What Do The English & Australians Think Of Americans On This Board???

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  • Valis
    There are differences between us. Americans would seem to be more black and white in their thinking, an almost for us or against us type of thing.

    um Eman...thanks for the generalization..

    coupled with the whole big headed American culture that seems to shine straight through Uncle Sams big white ass onto the rest of the gullible world.

    yeah that every other country welcomes with open yet "gullible" arms...

    One thing that never ceases to amaze is the concept of societies adopting certain parts of a culture, or another society's norms, and then they turn around and claim they have been "invaded"...what a crock of shit!. The culture of corporate greed and the land of retail sales is not distinctly American, any more than having a monarchy is to the British. Everything originates somewhere yet rarely is anything truly original. The Western world, sans the Americas, had plenty of time to become imperialist, capitalist, greedy, war mongering, repressive, abusive politically, etc...before we arrived on the scene. All the things people hate about the US.. Duh...try separating your opinion of American people versus your geopolitical tirade against our society that simply mirrors the actions of our forebearers on a larger scale, just on a much more technologically proficient one to boot!...


    District Overbeer

  • teenyuck
    America spurns out more crap than any other nation

    Hmmmm....I think China may have us on that one. We design it, spec it and send it to China to be assembled, ship it back to America to ship it to other countries to be sold....check the label. Quite enterprising, don't you think?

    Hollywood hypes things up to look good in the eyes of gullible youngsters, which is something else I hate about the States.

    Yes, we gave the world Madonna and Brittany. Sorry. I do feel bad as an American that I have been apart of this conspiracy. Did you know that there is a super secret group that gets to pick all the *stars*...they (I am in the super secret group {SSG}) decide who will make it and who will not. We {SSG} actually try to find people who will offend the most people in other countries. It is quite fun actually.

    And If a yank would tell me face to face that the American way of life is the best just because his country is full of this sh*t, I would put him straight.

    I have not actually noticed the sh*t you write of....as most on this DB have acknowledged, we enjoy our way of life. If that bothers you, offends you and pisses you off, you have a choice. Don't spend your money on anything *American*. (Just think of all the Chinese you will put out of work)

    Hamas, you really need to relax and realize that we have taken over the world and you cannot stop us. We will create a United States of Europe, United States of the Middle East and a United States of Asia. It is just a matter of time......


  • minimus

    Hamas, I hate Americans, too.

  • Valis

    *LOL* teen..

    Can I be in charge of United States of Indonesia? *LOL*


    District Overbeer

  • cowhand

    Well said Mystery.

    Maybe it's from being new here but I don't have much idea who the Yankees are.

    Yes, the WT comes over as being pretty American and I suppose that does annoy some people, but everybody comes from somewhere. Personally I count being American as being the least of WT crimes


  • xenawarrior
    For instance, Starbucks Coffee and people thinking they must drink coffee just because Matt Le Blanc drinks it on Friends or something really annoying like that.

    LOL Hamas- you are watching too much television about us watching too much television

    LMAO @ Teenyuck and Valis- Can I have my own country to rule too? I'm up to the "L's" in my alphabetic world takeover. There is this little country named "Luxembourg" that I'm looking at invading next- it's ripe for takeover and they have alot of stuff there we might like !!

    XW of the "ya gotta laugh" class

  • nilfun
    For instance, Starbucks Coffee and people thinking they must drink coffee just because Matt Le Blanc drinks it on Friends or something really annoying like that.

    Poppycock. Everyone knows that Matt's favorite coffehouse is the "Central Perk".

  • Sentinel

    I really dislike labeling. I would like people here and elsewhere to accept me as a human being first. Just because I am an American, doesn't mean I'm a robot for everything that's done here in this country. I have individual opinions about everything. I vote to make my opinions count. I have great freedom of expression, but I obey the laws of the land here.

    I am no different than any of you, and in a room full of people, who were just sitting still and not saying anything, who could really determine whether I was English, Australian or American? Yes, I was born here and I enjoy the benefits of being a citizen. I work hard and pay my taxes. I treat everyone else the way I'd like them to treat me.

    The way we view ourselves and the world around us stems from our cognition and perception of life and how we relate to others. The JW mindset forced an unnatural separation from the "world" as a whole. We are past all that now, aren't we? Our profile allows us to post where we are from, and we are also free to post it elsewhere.

    If this board was for the English and Australians, and not for Americans as well, I'm sure Simon could figure out a way to keep us off here. But that wouldn't be very nice now, would it?

  • riz

    who cares?

    minimus, next time can you pose a more asinine question, please?

  • Ravyn

    I am an American by birth. Not my fault.

    Firstly I want to say that generalizations and stereotypes have SOME basis in reality or they would not develope! Secondly, since I have traveled to and lived in atleast 38 states of the 50, I have to say that the 'black and white thinking' comment was being kind! Americans are IMPO/IMPE(In My Personal Opinion/In My Private Experience) extremists. a country founded by rebells and convicts, the rejected from the rest of the world cultures---leads to this kind of heavy line drawn. Labels, boxes, elitists, cults, the US is ripe for all of it. My husband was born in Japan, educated in Germany, and I have traveled extensively in North America myself. His grandparents are Italian and Irish immigrants. Mine were German, French and Irish. we have probably been exposed to other cultures more than the average US citizen. There is such a difference even between Canadians and the US! And after living in the South for the last 4 years, it is getting downright scary extreme here. especially after 911 and this war. We are planning on retiring to England. We really do not like it here. But we are not so naive to expect the same material advantages we enjoy here---must pay a price somewhere! Anyway, I don't think the Aussies and Brits on this board are quite as hard on the Americans as the Americans are on them--or on themselves! Just part of that extremist attitude I guess.

    for those Americans who wish to argue the point......well that proves mine! LOL

    Ravyn (who is idealistically patriotic-to the COUNTRY and those who represent those ideals, not necessarily the people who live here)

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