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  • sparrowdown

    Giordiano - if you reread my comment I do qualify that statement, no need to virtue signal, I do know we are all indeed hypocrites by degree.

    Point being that indoctrinated cult victims suffer a particular form of self- blindness that makes them difficult to reason with.

  • Doctor Who
    Doctor Who

    The important question is this.......does she like Doctor Who? If she does, well.....

  • steve2

    Love can be like a drug - so can religion. The things people saddle themselves with in the name of love ( example: you and her) and the things people saddle themselves with in the name of religion (example: you and her).

    This is way more tangled than could ever be healthy. If she sides with you, you will always wonder if and when she'll go back and she, for her part, will always live in the shadow of being "in between" because you will forever be cast in the role of "persuader".

    People are always better with leaving love and/or religion when there's no forced choice. Is your brief time on earth worth this angst?

  • Giordano

    I agreed with the points you made Sparrowdown. I was trying to share some ways for Dr Who to build on the relationship if possible and put her conduct within a human context

    When I reread your point of view I noticed that I had left out the w in sparrow........ then I glanced up at your response and noticed you had added an extra i to my name.... lol. I rather liked it.

  • nonjwspouse

    Having been in this exact situation I'm the Catholic, married to an inactive JW ( at the time for 30+ years) I must say. There are SO many fish in that sea. Please spare yourself. Indoctrination is deep and cruel.

    Don't put yourself through the lifelong misery of never really knowing..... always wondering..... getting hurt ....and probably have to deal with her desire to eventually "need" you to convert.

  • sparrowdown

    No worries Giordi -😉

  • Drwho

    I want to invite an elder ( or two ) into my house to ask some questions about contradictions within the JW org and Watchtower publications

    Ive got a few ides thanks to some nice people here , but Id love to have some hard evidence to put to them . Im looking at a couple of weeks from now .

    Ive told Miss JW and she was very scared because she thought I was going to tell them about us , but I wont do that , I will even get the elders from another KH than where she goes to . I know one of them anyway

    So I need stumbling questions , I realize they will more than likely swallow me up and spit me out but at least Ive got it out of my system

    Any help would be greatly appreciated



  • AmIright
    bro, you need to teach her how to use logic first, then help her see how wrong it is.. this is what I did to my gf after she went its all lies.... now she hates them, her sister hates them, and the only one left in the cult is her mother XD
  • AmIright

    don't bother with the elder, they will answer a question and uses misdirection to make an answer seem to "fit" your questions, also theyre rehearsed in like 90% of what youll ask them because its what theyre consistently bombarded with and they know that your right I theyre smart and you will see their expression and how they sit/stand and you will know your breaking them xD

  • Drwho

    My littel JW ex GF compares Apostates to the story of Adam and Eve , how can I dispel this argument , also she has just told me she is certain ( again ) the the end is near as per what JC told us

    Shes been a JW for over 40 years

    I want to get her to read Conflict of conscience which I bloody well just bought , how can I get her to read it ?

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