ELDERS, ha ha ha ha....!!!!!

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  • startingover
    It's amazing the power these guys think they have. Great response!
  • Anon2

    anon2. Regarding manners? what the heck do you monkey butts know about manners? you have an entire website dedicated to bashing a religion, and praising people that insult them in PERSON. So Im thinking You can talk that talk but cant take a SINGLE PERSON speaking back to you puppets.

    I don't see this website dedicated to bashing a religion. From what I've seen, it's many caring people supporting others through deeply emotional events in their lives while finding compassion and understanding.

    Sometimes people like praise, to be told they are doing good things. If the purpose of this posters thread was to have someone tell them such, then here it is. What that person was doing was a kind and loving act. It doesn't seem fair to me to find fault with someone doing something kind and loving. You probably have something specific in mind when you say "praising people that insult them in PERSON," but I have no idea what you mean.

    There are many good people here. Speaking for myself, this is someone else's home. I respect the home of the person I'm visiting. There's a difference between disagreeing and being disagreeable. If things annoy me it's my choice to leave. I wouldn't go to a JW website and tell them what condescending governing body worshipping cultists they are. They can delude themselves to their hearts content in believing they are serving God. It's their home, regardless of how dysfunctional.

    I do hope you hang around. Haven't been here long myself, but have seen nothing but kindness. People who have the anger you are showing have usually been deeply hurt. I hope your pain can be resolved. Thank you for acknowledging my post.

  • Simple Minds
    Simple Minds

    I had not been to the meeting for a couple of weeks and had not shaved and this elder drops in to visit.

    the next meeting i went to i had shaved so this elder made a point of telling me how "clean" i looked

    i said "i don't want to stumble anyone with a week conscience"

    it is alright to cover up child abuse but hair on a mans face is so discussing

    fading fast

  • Landy

    MZ - you're missing the point. The point really has nothing to do with the beard, rather that criticising the beard was the first thing the elder chose to do.

    Why did he not take the opportunity to be encouraging, upbuilding? No, the first thing they resort to is a nit picking critcism.

  • freddo

    Hey people - Google Mark Zyche/Mark Zimmerman ... it is an unusual name and comes up in listings.

    If it's "our" Mark Zyche I would guess his elders have as much of a headache with him as we would if we continue to engage with him.

  • coalize
    A man in an environment that sees that beards are not accepted on stages or service, due to culture?

    Hummmm.... In what culture, except borg "culture", beard is not accepted ?

  • Landy

    Hummmm.... In what culture, except borg "culture", beard is not accepted ?

    Women's institute?

    Although, saying that ...

  • coalize
    Women's institute?


  • Vidiot

    @ brandbew...

    Still hooked up with that girl?

  • brandnew

    Vidiot !!!!! Hell yeah!!!!!! Its probably marks girl!!!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚or ex!!!!!

    Most likely ex...cuz shes lovin me n stuff.....actually she , and other sisters have admitted, to liking my beard...!!!

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