HELP needed from folks in UK, esp. in Scotland!

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  • disposable hero of hypocrisy
    disposable hero of hypocrisy

    Give the guy a chance people, you're a cynical lot aren't you! He's repeatedly said he'll be back with more information as he is able. If he doesn't come back, no loss. If he does, then you've got your answer. Why so quick to pooh pooh?

  • cofty
    Why so quick to pooh pooh?

    "If there is one thing I've learned from being the army it's never ignore a pooh pooh"


  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    @TheWonderofYou: Loyal Until Death is actually a video I produced (you can check that in the description), I just asked Wifi Bandit to host it because it was over 15 minutes long and my channel at the time had restrictions due to Watchtower reporting some videos on it :).

  • jwleaks

    This would make a great British sitcom ... "Faulty Watch Towers".

    I hope she gets justice.

  • Simon
    Huh Simon? If indeed you were a JW, you dam well know what mind control can do to an individual. What a completely heartless thing to say!

    Well, if people play that game, the ball can go in either goal.

    I wonder what would have happened if someone she employed had been the one to decide it was cobblers and wanted to leave. Would they have kept their job? How do we know this hasn't happened at some point?

    She seemed fine with taking advantage of the system when it suited but that's the risk in doing that - it can turn around and bite you.

    Lot's of people care about the unfairness when it affects them, not when it affects others. It is heartless but really, why should I care? She got the benefits of being a JW for many years I presume and then she didn't. As others have said, why close the business, why not just hire new staff? Or was it one of these affinity schemes where people are controlled into accepting lower wages for the "privilege" of working with other believers?

    Without knowing the details, it's hard to know if there is a victim in all of this and whether someone really deserves sympathy or not.

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    She seemed fine with taking advantage of the system

    Can you explain to me how she was taking advantage of the system, because I have a hard time comprehending it? She started a business and created new jobs for people, how is that taking advantage of anything? Sure, one could say that it's unfair that she used to employ mostly JWs, but then again, saying that you probably forgot what it means to be a JW. You're brainwashed. You are told that the world is ruled by Satan and the only reliable people are your brothers and sisters. This is Psychomanipulation 101.

    She got the benefits of being a JW for many years I presume and then she didn't.

    She was a JW only for one year, so she didn't get so many "benefits" from it I presume.

    why close the business, why not just hire new staff?

    Like I've said, hiring is a process, you cannot do it overnight especially in a business where you have constant turnover, guests coming, etc. You need to provide training for people on different positions. This just cannot happen in 24 hours, and then you still need time to settle stuff with the old crew.

  • TheOldHippie

    Yeah, sure, no. 1:

    "One day she decided to invite few JWs over to her place for dinner. The Scottish brothers asked her to play some Polish kingdom songs, so she opened YouTube and searched. But instead of kingdom songs, a film about a judicial committee in Berlin popped out. They all watched it,"

    Yeah, sure, no. 2:

    "imagine the surprise of the court when on that day the courtroom was empty - none of the 24 JWs who were ordered to come showed up. They only sent a letter to the court that they will not show up because... their Christian conscience forbids them to show up!"

    Yeah, sure, no. 3:

    "Just outside the door she sees a local elder and his wife, both her ex-employees. The elder shouts to her - "how you dare to speak against the organization!", and his wife approached and... spit the sister in the face."

    And as others have remarked – how utterly strange that there has been no press coverage. There seems to be no limit for what fabricated stories one can come up with.

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    How utterly strange that a story that just happened few days ago where this woman was only interviewed yesterday afternoon doesn't have any press coverage yet. Really, that's just unbelievable. /s

    I am utterly amazed how quick people are here to dismiss what others write and actually be hostile spitting accusations that one fabricated the story.

    Anyway, I'll try to be above that and provide some more details as promised:

    The whole thing took place in a Polish congregation in Dundee, Scotland. She really did employ those 29 people, she could afford this because the city gives a grant to the employer which, as I was told, paid the half of the bills. Most of them worked in kitchen, and of course there were shifts. The newspaper that will cover the story is either The Daily Telegraph or Sunday Telegraph (they've apparently didn't decide yesterday which one will take it). This is where I was wrong when I wrote that its a "local" newspaper, because apparently Telegraph is a nation-wide media group. I'm not from UK and don't really know the media there so excuse me for this.

    PS. Re: "They all watched it". She told me that they weren't happy she played this video and wanted her to shut it down, but she refused because she was interested into how this will play out to the end and it was her home really, so she could play whatever she want. She didn't expect it will be so damning for the organization, nor did they.

  • slimboyfat

    According to the JW website there are Polish congregations in Inverness, Aberdeen, Edinburgh and Glasgow, but no Polish congregation in Dundee, although Dundee Clepington congregation has "some meetings" in Polish.

    Actually quite surprised and impressed to find there are enough Polish JWs in Scotland for five congregations! There are only around 100 congregations overall so that's about 5%. Any Poles I have met have been staunch Catholics with a strong sense of community. I guess JWs pick up the few who lose contact with the community or who have some JW connection back home

  • WTS Archive
    WTS Archive

    Dundee Clepington congregation has "some meetings" in Polish

    And that's the one she was in. It's also probably the reason why there were some Scottish people at the initial dinner, because the congregation is bilingual (or because it's only a Polish speaking group, not a whole Polish-language congregation).

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