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  • lovesjehovah

    I am Jehovah's Witness, despite some of the questionable teachings, crimes, and other outlandish behaviors of specific people affiliated with the religion. I know that my relationship with Jehovah is not influenced by any outside factors. I do not condone any crime. Whether it be of the people who work in the government, the bakery, or the church.

    This thread is for the Jehovah's Witnesses that truly love Jehovah. I know that in trying times its hard to focus on whats important and truth. Here we have a venue to discuss what we love about Jehovah. What experiences you've had that has shown His love, and how you can encourage others as well.

    If you are here to criticize anyone please don't. This thread is strictly about love

  • jookbeard
    I'm sure the angry evil god of the OT a Canaanite demon really loves you, a homosexual
  • lovesjehovah

    This is just a short story, although I have several others.

    One day I was talking to my friends outside of a Hookah Bar. We were discussing God and his might. Some of my friends believe there is no god, others believe whatever they read online. I had just began to talk about Jehovah and then from the corner of my eyes, I noticed that the shadows on the moon were changing. Not slowly either, but actually morphing into different shapes. It was awe inspiring. My friends who were on the fence about believing in God saw first hand how easily he can manipulate things. I knew right then that Jehovah remembers us all. His invisible qualities are clearly seen from his creation. I love Jehovah :)

  • LoveUniHateExams

    This thread is for the Jehovah's Witnesses that truly love Jehovah - no, this thread is for all members of JWN.

    Here we have a venue to discuss what we love about Jehovah - and Jehovah's other qualities!

    When I was a believer, there were some scriptures in Psalms that spoke of Jehovah's love, generosity and kindness. This was nice.

    Unfortunately, there are many scriptures in the OT that speak of Jehovah's other qualities. There are also a few OT accounts of disgusting barbarity that Jehovah approved of. Phineas spearing two people to death, the she-bear killing so many boys for mocking a prophet (very Charlie Hebdo ), God drowning innocent people in the Flood ...

    Sorry, lovesjehovah, you can't pick and choose re. God's personality.

  • stan livedeath
    stan livedeath
    i wonder if lovesjehovah also loves BLACK PUDDING
  • steve2

    LovesJehovah, I am also gay.

    However, I could not be an active JW and also totally honest with my brothers and sisters in my local congregation about my sexual orientation. Has your experience been different than mine, perhaps even positive? It would be great if it has been - and I'm happy for you.

    Are you an active JW (for example, engaging in the door-to-door ministry? Are you a baptized JW? Were you raised in the organization or are you a newcomer?

    You say, "This thread is for the Jehovah's Witnesses that truly love Jehovah". That's cool.

    You will probably know that there are several websites run by active JWs.

    Why are you not posting on those pro-JWs websites?

    Why are you intent on trying to impose your views on others when you know pro-JWs are least likely to post on this forum?

    I appreciate you may have wrongly concluded this is a pro-JW cite .

    If I have misunderstood your message, I apologize and await your clarification.

  • Brokeback Watchtower
    Brokeback Watchtower

    Wishful thinking: if you are here to criticize anyone please don't. This thread is strictly about love.

    You live in a dream world heavily clouded by bias. You can't even see that Jehovah is a pathetic homicidal maniac with a huge ego that makes kissing his ass over everything he does a form of worship. Your love for Jehovah is severely misplaced on such a coldhearted egotistical murder, your love for Jehovah should be examined more closely as it resembles Stockholm syndrome as the Australian Royal Commission clearly pointed out to Governing Body member Geoffrey Jackson that his organization is a organization of captives that can't leave it with dignity and are threatened with shunning if they disagree with anything.

  • lovesjehovah

    LoveUniHateExams / jookbeard / anyone else

    I specifically stated the purpose of THIS THREAD was to talk about the qualities that you love about Jehovah.

    The rest of the site is devoted to crticizing God and some of the people affiliated with the religion. Do your bidding there. I just wanted to create one single thread that talks about the good. ONE THREAD. If you can't respect that then why comment? You have an ENTIRE website to do it. Please just respect the topic at hand or migrate the the other topics that bash Jehovah and some of people affiliated the with his organization.

  • Darkknight757

    I appreciate what you are doing so please take this with a grain of salt. Many on this forum have been hurt in one way or another by the organization. It's too bad because there are some genuinely good people in the organization like yourself, but there are also some real butt brains.

    Personally even with all the bad things the org has done and continues to do I still love God. I don't like using the name "Jehovah" though as Jesus never used that name and with a little research you'll see that that's probably not the way the divine name would be pronounced. Love for Him moves me to not use a name that very well could be wrong. Don't know about you but it would be highly disrespectful and unloving to mispronounce a persons name. How much more so with regards our Heavely Father?


    Here we have a venue to discuss what we love about Jehovah. What experiences you've had that has shown His love.....lovesjehovah

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