Hey ya'll! My first post. Please help. In need of advice/comfort.

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  • KiddingMe

    We have an elder that wife hasn't attended in over 2 years. The elder says his wife is tending to her ailing mom and suffer from depression.

    I believe the more the elder husband takes control of the situation, the less the b.o.e. may get tend to get involved.

  • Stepford Wife
    Stepford Wife
    I have been literally overwhelmed with support and kind words from all of you guys and I want to take the time to thank ya'll for that. I know I don't know most of you personally but I appreciate the love. I am going to be positive. My daughter expressed her desire to never go to another meeting with her dad and I told her I'll support her no matter what. No cult is going to destroy the love I have for my daughter and if my husband chooses this cult over his family then he can get out and I'll sign the papers tomorrow. I am at that point in my life now although it is not what I want.

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