EU Court Ruling Against WT on Data-Protection

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  • Splash
    Alive! The point is that personal records/notes are kept

    This is important.

    The ruling doesn't care if the notes are shared, they just care that an organised effort exists to collect information in the first place. It also doesn't matter whether the notes are hand written or stored digitally.

    These notes now fall under the revised EU data protection law.

  • Doubter

    I don’t see how you clearly missed my point, though I thought I explained very well.

    Just to reinterate, calculate the chances your information gets hacked on a network with “protections“ against the chances it gets compromised by me dropping a notebook with you info in it

    at some point, your arguments will have to be practical, logical, and realistic and not purely anti-JW

  • Doubter

    Seeing how jws are “declining”, less and less people are talking to them anyway so that even further reduces the chances of them getting personal information to potentially lose.

  • cofty
    My guess is that it will just be ignored and everything will go on as usual - Splash

    That will be a very costly mistake.

    The EU Court will now require the Data Commissioner of every member state to ensure that the WT organisation in their country is compliant. They will have to register with the commission and I suppose they will need to submit evidence of their new data protection policy and procedures.

    Normally this requires people whose data is being collected to be formally informed of what, who and why and to be able to request a copy.

    Data is a hot topic in the EU.

    The next move needs to be to require all elders to submit to DBS (criminal records) checks. I would actually like to talk to my MP about this.

  • cofty

    Doubter - until the cult is fully compliant with the new EU data laws all collection of any information of any sort, in connection with the preaching work anywhere in Europe, in any format is illegal.

  • Alive!

    « That’s not a strong argument. »

    Perhaps I was not making an argument but stating a reality.

    I’m not talking about the odds of lost notebooks happening....I was stating my memory and experience of seeing other JWs take personal notes of unaware householders and discuss them. Probably better that stops don’t you think?

    And it should stop because they are Christians - let the world do what the world does via internet, census or whatever....may I suggest a christian would be happy to have the risk to neighbour pointed out and stop their ‘recording’ of very personal details such as availability, marital status and all other sorts of stuff....

  • Doubter


    Was that a serious statement?

    several months ago, they were already forms sent out to congregation members requesting their permission to store and use their information.

    There is also a letter, not only stating their compliance with the law, but stating how the law can also be used to their own benefit as well.

    It seems you want them to be non-compliant.

  • cofty
    several months ago, they were already forms sent out to congregation members requesting their permission to store and use their information. - Doubty

    The EU ruling was not about the congregation collecting information about its members. The cult is already compliant in that regard.

    It was a ruling that individual JWs writing down information about householders, Not-homes or Do-not-calls is also covered by the legislation.

    The cult were opposing this and have now lost the case in the highest court in Europe. No further legal redress is possible. They must now decide how to change their practices in order to comply.

  • Alive!

    And a change of practices should be welcomed. What’s the problem in changing?

    Did Paul keep records in householders?

    if he would have been useful to have it made clear!

    But, it appears that God was always ahead of him and other Christian teachers from a bible account point of view. No note taking required it seems to bolster the preaching work....or did I miss something?

  • Doubter

    Oh yeah I confused the two. My bad.

    No reason to obey one law and not the other.

    And you should fight things that can possibly restrict your freedom to preach in some way. But really, there is no need to write things down to get their stuff done.

    Just have to commit it to memory until you get home.

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