HELP needed from folks in UK, esp. in Scotland!

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  • notsurewheretogo
    Dundee is a shithole and I'm surprised there are 25 jobs in the place.

    Only go there to watch my football team but indeed it is a bit of a hellhole!

  • jambon1


    ....and what team might that be?

  • steve2

    Rebelfighter said:

    Don't take it personally everyone who comes here with breaking news and who does not already have media releases and court documents to backup their story gets bashed.

    My response:

    "Gets bashed" is a pretty strong verbal phrase to describe posters who expressed skepticism and - shock, horror! - requested some corroboration.

    Given we almost all come from a JW background in which you pretty much have to believe what you're told, I consider it a very healthy trait to question news stories, especially when sourced from an open-to-public forum such as Reddit where anything and everything true or false gets the proverbial breath of life - and to question is a country mile away from the emotive phrase "gets bashed."

  • Simon

    I agree.

    There's a huge difference between saying "I'd like some more information" and "that is definitely untrue".

    It doesn't mean we don't believe it could be true and might be true, just that there seem to be some gaps or other possibilities and more information, when available, would be welcome.

    Personally, I don't buy the simplistic view that just because there is a conflict between a JW vs an exJW that it automatically makes the JW wrong and the exJW right. There are honest and deceitful people in both groups and sometimes the victims might be the JWs - it does happen.

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    There's a huge difference between saying "I'd like some more information" and "that is definitely untrue".

    To be honest many of comments in this topic were more like the latter than the former.

  • Giordano

    If anybody remembers Oompa he had been DF and still had JWs working for him.....for years in fact.

    The fact that these workers decided en mass that they couldn't work for her because she DA herself is troubling if they were told to leave by an Elder. Or has the Society changed the rules re a working environment?

    As far as hiring JW's apparently many of them spoke Polish plus she probably thought they would be more honest and trusted employees.

    At this point in time she may have a serious case against them.

    Also very strange that the workers sent a letter to the court claiming religious exemption. Theocratic warfare at it's worse.

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive
    Or has the Society changed the rules re a working environment?

    No, at least I am not aware of such changes. They did raise the bar though at this year's conventions with telling people that it's ok to shun even the inactive ones, and even not to answer the phone from your own DF'd daughter. Anyway, this is just a case of individual JWs being overzealous even by their own standards, which is something I observed a lot in last 2-3 years.

  • konceptual99

    No official change from the WTS but as WTS says there was a pointed reminder about inactive ones known to be committing sins.

    The other aspect that could be coming into play is if there were lots of people from the same families working for the woman. The peer pressure for shunning compliance gets raised to another level when you have your own family doing the same.

    It will be interesting to see the detail on this - I hope it comes thorough eventually.

  • happy@last
    [email protected]

    There's few exJWs here in Scotland but not that many activist type, most leave and turn their back on it altogether. I'm in Glasgow if it helps.

  • Ruby456

    wts archive

    why did she close down the business? if it had only recently gotten started anyway she needn't have closed it down when the JWs decided to stop working for her. unless there were other issues such as needing cheap labour that only jws could provide, language problems that could only be overcome eith help from witnesses?

    how much would her losses have been if she hadn't put into the business much of her own money? the problem is that once the witnesses labelled her apostate they withdrew all the extra benefits that she may have taken for granted in the first place. no court system is going to award damages for taken for granted benefits. The witnesses have every right to withdraw from someone whom they can paint as being somewhat 'abusive' towards their faith and I'm guessing that they have so much proof they didn't even turn up at court. their immediate departure from her business could also be taken as proof that something awful had happened between the two parties particularly as they lost their earnings. the cards are stacked against this poor Polish woman I'm afraid.

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