EU Court Ruling Against WT on Data-Protection

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  • cofty

    Today's London Times reports on the July ruling of the EU court that forces the organisation country to comply with data protection.

    The action originated in Finland but the ruling will affect every EU country. The cult tried unsuccessfully to argue that the notes taken by JWs in the door-to-door work were personal and not accessed by the congregation. The court ruled that they are acting under the auspices of the congregation and therefore they must comply with data-protection laws.

    Keeping lists of do-not-calls also falls under this ruling.

    Why does the cult always feel that it is above the law?

  • DesirousOfChange

    Why does the cult always feel that it is above the law?

    Because Jehover said they "are no part of the World".

    JWs only want to be "part of the World" when it means they can draw money from the Government or avoid paying taxes to the Government.

  • Simon

    And they blatantly lie - as if individual JWs feel the personal need to suddenly walk from door to door making a note of who is and isn't at home like it's some kind of weird past-time.

    The only reason any JWs go door to door is because the entire organization promotes it and directs it through the local congregation. That usually includes special events doing it when the organizations representative, the circuit overseer, visits.

    There is a direct line of command from the HQ to individual JWs knocking on doors. Everything that happens in a congregation and even in JWs personal lives is controlled by the HQ.

    Glad they didn't weasel their way out of this one.

  • Doubter

    Personal House to House notes are not accessed by anyone other than the individual publisher. What I mean by “accessed” is that they are not handed over to the elders.

    Really the only thing they all have access to is the don’t not calls. This is necessary as calling when you’re told not to come back is trespassing.

  • truth_b_known

    A hand written note by a "publisher of the good news" is an official document. The "publisher" is the official custodian of record of said document. Individual "publishers" would legally be considered agents of their local congregations and therefor agents of their international organization.

    I can't tell you how many times I went out in the ministry an we ended up working the "not-at-homes" for the morning/afternoon/evening. The territory card holder would hand each pair of publishers a sheet of not-at-homes to work. Therefor the information is being shared, even if internally.

    Looking back at this it gives me the creeps. I had 2 state prisons who's inmate population was considered part of the congregation's territory. There were about 50 inmates that were considered publishers and part of our congregation. When they would parole they were often welcomed with open arms right into our meetings. Those "not-at-home" records would make perfect "Burglarize these Homes" lists.

  • Doubter

    I am not disputing how it’s looked at legally — I am clarifying it’s use.

    And of course, your prisoner point has NEVER HAPPENED so you’re spouting nonsense and pure, irrational paranoia

    Besides, what’s stopping a criminal or ex con from doing what criminals have always done — break into homes without a “not at home” list?

    What evidence do you have that ex cons have ever used a not at home to burglarize a home?

  • LongHairGal


    Even if it has not happened yet, there can be a first time for everything. Instead of telling people they are paranoid, I can say that active JWs have had their boundaries broken down and their sensibilities eroded. Something like this is very possible.


    I know somebody who was victimized by a parolee in his congregation, thanks to the elders. They are idiots. It all turned out for the best but it was a lesson learned by everybody including the person involved plus his family and myself.

    They have no freaking business to dump these individuals in the laps of the people in the congregation. They are left “holding the bag”, and a very undesirable one.

    This is yet ANOTHER reason why I am glad to be out of the JW religion.

  • Doubter


    If it’s never happened yet, there is no reason to be concerned seeing how jws have been going into prisons for a long time. This is not some new phenomena that has to be vetted.

    Yes, it is paranoia. Otherwise, no criminal should ever be released from prison because they can burglarized your home when you’re not there.

    Irrationality has never shown much reason.

  • Xanthippe
    Why does the cult always feel that it is above the law? - cofty

    Good question. Whatever happened to being in subjection to the superior authorities that are placed in their positions by God? - Rom. 13:1

  • Giordano

    I think there is a greater danger of ex cons preying on the good will of your average JW as the JWs tend to 'trust' their fellow JW's.

    However we do know there is a real danger from pedophiles who are firmly planted within the congregation and who use their JW screen to gain access to children and teenagers within the congregation or community at large.

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