Susan Rice Sought Names of Trump Associates in Intel?

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  • freemindfade
    You really are contemptuous of Black people, aren't you?

    negative on that

    just slimy politicians, playing identity games is a democrat thing, I am neither democrat or republican.

    According to all the "outrage" folks here, you would probably say I don't like Obama because he is black, Hillary because she is a woman, Chuck Schumer because he's jewish... and on and on and on.

    The idea of judging individuals solely on the content of their CHARACTER is they way it should be and the way I am, sadly that is now considered "conservative".

    Judging individuals on a baked in trait (race, gender, etc), is a leftist thing...

  • snowbird

    Slimy politicians - that's all of them.


  • freemindfade
    Slimy politicians - that's all of them

    on this we agree!

  • Spoletta
    Let them grill here and let's find out the truth, sorry her saying "I dindu nuthin" on MSNBC doesn't satisfy me

    The crux of the matter is that you wouldn't believe her if she said it anywhere. If you don't believe anything on the MSM that disagrees with your "anything Democratic is bad" viewpoint, that only leaves you with the alt-right news media. Or you have to cherry pick from more reputable sources, ignoring overwhelming evidence in favor of a few isolated articles. Sad.

    I've seen you present very well thought out and logical viewpoints on many other topics in this forum, inclining me to give you a little bit of a break. This, however, verges on blind obsession with finding fault with anyone who isn't like you or believes what you believe.

    Trust me, at this point I couldn't care less what you think of me or my viewpoint. I've realized that the majority of fair, inquisitive, open minded people tend to come to the conclusions that I do. And I think you'll find that we're in the majority in this country.

    For all their faults, the Democratic party is responsible for all the programs that have made life better for those of little means or opportunity. Some people need help, and I wouldn't begrudge them that help.

    I've had times in my life that I didn't have help when I needed it. My response is to help others so that they can avoid that experience. Others might say that since they didn't have help, no one else should either. I find that rather sad.

    I've seen enough of avoiding the world because bad things might happen to last me the rest of my life.

    My safe place is among people that strive to make everyone's life better, with the knowledge that there are bad people in any group, and isolating myself from any possibility of danger or tragedy makes my life less rich and interesting.

    I don't live in a fantasy world of unicorns and rainbows, I live in a real world where judging entire groups by the acts of individuals is not an option.

    You can respond with as many charts, graphs, and snide photo comments as you like. I really don't care. I don't need your approval to validate my beliefs.

  • freemindfade

    I pick on the democratic party more for your information because I consider myself progressive and a classical liberal. I have most of my life mocked the GOP and republicans as nitwits, teased my mom for watching fox news without mercy, laughed my ass off to John Stewart and the Colbert Report of old. I always felt the left was the moral compass of politics. I no longer feel that way, that makes me upset. I am joining a lot of other liberals who are rejecting the "1984" nonesense of this modern left wing, they are either going center or all the way to conservative if you can believe that. Tribal politics has birthed Trump for us, this has been coming for decades and it finally happened. Watching this election didn't show me how great Trump was, but how controlling and irrational the left was. I know plenty of people just like myself who no longer want to identify with the insanity going on, I don't like using the term "liberal" in a derogatory manner because I consider myself "liberal". I am pro-choice, all for gay rights, pro-cannabis legalization, I hold free-speech and civil liberties in the highest regard. What I have seen from MSM (whcih is capable of reporting truth) and the left, makes my cult radar start to go off, as I am sure it does several other who are just like me. So long story short, I want to hold the left to a higher regard, I believed Obama would be amazing, but he continually disappointed me with globalist nonsense I don't think helped us. The left still wants to take the liberal high ground, but I say they no longer deserve it. Keep thinking for yourself

  • snowbird

    Kudos to both of you!

    It's going to be alright.

    We're going to make it.


  • Spoletta

    So, as soon as you're disappointed, you turn your back on an entire party.

    If, as you say, you are basically liberal, I'd like to hear all about what it is that you find in Trump and the Republicans that causes you to want to give them a chance.

    So far, I see them rolling back any legislation that affects the ability of large corporations to make more money under the guise of creating new jobs.

    They're gutting the EPA, denying global warming, weakening laws that protect our health, while turning healthcare into an expanded access program that has lower premiums but covers very little,Internet providers will be able to share our information with anyone whether we want it or not, the very wealthy will get to keep more of their wealth, Cabinet members will manipulate legislation in such a way as to benefit them and their associates, The President is jetting off to Mar a lago regularly at 3 million dollars a pop to conduct business on the golf course, we can't believe anything he says because he gets his information from cable TV, he's appointing people with no experience to high level positions, It's becoming more and more evident that the coal mining jobs will most likely not come back, he's turning his back on the rest of the world with his slogan of MAGA,and expanding what is already the most powerful military in the world at tremendous cost, while cutting programs that help the needy, and getting rid of the NEA and the National Broadcasting Corporation. I could fill pages.

    So far, I don't see anything here that would make liberals stand up and cheer.

    This is an improvement over the Democrats?

    You say you are pro-choice, pro gay rights, and all for legalization of cannabis, things that the Republicans will get rid of if they can. Tell me which of your liberal beliefs you share with the current administration?

    Otherwise, you are a type of liberal I've never encountered before. What shall I call it?

  • bohm

    Can you believe it? I was pulled over for running a red light and the cop FREKKIN' RAN MY NUMBER PLATE.

    If the cop ran my number plate for some reason unrelated to running the red light, that would be totally illegal. Sure, I don't have any proof of this, but I can speculate because I don't know his reasons either. The bottom line is that this MIGHT be an ILLEGAL invasion of my privacy provided I assume he didn't do it because it is his job.

    Investigations should be started...

  • just fine
    just fine

    I am a republican who is pro-choice, pro- gay rights, and pro equal opportunity for everyone. There are many republicans I know who are in the same boat. We don't want to control other people's lives, but we can't support the liberal agenda because it is out of control.

    Not all Republicans are far right. There are a lot of middle right republicans, they just don't make the news.........

  • snowbird

    Not all Democrats are far Left.

    I usually vote Democrat, but am very conservative when it comes to fiscal and educational issues.



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