What were Satan and his demons "doing" up in heaven, before being "cast down" in 1914?

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    Before 1914, Satan was like s fading JW relative who still comes to family gatherings over the "worldly" holidays. He shows up, eats some Turkey, drinks some Scotch, and talks about his College classes. Sure, he's not a great example, but he's still technically "in" the religion.

    Everyone thinks he's fun and smart, secretly they have no issues with hanging out with him; they even ask for investment advice. Until....1914! That's when one the Cherubs went up on stage, the crowd became silent and he announced, " This to inform the Heavens that Lucifer the Lightbringer, is no longer of of Jehovah's Witnesses."


  • The Searcher
    The Searcher

    It looks like the WTBTS prediction about Satan being ejected from heaven in 1914 was pretty close - they were only 1,985 years late with their calculation!

    Luke 10:18 - "At that he said to them: "I see Satan already fallen like lightning from heaven."- RNWT

    Luke 10:18 - "And he said to them, "I saw [past tense] Satan fall like lightning from heaven." RSV; NET; ESV; NKJV; NLT.

    Bible point: no one in the scriptures is ever described as being possessed by a demon - until Christ appeared.

    p.s. Witch of Endor doesn't count!

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    What was the difference between before and after 1914?
  • prologos

    Every crackpot cult story engenders questions like that around their core scare theme -- like the Catholic's:

    "What was God doing before creating the world?: "preparing a place for people that ask questions like that: --a very hot place."

    wt demons before 1914? populating the minds of gullible wt readers. creating self-induced scares.

  • WasOnceBlind
    That was one short war!!! I mean think about it, 1,000 years is but a day to god...if we apply that logic and bible chronology, then the devil managed to piss God off and start/loose a war all within 6 days. The war itself lasted but a few minutes!
  • TheWonderofYou

    It was at Bethel Brooklyn, 2nd Oct. 1914 when a group of handfull anointed who believed that they would be immediately raptured if the gentile times ended held its morning worship, when absolutely happened nothing.

    The bethel family under the leadership of Russel prayed and speculated but neither Christ began to reign nor Satan appeared.

    The only thing that happened was that Russelit bibelstudents sat together, Russel talked to the bethelbrothers that the GENTILE TIMES had ended and speculated about the meaning of the year 1914, insofar as he said that the outbreak of the war in July or August 1914 was the confirmation that the "theocracy rule in heaven" had begun.

    But note: The WordWar I had just begun months before Satan was thrown out of the heaven (what must have happened 2 October 1914, the day when Christ began to reign) because the WW1 began on 28. July, 1914 and not on 2nd October 1914.

    This confirms that the World-War I began before the kingdom was established in heaven on 2. October 1914 and Satan was not yet in the vicinity of the Earth. He was not the Warlord, the men did a weird job alone.


    But what could Satan have done while he watched the murdering of the heir apparant and the outbreak of such a big war?

    Satan liked wars and he watched them like we watch movies. He wanted to improve his techniques in all possible wickedness and he learned them all from men. He watched so many wars, the slaughters, battles.... But Satan liked most watching how christian killed christians in the Thirty Years War.

    Brothers against brothers of christian nations fought against each other bestially. He like how the women and children suffered and how the bloodthrusty man thought that killing would be a whole ware, a whole act, because they were APOSTATES, he like fighting as duty.

    He learned in Hussite wars, balkan wars, silesian wars, turk-seldjukian-wars, crussades... each century was a new experience for him, his bloodthirst could not be stilled. His most time Satan spent in watcht men killing each other. Nobody could fulfill Satans lust for watching more hardcore wars.

    So Satan hacked out a plan how he could fulfill his dreams, mostly he liked that brothers killed each other, so he firstly influenced religious people to hate APOSTATES, Sunni should kill Shia-muslim and of course Kurds-apostates and all kuffar=unbelievers if they are not obidient, protestant should kill catolics and vice-versa and so on, they only would do that if they strongly believe the brother is an apostate.

    So while Satan was in heaven he could only spiritually influence earth and this he did mostly by cultic mind control. That was already very effective and so the world was wicked and whored.

    An ongoing story.

  • TheWonderofYou

    But Satan knew that it was difficult enough to spread "worldly thoughts" and "weird spirit" from distant heaven and destroy humanity. So he very much dreamt of coming closer to earth, and so he made an uproar in heaven (a fratricidal war, what he had learned from men).

    MICHAEL CHRIST had not calculated such an uproar to take place 2. October 1914, it was the day of Christ Michael planned to end the gentile times after all and it was Christ day of enthronement as king of the universial and heavenly kingdom but sadly Satan destroyed Christs most beautiful day of his enthronement, completely. The First day of Christs kingdom was the worst that Michael Christ ever had, his own brother (Satan was his brother) wanted to kill him and bond him, and the kille the lovely angels, it was war against theocracy.

    What then happend was excactly what Satan wanted to achieve:

    He wanted (it was calculated) to be thrown out heaven and to be bonded in the vicinity of the earth, Why?

    So he could not influence people only by worldy thoughts-spirit but actually be "bodily present" called bogey, though invisible, but very close for him to be in good position to watch man doing weird things and killing themselves.

    Finally Satan could than beginning with 2.Oct.1914 personally take part in the World war and fight with human weapons for the first time, he killed many and liked it. He throw personally the atomic bombs.

    Although nobody believes me, this must be happend, and as Russel said this must be a confirmation because it got worse and worse, better weapns were invented and the world lived in such a danger.

  • myelaine

    Someone said the war is between God and satan but this isn't the case. The war is between man and satan. Jesus defeated satan on the cross as a means to help man in this struggle. That's why we're in a spiritual war. The only way for a man to ultimately defeat satan (himself) is to accept Jesus as his saviour and gain the help of the Holy Spirit in seeing through the deceptions of satan and his demons when he tries to draw a person from the truth of Jesus Christ. This can be done in many ways...the WTBTS has been very successful in replacing Jesus in the conscience of millions. When Jesus is replaced in the conscience of a person then a person will believe all kinds of things that the "replacement" says. :(

    the Holy Spirit will keep a person in the word...that's how He brings to rememberance things Jesus has said. It is the way to descern truth from lies. A replacement will subtley edge a person away from the word and "feed" you from the word. This is subtle because it is the Holy Spirit that leads a person through the bible. There is nothing of a personal nature between a person and God if that one is "fed" the same food as everyone else at the same time. There is no room for the individual just conformity to the replacement. Of course, that "replacement" can also be your own self and not Jesus.

    why do YOU think that individual bible study is a threat to an organization that calls itself christian?

  • RubaDub

    They were using a beta version of the internet and figuring out how to deceive people with it.

    Rub a Dub

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