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    LovesJehovah if you think being a dope sucking gay is going to get you far in the JW religion you've got some rethinking to do. These Jah followers will cast you aside like manure in a barn once they peer into your personal lifestyle.

    My advise is stay away from the JWS . you wont like what they are going to do to you.

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    Fickle -

    Some things were added and taken away from the bible.

    Notice during the thread I never mention the doctrines penned by the governing body as my salvation. Though some of it is truly enlightening and encouraging none the less.

    I can read the bible in other translations as well and draw the same conclusions of God's name and His true intentions. I don't think that a group of people can be responsible for my individual faith, seeing that the doctrine has many translations and interpretations.

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    "I'd like to know what strain y'all smoking. That sounds like some good....."

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    I think you'll find that the current Jehovahs Witnesses on this site are trying to get out as not to lose family through Disfellowshipping/disassociation. I will be amazed if you find any happy current Jehovahs Witnesses!! You're on the wrong site.
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    My thoughts, at risk of being branded a blasphemer:

    I believe in 'The Creator' of life on this planet and am thankful for all the beauty you can see in nature.i certainly love, thank and appreciate 'He who causes to be', the apparent translation of the name.

    I am not sure if the 'ass kicking' Jehovah of the old testament, as written by men in the Bible (or Koran), is the above.

    I cannot accept our loving creator has the aim of killing 7 billion people.He is a winner not a loser.

    i also believe religion sucks, especially when they speak in the Creator's name without authority.

    Bottom line: (sorry half this post is to do with bottoms), if I was Jehovah/Allah/The Creator, i would one day publicly kick the ass of religious leaders, including JW Governing Body members, for all the problems they have caused. I would not take it out on ordinary people who are trying to live a normal decent life.

    I love your honesty! I also don't believe that God warrants the suffering of man. His loving kindness shows me that his goal is for everyone to live in peace and security. I sometimes do believe that modern interpretations of religion have skewed from the original goal. Time will tell how this pans out. Better believe that God will serve his form of justice against those that corrupted the faith. He feels for all who are suffering. A better life will come!

    Thanks for your response :)

  • naazira

    You're what witnesses call bad association! You can't partake of Jehovah's table and the table of demons. You are lukewarm and Jehovah will spit you out! Take your stand for Jehovah today. You're doing too ,much independent thinking and that's going to be your down fall! Just follow the faithful slave. The end is sooooo tomorrow or the day after tomorrow type of close!

    Holy spirit keeps the congregation clean and will bring your bad behavior to the attention of the brothers and they will deal with you! BOY oh Boy, how I love Jehovah for keeping his congregation clean! :-)

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    Somewhere a bridge is missing its troll...
  • lovesjehovah


    lololol I'm v flattered. And if you're wondering, I've been told that I'm very attractive ;)

    Sadly in fear of my safety, I can't reveal my identity.

  • flipper

    LOVESJEHOVAH- I was a born-in JW also . Raised from birth. I left the organization at age 44 about 13 years ago for very just and righteous reasons. And for standing up for what is right. Your statement, " Some people have been a part of this site for years and years. It troubles me that they would devote so much of their time into tearing down people associated with a religion and God himself. "

    Well - You are insinuating that most of us here are here to just criticize- and that's just not true. Many of us care very deeply for our JW relatives and are here to assist many of the folks that you mention who have exited the Jehovah's Witnesses due to either being molested, shunned by their families, condemned for taking life saving blood transfusions, or condemned for getting a college education. Many people exiting the JW religion have committed suicide especially due to being treated unfairly by shunning or being abused by child molestation in which appointed elders or ministerial servants or higher up WT officials were either involved- or did nothing to report these crimes. So I ask you- Is it WRONG for us to speak up about these abuses continuing to happen so that justice prevails ? Or would Jehovah want us to silence the voices of abused children so we remain " obedient " to the " shepherds " of the flock who don't want these things exposed ? Do you think Jehovah approves the leaders of an organization that hides child abusers from law enforcement ? Think about it.

    If you ask me I think Jehovah APPROVES of each and every one of us who tries to bring justice to abused ones in the JW religion because isn't God Jehovah a just God ?

    So in your words about why you posted this thread, " I set up my booth outside and let those interested walk up. " That's what I did exactly on your thread I " set up my booth" of information for you. That's my motive in assisting you my friend. To help you use your reasoning ability that Jehovah gave you to uphold the just and right way for Jehovah in helping ex-JW's and JW's see the true light. Take care

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