid-19 (Coronavirus) - Status Update Thread

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  • DesirousOfChange

    It's like everything else. The Data-Pack post makes it seem "not so bad'. But the the post warning against "downplaying" the situation makes me want to cancel everything and just binge on Netflix for a couple weeks.

    Note to self: Better run out for beer to stockpile before I decide to stay in!

    Here in the US, the confirmed cases Friday broke 500. Today they broke 1000.

    Remember the story of paying a person $1.00 the first day, and doubling the amount each subsequent day?

    Day #1 = $1.00

    Day #2 = $2.00

    Day #3 = $4.00

    Day #10 = $512

    Day #16 = $32,000

    Day #21 = Over $1 million

    That's how the increase of the virus cases will be if it continues to double every 5 days. By the end of April (6 weeks) there will be more cases in the US than there are today in China.

  • Simon

    The NHS is not cash starved, it's a bottomless pit.

    But most countries are doing far too little and treating it without the seriousness it deserves.

    The Italian medical chief just died after contracting it at the weekend. This ain't just "a flu".

    Whoever survives must promise to kill the politicians who allowed it to happen - favouring virtue-signalling over care for people's lives.

  • Simon

    This is how serious it is - Italy is taking people OFF live support machines to allow them to be used by other people with a "better chance" or deemed more important to society (younger, parents of children etc...). Equivalent to wartime triage.

    This is going to happen everywhere unless people start taking dramatic and urgent action.

    The best thing to do right now is throw a brick at any politician that is saying "no need for panic" so that they can maybe be replaced in time with someone who will take the necessary action.

    Welcome to socialized medicine - do you think you'll be shown the same priority as someone in charge of the system?

    Thank god we've spent so much money and attention on the truly important things such as gender re-assignment surgery instead of preparation for possibilities such as this! (sarcasm)

  • JeffT

    The state of Washington just banned gatherings over 250 people in our three largest counties.

    Of interest to members of this board: the assembly hall for a good part of the state is in Pierce country - one of the areas covered by the Governor's order.

  • Simon

    Prediction that 70-150 million in US will contract Coronavirus.

    Even the 1% mortality rate that would mean 700,000 to 1.5 million deaths.

  • LV101

    Dr. Fauci's - lead physician, indicated it's predicted to be lower than what they originally estimated. CNN took his comments out of context, of course, but it's COVID 19 for a reason - number 19 indicates it's not the first coronvirus.

    China has been buying up Italy like crazy - many Chi-cons taking the virus there thus the spread of the virus. State of Washington same thing. I'm not undermining it - seasonal flu is bad enough.

  • DesirousOfChange

    The state of Washington just banned gatherings over 250 people in our three largest counties.

    Who picked the number of "250" out of their @$$ ?

    That makes no sense at all!

  • slimboyfat

    It seems unlikely the Memorial will be able to be held anywhere this year, at this rate. I wonder what they will do!

  • JeffT

    DOC Governor Inslee has been a pretty cool head through all of this. He's assembled a good scientific team to advise him. (In case you're wondering he's a Democrat, I'm a non-Trump Republican). He's done a good job so far.

    The 250 number is based largely on crowed control and keeping some space between people. There is some evidence that the possibility of transmission is lessend if you are more than six feet away from a person with the virus. I'm sure there was some consideration of the idea that if you banned everything, people would ignore the ban. Yes its arbitrary, but there's some thought behind it.

  • Simon
    it's COVID 19 for a reason - number 19 indicates it's not the first coronvirus

    Coronaviruses are a family, so no, it's not the first. But it's called '19 after the year of discovery. It's really the Wuhan / Chinese Flu.

    Here's a great article showing why strict early measures are so important. You end up like Italy and Iran if you do too little, too late.

    Other countries have done better because they took action early:

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