EU Court Ruling Against WT on Data-Protection

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  • DesirousOfChange

    Doubter: I think you're done. You're only here to obfuscate WTS crimes and troll, not to contribute to any meaningful discourse. ~ Simon

    Yes, but the "seeds" have been planted. Doubter will constantly be reminded of the things he learned here about the GB and the WTS. Those seeds of doubt will eventually grow -- esp since he is obviously some kind of rebellious JW just by being here -- and eventually he will return and join the ranks of us "mentally diseased" apostates.

  • StephaneLaliberte
    DesirousOfChange: but the "seeds" have been planted

    Unfortunately, this is not true with everyone. For instance, my parents. When I left, I laid out the reasons why I was leaving and they actually agreed with me.

    • Shunning is not a christian practice
    • The Governing Body is neither humble or loving. They never said sorry for anything; disfellowshipping people who contradict teachings that are subject to changes; Miss handling of child abuse cases.
    • You cannot brag about preaching the wrong things to billions of people across the planet while condemning the Catholics for the very same things.
    • 1914 (607 BCE) doesn't work, doesn't make sense.
    • and more.

    Though my mom left for a while, she is back in for the same reason my dad never left: Social circle. While some will make friends by joining a Tenis Club, art classes, cooking classes, etc. My parents never tried any other social clubs, never really gave it a chance either. And so, feeling all alone, they feel they must be part of a group within which they feel comfortable, even if deep down, they don't agree with many of the core teachings..

  • lastmanstanding

    In m early days of JWism, I studied with a young man who “made his stand” and when he first started in the FS, he referred to it as “canvassing”. Interesting, I thought.

    The work of JWs is indeed looked upon as a kind of canvassing. However, canvassing, or blanketing the area is not what is really going on. What is really going on is “targeting”.

    When politicians come around seeking your vote, they canvass. If they find you, then they ask for your vote. But whether they do or don’t find you, they move on.

    Canvas is a sheet and you lay it over top of something in a universal way. You cover...

    But what JWs are instrumental in doing is not that.

    JWs target.

    1) They write down your address, whether you are there or not. If you are there and you take literature, then a record is made and you have been targeted. Your anonymity is gone.

    2) If you are not there, then your address is recorded and you have been targeted for a return, to be later the subject of further targeting. (See 1)

    If you are home and answer and tell them to go to hell, they will only return to try again, as your address is listed on the broader target of the territory map. (See 1,2, then 1)

    Data protection is important.

  • DesirousOfChange

    And so, feeling all alone, they feel they must be part of a group within which they feel comfortable, even if deep down, they don't agree with many of the core teachings..

    Stephanie, isn't that the definition of someone who is PIMO? They don't agree with many of the core teachings but they want to be part of the social group? The seeds have already grown. Their awakening has just moved them to take a different course than you chose. They're choosing to "fake it" for their social club!

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