"The G.B. is neither inspired nor infallible"

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  • Cold Steel
    Cold Steel
    “The Governing Body is neither inspired, nor infallible, therefore it (they/we) can err in Doctrinal matters or in organizational direction .”

    Interesting admission given the Lord’s admonition: “Let them alone: they be blind leaders of the blind. And if the blind lead the blind, both shall fall into the ditch.” (Matthew 15:14) The GB statement is a tacit admission that the leadership are blind guides. And though that may be, members may still be hauled in front of a judicial committee if they buck the system.

    But why?

    If they can be wrong in some points, why can't they be wrong about soul sleeping, shunning, blood transfusions and crosses? Or the year Jerusalem was destroyed? They might be wrong on everything!

    What good are they if they're not connected? Plugged in?

    How can they feed and take care of Jehovah's household if they don't have the keys and the credit cards?

    Jesus said He would reject many who claimed to serve Him, saying, "I never knew you!"

  • joey jojo
    joey jojo

    If I was a gambler, my money would be on this article pertaining to child abuse or further tweaking of the generation nonsense.

    Is it a coincidence that this article will be studied at the same time the Australian Royal Commission into child abuse hands down its findings?

    The article certainly reads like its preparing us to overlook the GB's behaviour for something.

  • smiddy

    If its not to painful to speak about this Heaven i,we , would love to know more about the situations you found yourself in with your dad and your cousin , and how this panned out.

  • Heaven

    smiddy said: If its not to painful to speak about this Heaven i,we , would love to know more about the situations you found yourself in with your dad and your cousin , and how this panned out.

    Hey smiddy... I don't mind sharing. I could probably write a book but will try to keep it fairly short. Hahaha.

    On the whole, my Witness family, outside of my parents, have been pretty good people. My folks went through a period of being fairly mean to us in the '90s which damaged our family. The Borg's 'kick your unbelieving family to the curb' belief is largely responsible for this.

    In his email my cousin said they always think fondly of my Dad and our family. I am not sure if they would think fondly of us all now. We aren't JWs and don't ever plan to be. My bro lives common law with his girlfriend. My niece (she is an Industrial Electrician) lives common law with her boyfriend and pole dances for recreation. I'm sure that wouldn't go over well. And I love pagan stuff... witches, dragons, fairies, crystals, candles, nature, herbs, etc, etc. I'd rather have pagan memorabilia in my house than religious items any day. (I am a Secular Humanist but I love the romance and beauty of pagan, shamanistic, fantasy things). My Dad is truly mentally ill, suffering from dementia.

    I am not that young anymore - there is more than 50 years of JW history in my family. With my cousins, things go back to before my one cousin's death. In the early '90s I believe (maybe even before that), their Father (my Uncle and my Mom's brother) was DF'ed. No one has told me the reason but I suspect it was due to a disagreement with some sort of doctrine. I'd have to look back at that time to see what flip-flop(s) was/were going on. I'm pretty sure his DFing was before the change in the 'this generation' teaching in the mid '90s. He did get re-instated, particularly after the elders who DF'ed him were subsequently DF'ed themselves. He has since passed away.

    At any rate, my Uncle's daughter, died some time after he was DF'ed. She refused a blood transfusion after being in a very bad car accident. She was t-boned in an intersection waiting to turn left on a green light. A car came careening through the intersection against the red light and hit her. One of her sons was in the vehicle too. He survived but his mental abilities were affected and his breathing is now different (he had to be intubated). My cousin that died left behind 3 children and a husband. Her husband remarried (he wasn't a JW) and as far as I know 2 of the 3 kids are not JW. They are all adults now.

    I wonder how the changes to the blood policy have affected them. No one has ever said and I have not asked.

    So my cousin who emailed me, his daughter got married about 11 years ago. I took Dad to the wedding. It was there that my cousin's Mom (my Aunt) says to me "Heaven. I wasn't supposed to get old!" I just nodded my head (I try hard not to get into in-depth discussions on this stuff with my family as they don't want to hear what I have to say). My Aunt's health is not good. Her daughter is looking after her.

    All the recent changes may be affecting them as they have been JWs for decades. My cousins were born-in. It wouldn't surprise me if they are having their doubts.

    Back in 2009, my cousin was contacted by one of the elders at my Dad's Hall because something wasn't right with my Dad. He wasn't cutting his grass and this elder was doing it. So my cousin emailed me. Since that time, my life has not been the same. I have had to look after Dad and that takes up a lot of time. The elder who contacted my cousin is a pretty good guy. He offered to help. I told him I appreciated it but that he had his own family to take care of. They have always offered their help. They are getting older too and their health isn't top notch so I don't bother them with my issues. I don't really want the JWs involved either.

    So I haven't heard from this cousin who emailed me since he told me Dad isn't doing well and I need to check it out over 7 years ago. I am wondering why suddenly he is emailing me. His Mom used to call my Dad and chat on the phone but Dad's phone has been disconnected now for a few years. Am wondering if it has to do with some sort of recent JW stance... maybe this whole 'GB are not perfect nor infallible' thing was their straw.

    I replied to him last night. Will wait to see if I get anything back.

    Ooops... looks like this wasn't very short.

  • Fisherman

    Who is leading God's people today?

    The WT study article is for JW who have already concluded that WT is. The argument presented in the article is to help the convinced JW reconcile error and Holy Spirit co-existence in wt movement. Once having concluded that WT is leading God's people today, the only logical course for JW is to follow wt subject to error in doctrine and direction. Assuming it is a fact that WT is leading God's people today (that is to say, Holy Spirit,) that is the only thing that matters.Error does not invalidate that fact.
  • blondie

    A good article from jwfacts and infallibility according to the WTS.


  • sparrowdown

    OR, the WT/GB could say whatever damn crazy-ass statement they want in ERROR and leave people to make their own personal life decisions.

    Yeah, that could work.

  • Fisherman

    Linked jwfacts article posts wt claims printed circa 1931 (noteworthy at that -even the assertion that wt does not print opinions, but if that was the case, WT doctrines and direction would not be subject to error which in fact they are as aforementioned wt study article admits. However, regardless of wt claims, it is the jw that have concluded for a fact on their own that wt is backed by Holy Spirit. If that is not a fact, it is foolish to follow the teachings of men -Psalms 146:3,4

  • Listener

    Are they superhuman or not? Don't forget that they also said this

    All of us must be ready to obey any instructions we may receive, whether these appear sound from a strategic or human standpoint or not

  • blondie

    The GB is not superhuman except when they are............

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