EU Court Ruling Against WT on Data-Protection

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  • Doubter

    And before you attempt to discredit child help:

  • Doubter

    Ignore me? Dub just minimized child sex abuse. He told the millions of abused children that their abusers merely “slipped through the cracks”.

    One abused child is one to many.

  • dubstepped

    Keep trying Ducker while you take up for your pedo protecting cult. Like I said, you're incapable of having an honest conversation and a disgusting piece of human garbage to top it all off.

    Spin away, deflect, project, it's literally all you have.

  • Doubter

    Back at ya!

  • 2+2=5


    Doing RV’s, I can recall many times a publisher would share their hand written notes about the individuals in the household before we would knock on the door.

    You are a dishonest little shit.

  • Searril

    You people trying to get Doubter to leave are out of your mind.

    The story is the same here as it is on Topix. Having current dubs posting on these forums is mana from heaven. They are great examples to show people that happen by about what ridiculous contortions and dishonesty a person must resort to in order to support the Watchtower and the Governing Body.

    We need as many dubs exposing themselves on these forums as we can get.

    Invite your friends from the hall, Doubter. Invite them all. Please.

  • Phoebe


    Just saying, I remember a whole bunch of houses that got burglarized on memorial night by a criminal who knew all the witnesses were going to be out. I think the criminal was a person who was attending meetings and got to know some of the brothers pretty well.

  • StarryNight9


    I'm not trying to get him to leave. I'm promoting a laugh-at-a-distance philosophy. Everyone can see the ridiculous contortions without having to participate in the crazy. I've found that trolls get even more extreme (and immature) if they don't get the attention they crave - until they implode into a glorious final tantrum. It's the final proof of their troll status and the (very public) final nail in the coffin for their nonsensical arguments.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    They will no longer be able to take notes of the not-at-homes:

    This is actually really bad for the witnesses. Most of them do not like to go door to door and doing "not at homes" provides a much slower pace that serves as a break.

    Many people do not answer to the JWs witnesses on purpose only to see them knock on their doors at least two other times. When I was younger, I had compiled lists of frequently not-at-homes in order to create "evening territories". We'd go to these specific houses Friday and Saturday evenings. Now that most territories are managed on computer, such lists could easily be lost and used by ill intended people.

    No more unwanted return visits!

    Many JWs find petty excuses to create a return-visit. Though many want to be recognized by others for their hard spiritual work, most do it for the inevitable excuse to drive around the city for 15 to 30 minutes as some later point in time. This is even more enjoyable when the visit is not at home and they can waist another 30 minutes some other day. This sort of thing, along with the not at home, really makes the field service activity bearable. But no more.

    That being said, if they manage to have a real serious conversation with someone, I can imagine they will say something like: "Do you mind that I take note of what we talked about today so that we can talk some more about it next week?"

    What about the do not call list?

    Well, for the most part, I don't think we will see a change there. JWs will politely ask people if they can be added on their "do not call list" so that they will not be bothered again. However, apostates who want to have fun with them will deliberately ask them NOT to be placed on that list.

  • StephaneLaliberte

    About things Doubter said:

    [concerning pedophilia]: Its really not about opportunity as it is about familiarity and established trust.

    Pedophilia is a problem within the JWs as many of them have an implied trust in people they call brothers and sisters. Thus, creating a familiarity. Pedophiles take advantage of this edge.

    As I said before, it is documented that ex cons reoffend regularly in the non-jw world, even after being cleared by a college educated, non jw parole board.

    Though this is true, it is only to a limited extent. In France, about 25% of released pedophiles are caught doing it again. For those who get caught, they tend to spend the rest of their lives under thigh control so that there is no third victim. On the other hand, according to the Australian Commission, about 50% of the pedophiles identified by the JW made at least two victims!

    The point here is this: if the JWs always reported the pedophiles, this would significantly reduce the risks of future kids being raped.

    You have an exponentially greater chance of having your information hacked than lost in a jw notebook that was dropped in a train station. […] Just to reinterate, calculate the chances your information gets hacked on a network with “protections“ against the chances it gets compromised by me dropping a notebook with you info in it

    I know most on this thread was against Doubter on this, but quite honestly, aside from the word ”exponentially”, he is right. Even when the data is encrypted, to be used by the system’s users, it is always unencrypted at some point. This is where hackers like to be. The most sophisticated encryption in the wold will be useless against a stolen password!

    And you should fight things that can possibly restrict your freedom to preach in some way.

    Freedom to preach should not be a nuisance to the community. Withholding private information is a nuisance.

    Paul did take notes. He wrote 13 letters detailing his preaching work. The point is, the Bible is a written record, a record about people. No getting around that.

    A book is a record, that is true. But it is not something that is kept in private files withheld by representative of an organization. You are comparing apple with oranges.

    We all know that when you have a PERSONAL call, the only time it’s turned over is when you relocate from the territory or die.

    This is not true. Most brothers will pass female visits (along with the notes) to another sister, and vs versa. They sometime share these notes in the car with 3 or more JWs friends, discussing how they can handle the return visit. When they leave the congregation, go on long vacations or get sick, they also share all their notes.

    When under ban, they went underground. In the concentration camps, they still preached.

    That’s true. However, they are not under ban for preaching. They will be fined for not respecting people’s privacy.

    Tell me, how is losing 4 to 7 children to abuse ever day is some “slipping through the cracks”, with the US having one of the worse child abuse records of industrialized nations?

    Yearly ratio for JW: 1 victim per 1,882 people.

    Yearly ratio US: 1 victim per 127,202 people.

    The numbers above were obtained using the following information:

    A) Population of the USA: 325 million. Using the upper limit of your range: Up to 2,555 child abuse victims per year.

    B) Numbers brought forth by the Australian Royal Commission: There are 67,748 JWs in Australia. There were 1,800 victims identified over a span of 50 years.

    As you can see, the JWs are truly a pedophile haven.

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