ELDERS, ha ha ha ha....!!!!!

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  • LongHairGal


    I'm glad you are happily out of the religion and it must have been comical to hear them say they want you back - but lose the beard. Meanwhile, you're glad to be out of there.

    Please DO look after your elderly father and make sure nobody tries to unduly influence him!!! Because, they would surely be after his money!!!

  • freddo

    @Mark Zyche

    I guess your not getting any, huh?

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath

    hi Mark Zyche--welcome to this happy band of brothers. why not stick around for a while ?

    i bet you will be one of us within 3 months.

  • brandnew

    @driving force .....thanks i do honor the ol man☺

    @longhairedgal....yes i keep their grubby paws outta pop's pockets, and away from land deeds recently too. Thank you☺

  • brandnew

    @stan......im sure your pops wouldnt have it any other way.....☺

    Good man.

  • Truthexplorer
    Mark Zyche - What would you think Jesus would say if he was encouraging someone back into the fold, would he say ' I want to encourage you to come back my brother.....but you are going to have to shave that beard off'! Can't you see why people point the finger at JW's and use such ridiculous rules as ammunition to highlight why Watchtower is a high control religion. Jesus warned the Pharisees for this very thing. When men go beyond the things written, it turns people away from God. Brand new clearly was put off/discouraged because of one ridiculous man made rule which obviously brought back to mind the numerous man made rules by Watchtower. If the 3 elders had given him some warm scriptural encouragement, perhaps he might have considered or at least meditated on their offer for him to return!
  • Landy
    I bet youre some atheist anyhow.



  • truthseekeriam

    Such a loving group of people those JW's are....NOT!!!

    Thanks for sharing brandnew, nothing like a refresher course:)

    Oh, let's not forget loving brother Mark. Thank you so much for reminding us what we are all missing back at the KH!! Yikes!!

  • compound complex
    compound complex

    Greetings, brandnew:

    Good for you, helping your dad.

    I can see any adult child driving Mom and Dad wherever they need to go, even church. The loving child doesn't have to attend or believe. Ray Franz, in IN SEARCH OF CHRISTIAN FREEDOM, praised a disfellowshipped woman for regularly driving an elderly relative (aunt, I believe) to meetings.

    BTW, while still attending the KH, I regularly answered, encouraged by one elder in particular. This, despite hair down my back and a beard. Guess there's more to all this outward appearance thing than meets the eye. Baptized 50 years . . .

    Best regards to you and your family.


  • brandnew

    @truthseeker & @coco......thanks for the props, i love pops, and takin him to meetings , well......its payback for being such a good father to me.

    Mad puppy

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