ELDERS, ha ha ha ha....!!!!!

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  • JWdaughter

    There is a sugaring method of hair removal. Just saying.

    Cute how they presumed your response and turned you off even more before listening to your answer. Real genius there!

  • Mark Zyche
    Mark Zyche

    Number One. Why are you bringing your father to the kingdom hall if youre disfellowshipped? Your father, as a baptized witness should have nothing to do with you, being that youre grown. Second, since youre so anti jw, and feel jws aint this and aint that, why are you running your coward self up on HERE and posting ? so you can get the praises of others, because you cant stand on your own. the same charge these idiots on this page say of jws. YOU NEED these people kissing your Behind and making you feel good. How about this....since you have so much to say? How about you start with this....Since Jws are so terible, explain to the class what god REALLY thinks? I bet youre some atheist anyhow. Let me tell you this...unlike the people on these silly sites like this one, people are not disfellowshipped for nothing. They are not disfellowshipped for "disagreeing with the watchtower". The fact is, they are commonly disfellowshipped for wanting to get some kinda booty and not be married. SO....whay was the chick's name that you wanted to get with 19 years ago? an NO Im not going to hear any "I just walked away" mess. You wanted to get witbh some girl and you did. And HAVE BEEN every since. So tell me...Which bible or religion agrees with you chasing skirts?

    I dont have to wait for your reaction. you will run to your little peers on this stupid site, to hide behind and FROM me. Because you wont be able to talk back to me like a man. YOUR FATHER stands up for what the bible says. YOU dont. Regarding beards? do you realize that for many years, a beard was unable to be worn in popular sports like the NBA? The Cincinnati Reds, and The Yankees as well. WHY!? are they just some kind of Cult? WHY have they spoken against beards? for 60 years, to work at Disney? you had to cut your beard. http://www.ibtimes.com/disney-facial-hair-policy-changes-beards-goatees-ok-part-new-disney-look-399982 this site referred to the previous decades as "sweeky clean" imaging. Of course at the same time, Disney has embraced "gay day" as well. So while youre blindly looking at the issue as "religious rhetoric", the reality is, the idea of beards being unkempt WAS and still IS here. so tell me, now that someone is hear to openly bash you and anyone else on this site posting without rebuttal....How long will it take for steven Unthank, the owner of this page, to block me? You should ask yourself, WHY are the people who run this page so deathly afraid of letting me talk? Like YOU men say of Jws? that jws are AFRAID of the truth? Well seems to me, this site ASSURES YOU will never get any truths at ALL about the owner. WHY IS THAT black man? WHY IS THAT?

  • talesin
  • GoneAwol

    Whats number 2 Mark? Got everything off your wee chest?

    Now, go back to your elderrrrs and confess that you have been talking to the disfellowshipped and apostates.

    The reason I left has been graphically presented by you. Sheer lack of love and respect.


  • WingCommander

    Hey look Ma, a WatchTard apologist! Let him speak, for he only makes Lett look like a rocket scientist!

    Imagine, being all "Holier-than-thou", then having the audacity to break the GB's warnings about apostate sites, and to come on here and spout off antiquated BS about how decades ago it was required that employees of Disney shave their beards? Like that crap has any relevance in today's society?

    I haven't laughed so hard, in so long at someone like Mark Zyche. I wonder, does that guy even realize what for a freakin' TOOL he is? Have you humbly upped your monthly donations to the Worldwide Fund, as GB Member Lett "requested"?

    Also, do tell, how are your career choices (molded by WT advice) in the prosperous fields of the Food Service Industry and the Custodial Arts? How is THAT sh*t working out for you?

  • brandnew

    My father turned 80 two months ago, he's got millions, and im around keeping the elder FUCKS!!!! OUT OF HIS POCKETS!!!!

    got that.....mr mark.....you sound like a mark!!!!

    And yeah, i dont really get pissed hearing people like you callin me a coward, a coward is one who wouldnt take care of his elderly father.... A coward asks an 80 year old for donations!!!

  • Giordano
    How long will it take for steven Unthank, the owner of this page, to block me?
    Let's not tell Mark why that will never happen.
    They are not disfellowshipped for "disagreeing with the watchtower".
    There are 34 reasons for shunning also one catch all 'Brazen Conduct'.
    You publicly disagree with anything the WTBTS put's out and you will find out the hard truth of it.
  • ToesUp

    brandnew - Awesome response.

    Mr. Mark - I know of elderly folks that do not have such a loving son as brandnew. They have no one to pick them up and take them to the meeting. Yes, they have adult children in the "truth", The problem is...they are just to self righteous and busy taking care of the congregation to take care of their aging parents.

  • ToesUp
    Chasing skirts is not why we left...ass***** like you Mark, made us leave. I guess we did the right thing! We are grateful for people like you. Thanks Mark!
  • brandnew

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