EU Court Ruling Against WT on Data-Protection

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  • cofty
    Paul didnt write most if them. He dictated - Morph

    There is no evidence of that. However a number of letters attributed to Paul are forgeries by other unknown 1st century authors.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    Doubter, your JW brainwashing is showing. The Bible is all sorts of things but it is not a deliberate record about people.

    It contains evidence from the late Bronze age of the polytheistic world view. It is the dreams and worldly ambition of an impoverished alliance of peasants scratching a living in the highland desert. The Bible reflects the worst possible projection of what a loving father could be:-- a misogynistic, homophobic tyrant who will kill you if you don't believe in him. The Bible began as the handbook of the Roman Catholic religion modified to keep the church in power and the little people grovelling to it.

    I might conclude that you are perhaps dissatisfied with your lot in life by the way you post but do remember that we here have had enough of JW teachings. I can say that it has been the source of the greatest grief in my life and I am sure I'm not the only will you please stop defending the heartless and delusional cult of Jehovah's Witnesses?

  • Corney

    Adam Chapman (Kingsley Napley, Partner and Head of Public Law Department) described the CJEU's approach as "maximalist, and probably to many people a counter-intuitive". "The obvious and immediate consequence of the two [on Facebook pages and D2D note-keeping] decisions is that a considerable number of organisations which, up until now, had not considered themselves to be joint data controllers will have to review that assessment", he added.

    Another interesting legal blogs:

    CJEU rules on joint controllership - what does this mean for companies?

    Is Data Protection Coming Home? The CJEU on data protection law and Jehovah’s Witnesses – and political canvassing?

    CJEU further clarifies key concepts of data protection law

  • doubtfull1799


    Personal House to House notes are not accessed by anyone other than the individual publisher. What I mean by “accessed” is that they are not handed over to the elders.

    While this may be the most common case it is simply not true to say this is always the case. There are many times when a publisher hands on these notes to other publishers when they move or when they feel another publisher could handle the follow up better, and this is often done via the service overseer or another elder.

    On another more personal note. I have tried to get access to my personal data under the Australian data and privacy laws and have been given the run around so much so I have had to make a complaint to the privacy commissioner. They may claim to obey the law, but they are a law unto themselves the it suits them. They have given me partial information when I requested but they have also withheld a lot fo information that I know they hold on me. I know the data exists because as an elder I was involved in creating it.

  • carla

    I think there was a case years ago where a 2 jw's did rob a home knowing when the people were home or not. Let me guess, "they weren't "real" jw's.

    Access to jw records? yep, my jw left his crap out one day and yes, I looked. He had notes (I think he keeps the records? had maps, etc...) some of the notes next to addresses were things like (the notes were not in his handwriting but looked like a collection of different people), "had lots of tatts but was nice, person was angry, seems like a heavy drinker, husband catholic wife baptist, threatened to call police, single mother 2 children and on and on! I could only wonder what the public would think knowing that jw's keep such records about them.

    The public should know that potential pedophiles are knocking on their doors and keeping records about their home and members of their family. How many people would even answer their door and say hello if they knew every word may be recorded and handed around an entire congregation?

    When I tell people that jw's keep such records they are shocked and vow not even answer the door if they knock, unless it is to give them an earful.

  • Alive!

    Carla - that personal record sounds typical of some ´note-takers’

    I honestly think a fair minded Christian should see that this is just not acceptable....but in my experience, this kind of detail would be admired amongst the publishers.

    As in... Sister so and so takes fantastic notes.

    Anyway - it’s not acceptable, whatever way you look at it.

  • the girl next door
    the girl next door

    At pioneer school we were encouraged to make copious notes obout observations specifically about those that we actually made contact with. In fact, forget the space on the “not at home” slip where it said notes, and keep a small journal instead. Mini investigators and groomed stalkers is what we really were. Sharing is why we kept the notes, like a diary of juicy gossip as we drove from “return visit” to “regular call”.

  • Simon
    Personal House to House notes are not accessed by anyone other than the individual publisher. What I mean by “accessed” is that they are not handed over to the elders.

    A pure lie and you know it. They are retained by the congregation, not secured in any meaningful way and given out to anyone who "works that territory" next to specifically target those houses.

  • Alive!
    Sharing is why we kept the notes, like a diary of juicy gossip as we drove from “return visit” to “regular call”.

    My memories were of long conversations about ‘calls’ and their personal lives - and to be honest, we DID care about them....but looking back, it was not really healthy given the unstable nature of some JW.

    So many JWs leave, come and go - and the ‘calls’ are passed on, with personal information aplenty recorded in notes etc.

  • careful

    Does anyone know—since one has to pay to see the entire London Times article—why they published this story yesterday when it is old news that dates to July?

    See Reuters coverage back then here:

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