What Do The English & Australians Think Of Americans On This Board???

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  • minimus

    It seems to me that this board's force comes mainly from our English and Aussie friends. I've read comments that some have gotten annoyed that the Society and GB seem to only stress the "American" English in their style of writing. I'm just curious as to what you think of your American brethren.

  • Englishman


    There are differences between us. Americans would seem to be more black and white in their thinking, an almost for us or against us type of thing. Being an American appears to be almost a religion in itself. I think that the WT is extremely America orientated, and as such, does not have the appeal elsewhere because it has a somewhat "foreign" flavour to it.

    You need to be aware that most Brits have a fondness for their American cousins and will generally show them hospitality that could be witheld from others. It's a weird mix of familiarity and total bewilderment at some American customs that add to the intrigue.

    ..They also argue differently.


  • ozziepost

    Absolutely love 'em!

  • Dansk

    Same as I think of all nationalities.

  • Jayson

    Has anyone seen the movie "Reign of Fire?" I think that is a great example of how these brit/Ozzy foriengers

    [] see us yanks. "The only thing worse than a Dragon is an American."

    Englishman I can see in color FYI

  • Gopher

    I can't answer this since I am American. Or am I supposed to say what I think that the Brits/Aussies think of us American posters?

    Is this about Americans in general? Or American posters? Are we so easily lumped together? Maybe we are. Again I'm just an American poster, so my opinion isn't being asked for here.

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex

    "We've spawned a new nation here. Rougher. Simpler. More violent. Less refined. More enterprising. We are a new nationationality. We require a new nation." -- Benjamin Franklin

  • Hamas

    If you are talking about the people that visit here who are American then I have no problem with them whatsoever.

    You discover in life that there is good and bad in every nationality, and its only when you turn away from every bias that you may have against a certain set of people or nationality that you can truly see people for what they are.

    However, as a whole, I cant stand American people. Im not saying they are all the same, as I said above, there is good and bad in everyone. Yet the reasons I find it hard to tolerate Americans is just simply the way they are; their culture, attitude etc.

    Most of the things I really cant stand in life come staight from the good ol' U S of A. For instance, Starbucks Coffee and people thinking they must drink coffee just because Matt Le Blanc drinks it on Friends or something really annoying like that. American sitcoms and humor I also find hard to tolerate, coupled with the whole big headed American culture that seems to shine straight through Uncle Sams big white ass onto the rest of the gullible world.

    America spurns out more crap than any other nation. Hollywood hypes things up to look good in the eyes of gullible youngsters, which is something else I hate about the States. And If a yank would tell me face to face that the American way of life is the best just because his country is full of this sh*t, I would put him straight.

    ...... chill man chill

  • Mystery

    Hamas - why don't you tell us what you really think.

    An American

    PS: I don't watch Friends. I don't drink Starbucks Coffee. (I drink whatever is on sale at the grocery store) And I don't even know who Matt Le Blanc is. Lumping "all of us" together would be like lumping "all of you" together. Bogus.

    And in coming to this forum to find out someone's nationality was the last thing on my mind. I don't care where you (anyone) is from. I am here to help me heal, if i help someone else along the way - good.

    "love one another..."

  • Mystery

    minimus - see what you stired up

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