HELP needed from folks in UK, esp. in Scotland!

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  • darkspilver

    And another week goes by and still no update....

    WTS Archive:

    Polish, more like Pledge Furniture Polish , all glistening and no substance

    Wow, one thing I did not expect on these forums was hostility, guess I was wrong. Maybe this was not the best place to look for this kind of help...

    Hmmm, yeah I know, the problem is this forum, we ask way too many questions - which is kinda awkward when all you want is a bit of confirmation bias

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    Sorry for not putting up any update about the situation in this thread, I've forgot to add a reply here as well. I posted an update on Reddit few months ago:

    Main takeaway - I was deceived and forwarded information that I didn't scrutinize enough, for which I am sorry. In the future I will not post about anything that I personally didn't verify to be true.

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