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  • lovesjehovah

    Please remember that behind the screen is an actual human. Cyber bullying is real and has contributed to the loss of many lives. Not once have I insulted anyone while commenting.

    Please be decent or just don't reply. Its not hard to do.

  • LisaRose

    I don't believe in God anymore, but I don't see why everyone has to be so harsh. For a while after leaving I left open the possibility of God, I still occasionally prayed, I wasn't yet ready to embrace atheism, I had already lost faith in the Watchtower, thinking that there might still be a God l gave a certain amount of comfort. Losing your faith is a hard thing, it doesn't happen overnight, at least it didn't for me.The people criticising you went through their spiritual journey and embraced atheism in their own time, now they are putting you down following your own spiritual path.

    Loves Jehovah, if it makes you happy to still believe in God, then do. I am all for what works . You may change your mind later, or you may not, but either way don't let what others say take away your joy. I would suggest you consider other religions, I think you would be happier in a religion that accepted you for who you are. I like the United Church of Christ, sometimes called Congregational (not the regular Church of Christ, they are no better than the JWs). They have no doctrine, and welcome all, plus they tend to have great music. Once you went to one of their services you would never sit through a dry, boring meeting again.

    Take care


  • lovesjehovah

    Uni -

    has Armageddon come yet?

  • LoveUniHateExams

    has Armageddon come yet?

    I don't think so. I've got time to get one last round in ...

  • freemindfade

    LovesJehovah with all do respect you picked an odd place to talk about loving jehovah.

    If you walked into a bar mitzvah and tried to strike up a conversation about how swell Hitler was, you might not get the warmest welcome. Granted there are theists and what not here, but not a lot of fans of the big J


    Please ask God how he will judge you during Armageddon.....lovesjehovah


    He Won`t Answer His Cell Phone..


  • lovesjehovah


    Thanks for your response. I hope you work out whatever you are looking for in this life.

    I am happy with Jehovah and how he treats me. I have tried other religions. Buddhism, baptist, deism, atheism, etc. I know that religion has faults like anything else, but I don't base my faith on the actions of others. Music playing in the church is all too distracting to me. I go to the meetings to listen to the discussions based on bible principles.I find it exciting to hear the others talk about their experiences and understanding of the bible. I base my faith and works solely on the doctrine and I am aware of the things that have been added and taken away.

    I'm glad you see how harsh everyone is being to a person that they don't know. It's not surprising though. I have received death threats from former friends.

  • Vanderhoven7
  • just fine
    just fine

    Oh boy - cyber bullying has resulted in the loss of many lives?!?! The Watchtower Bible and Tract Society through the Jehovah's Witnesses, at the supposed command of Jehovah has caused the loss of many lives through their teachings and beliefs (disfellowshipping & blood issues anyone?)

    Please don't come to an ex- JW site posting about how great he is and then act like a victim when no one agrees. I don't need your validation of my beliefs, and you do not need mine.

  • lovesjehovah

    Uni -

    then there's your answer. You will find out about your judgement during armageddon, during armageddon. If you live to see that day. If not you still will be judged anyway. TADAH!

    Take care ;)

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