Tony "Tightpants" Morris Talks Of Tight Pants AGAIN!!

by pale.emperor 73 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • LevelThePlayingField

    Tony Morris is a piece of shit!

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    That Tony guy has a one tract mind that seems to be fixated on gays, young Latinos in tight pants and he can't stop speaking about how much it disgust his imaginary Jehovah(corporation sock puppet).

    Is the Governing Body going down into the flames of insanity?? Why can't they shut this guy up about this simpleton logic he thrusts upon his imaginary friend you know who(Jehovah)?

    How the fuck would Tony know jehover don't like to see some nice lookin dude of any peticular nationality in a nice snug ball hugging pair of tight jeans or sweat pants for that matter. But poor old senile numb nuts Tony think jehover finds it distasteful.

  • Tahoe

    This is my view of this thread lol

  • Wakanda

    I watched Cedars rebuttal. Tony, like the cult leader he is, likes to control every aspect of your life. 'He says scriptural families don't say about medical issues: this famous doctor says such and such. Ya know what I think about that doctor? whoppee. That's what I think.' -Paraphrased. It's about 40 minutes in.

    Go suck it Tony. How dare you say how I or anybody takes care of their own body. Also, what the hell are you talking about??? Cedars thought it was Dr. Phil, but I noticed you mentioned medical issues, and that ain't Dr. Phil. You need some real brain help, can afford whatever doctor you are talking about, and should probably go see him or her.

    I think Tony feels threatened by JWs that may travel for medical care because it is much harder to sic the HLC on them. He also wants ALL the money. Don't spend it on getting healthy! You might figure out the cult was what made you ill!

    If he isn't controlling PIMI or PIMO's choice in doctors, he is controlling their talking about them!!!

    Also, he does look like Dick Cheney. He makes me so angry.

    Edit: by the time you were done with one sentence your brain probably thought you meant Dr. Phil. That is how disjointed, stupid and sloppy your sermon was Tony. It was a sermon, not a "talk".

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