New ANTI-GAY video for Kids on

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  • ttdtt
  • FayeDunaway
    Sorry i dont watch witness videos because they make me physically ill, but this doesnt surprise me. Jehovahs witnesses: preaching intolerance from infancy.
  • freemindfade
    That was awful, I hope this one bites them in the ass like the Noah one! Sick!
  • ToesUp
    It will bite them!
  • JustVisting
    Gotta love the trademark WT seal of approval at the end of these productions.
  • BlackWolf

    Man! My dads probably gonna make us watch this crap at our next family worship, and then my moms going to go on and on about how disgusting gay people are like usual. Little do they know I'm actually bisexual :( This video makes me sad.

    Edit: my mom just watched it and she thought it was risque!

  • Village Idiot
  • steve2
    Given the sheer number of gay and lesbian individuals "produced" in JW marriages, this is indeed rich in irony. The equivalent of being made to reject the very individuals they have brought into the world.
  • dbq407

    Could be bad PR for them if the right person sees it.

    I like how paradise is gonna have a security check point like at the airport now. Good job WT.

  • dubstepped

    Mom: "What can you tell Carrie at school?"

    Sophia: "Well, I can tell Carrie about paradise and about how her mommies are going to die right on the cusp of it in a fiery Armageddon. Afterward Carrie and I can help bury their bodies once the birds pick them clean and we can live forever happy, because you know, Carrie won't even miss her mommies."

    That's how it should have ended. Disgusting.

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