New ANTI-GAY video for Kids on

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  • RobertT18
    This is trending on social media and I saw this on a gaming forum board I visit. Also look at the dislikes on this YouTube vid
  • snugglebunny
    Nothing has really changed, there are no surprises here. Witnesses have always been obsessed about sex one way or another. So the video is no surprise either. Notice how they lump everything on "it's what Jehovah wants" in an attempt to distance themselves from accusations of bigotry. I wouldn't go so far as to say it's hateful but it's certainly manipulative.
  • freemindfade

    Snuggle bunny

    No one is excited because its anything new. Its interesting because it is giving the cult more bad exposure. I think a lot of you are still watchtower apologists. You say this is no big deal. Meanwhile hundreds of thousands of people are viewing the videos and many are outrage . Joe rogan tweeted about it. None of us are surprised jws don't believe gay people will get into paradise! But this is like a bad jw broadcast, a stupid quote from the GB, an abuse headline, yes we know it happens but its putting a light on the watchtower and pissing people off.

    And its not overt hate speech but it is a lesson on how to indoctrinate discrimination and if you don't believe that its your choice but I think its not JUST manipulation.

  • ttdtt
    And its not overt hate speech but it is a lesson on how to indoctrinate discrimination and if you don't believe that its your choice but I think its not JUST manipulation.

    100% right freemindfade. Most JWs hate gays - always talked about as if they are sick and disgusting.

  • freemindfade

    Maybe some on here have forgotten what its like being in the cult, but they do "hate" gays. The majority do not have a passive opinion of homosexuals, they are very nasty about them. The homophobia is the fear that not hating them equates to accepting what they do in privacy. I know many JWS that have a near superstitious disdain and avoidance for the community. If they work with someone its what they will complain about, and how say how "god needs to bring Armageddon quicker". JWS are NOT passive on this. One of their governing members claimed tight pants to be a homosexual conspiracy... hello!.

    And adults can discuss their opinions on it, and gay marriage, ok... whatever. But a "how to" teaching your kids that someones sexual orientation is equivalent to baggage is extra disturbing.

    JW bigotry is nothing new

    putting it on TV is fairly new

  • Darkknight757
    We had a gentleman who was studying the bible with a douch from the hall who was gay. Not all that long ago there was a Watchtower article considered at the hall that dealt with homosexuality. The douch made some nasty remarks about how they are gonna die at the Big A and that was it, the gentleman never came back. It was too bad too because he was such a nice guy.
  • Anders Andersen
    Anders Andersen

    The LGBT community in my country is outraged, and they are on every national news outlet. Yeah.

    At national Dutch radio they just mentioned this in the news summary, included an audio fragment from the video.

  • konceptual99

    fmf is absolutely right. Many JWs, even now, don't equate homosexuality with other sexual "sins" committed by hetrosexuals. It invokes a greater sense of revulsion and contempt. I have heard some incredible vitriol directed towards gay people over the years and it still happens now. There is still a genuine homophobic response by many, old and young, towards interaction with gay people.

    Of course this is nothing new and compared to what might be said about homosexuals in private or from the platform, this video might appear fairly tame and indicative of much of the low level rhetoric common to many conservative Christian fundamentalist organisations.

    What it is doing however, is feeding the machine, oiling the wheels of the intolerance and fear that will grow over time and can become a real vitriolic hatred. When Witnesses are encouraged to hate what is bad they are left in no doubt that homosexuality is bad. Only a relative few stop there and don't go on to lump homosexuals in the category of badness that is to be hated.

  • konceptual99
  • ttdtt
    Maybe they think the publicity will help attract people sympathetic to them (others that hate gays) Like say skin heads:)

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