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  • truthseeker100
    You do realize Jehovah hates gay people don't you?!!! So coming on a site like this looking for lovers of jehovah is probably the wrong. By the way my wife and I are both gay lol.
  • breakfast of champions
    breakfast of champions

    Notice during the thread I never mention the doctrines penned by the governing body as my salvation. Though some of it is truly enlightening and encouraging none the less.

    Could you please cite exactly what "doctrines penned by the governing body" are "truly enlightening and encouraging" to you?

    I would like to look up the references so I can GROW in my LOVE for JEHOVAH.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Loves Jehovah, it's good of you to post and you certainly have a big response, annoyingly perhaps not from the segment of society you were fishing for but a response nevertheless. I'll admit it I am no longer interested in Jehovah but if I was gay and born into a cult which condemned homosexuality, I would feel persecuted and hard done by. I would think why should life be so unfair to me. I might compensate by becoming fixated on the object of my parents worship of Big J, I might shut out everything else and show them all what I am really made of by my zeal and heroic efforts to let people know who god is.

    Please think again. You have a worthwhile life ahead of you. You are not condemned to suffer under JW religious bigotry. Jehovah I'm afraid is just a fantasy based on a pathetic Canaanite idol from the Bronze Age adopted by politically impotent Hebrew zealots in the Iron Age and their plight was written up in texts which formed part of the Bible.

    You a not beholden to this fairy tale, you have a much more important life to lead... your own.

  • lovesjehovah

    Flipper -

    I mentioned before that I do not condone the unjust actions of others. It pains me to see that members affiliated with the religion would go to such lengths to do ungodly deeds. I am not here to justify any mistreatment of any human. Not once have I said that speaking on the abuse of others was wrong, in fact I agreed with you guys on that matter.

    I just started this feed to talk about love and Jehovah in a positive light. The entire website is devoted to discussion about the negatives and the tragedies. Not saying there's a problem with that but I just wanted to start a post that doesn't talk about sorrow, death, disfellowshiping, loneliness, etc. I don't mean to step on anyone's toes at all. Just here to be that one topic that isn't full of sadness.

    Thank you for your response

  • flipper

    LOVESJEHOVAH- In order to " talk about love and Jehovah in a positive light " - wouldn't that include FIRST acknowledging that within the organization WT leaders claim that he is using - it would involve admitting that Jehovah needs to either clean out that organization or else take his approval away from that organization if the WT leaders refused to do justice as Jehovah states ?

    A person just can't bury one's head in the sand ignoring unrighteousness if the actions don't harmonize with the Bible or Jehovah's laws and principles - correct ? o you agree it needs to be addressed even on this thread ? Otherwise it's just like trying to stop the Titanic from sinking while the band plays music sinking into the waters of destruction in the ocean ? You see my point ? Peace out, Mr. Flipper

  • problemaddict 2
    problemaddict 2

    Hi LJ,

    So I can appreciate that your post is harmless, and you knew you would rile people up. No worries. I certainly don't care what people believe one way or the other in the sense that i don't judge what others hold dear. Interestingly, the only time I did.....was when I was one of Jehovahs witnesses.

    But since you have started a conversation here, let me offer a gentle perspective and duggestion based on your comments thus far.

    I think you are a bit narcissistic. I mean this with respect of course. What you have detailed is that through your interpretation of specific experiences that God miraculously caused things to happen to answer your prayers, thoughts or comments. One of these things.....while you were high. Yet the same creator that decided to stop the rain to show you he exists, or made the moonlight dance to help you prove a point, allowed 2000 children 2 and under to die today.

    That is simply not a thought that can be tolerated by a logical mind. The concept of arranging even the minutia of a day to somehow cater to your particular thought or query at the moment you have it, while not using that power to save actual life........that is you being narcissistic. Once again, I don't mean that as an insult, but with respect so you can consider what it actually sounds like.

    Another example of your narcisism is how you justify scripturally your homosexuality by stating things have been taken out of the bible. And lo.....the part taken out I can only assume, is the part that makes homosexuality cool.....and not the horrific sin that you could be stoned for and would cost you everlasting life that the bible in its current incarnation teaches. That could simply be used to say absolutely anything anyone wanted! There is no limit!

    So your personal experiences are your own. Nobody can argue with you. Being here is not some evil waste of time as you present it. Much support and comfort to those transitioning out of a religion that has a communal shunning program for anyone found to be a problem for it is a noble cause. You chose to live an inauthentic life for your own personal reasons. that has less nobility than those that chose not to in my opinion.

    That being said, I would welcome a conversation about why you think the religion of jehovahs witnesses is salvageable. Could be an interesting discussion and I would certainly keep it civil.

    As far as active JW's, the only ones you will find here, are those working up the courage to leave, or being held captive. Sorry but that is the reality.


    His invisible qualities are clearly seen from his creation. My lifes experiences are proof of His existence. I have seen some things that only He could contribute to. I will not post all of my experiences here because people will just think I'm lying or hallucinating. But Jah is real. My life's work is to help bring peace to this world, I believe we all can.

  • Finkelstein

    So from what you revealed so far LovesJehovah you don't accept that the JWS are god's chosen ones ( FDSL) as it were. is that correct ?

    Your just interested in Yahweh the god of the ancient Hebrews because someone knocked on your door one day and you got into a discussion about how this god is going to soon judge and destroy most of humanity. ???

  • OneGenTwoGroups

    I love how Jehovah keeps the Down Syndrome birth rate at 1 in 700. 1 in 1400 would be too rare. Praise the wisdom of Jehovah!

  • somebody
    I love threads like this. It shows that JWs Love "Jehovah" who did NOT die to save them. Jws would NEVER start a thread stating that they Love Jesus Christ, the ONE SAVIOR. Anyone who is a Christian would. Rather, they leave Christ OUT of the love.
  • Clearview

    You know what I love about Jehovah?

    God is love,

    Love does not get jealous,

    God is a jealous God.

    I just love how he can be a blaring contradiction like that, how awe inspiring.

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