It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    PS where can I see this car crash video?

    JeffT - It wasn’t a video. Go to the Lloyd Evans YouTube page and click the Community tab. You’ll find that rant there.

    I'd still love to get my hands on those financials.
    I wouldn’t get your hopes up too much. He’s only going to show what he wants people to know and it will probably only show the loss in his salary, and will likely try to withhold the entire amount Ipsilon pulled in. Still it will be interesting to see what he claims his salary was when we all know through public records what the company pulled in.
  • JeffT

    He’s only going to show what he wants people to know and it will probably only show the loss in his salary, and will likely try to withhold the entire amount Ipsilon pulled in.

    Damn, I wish we were in the US. Here, he wouldn't have any choice in the matter. This may still be true in Croatia. He's claiming he's been damaged financially, fine prove it. If he doesn't provide proof, ask to have the suit dismissd.

    I'm an accountant, not a lawyer, but I've been involved in plenty of lawsuits.

  • ForeverAlone
    This guy needs to be taken down for what he’s attempting to do.

    This is my thought exactly! If he is not stopped by a class-action lawsuit by the M7 he is going to feel doing this kind of thing has no consequences and will do it to other people.

    M7 class-action lawsuit has my vote and my money as well.

  • Jehalapeno

    I think this is the car crash video Jeff is talking about.

  • Tamalam

    One big glaring error he has not considered, which I hope the M7 have noted, is that he is arguing two things.

    1: His Thailand trip was because of declining mental health and suicidal ideation, connected to his failing marriage also.

    2: Kim and the rest of the M7 caused him mental health issues driving him to the brink of suicide with their so called 'defamation'.

    They both cannot be true, since Kim did not blow the whistle till AFTER the Thailand trip- when he argues he was suicidal already.

    If he provides medical information that shows he was only mentally unwell after the Thailand trip, then his claim that the M7 lied about the reasons for his trip, fail.

    If he provides medical information that shows he was mentally unwell before Kim blew the whistle, then he can't argue the M7 caused it.

    Checkmate, twatface.

  • Ron.W.


  • Thisismein1972

    By the way. Number 6 is hilarious. Claims he recorded all monthly content in one day. The judge would look at that and burst out in hysterical laughter and hopefully charge Lloyd with contempt of court. 🤡😂🤡😂

    Notice number 7 where he insinuates he received $3000 on every livestream, when this was directed at his car crash livestream. 😂🤡😂🤡

    The claims are ridiculous, and most he has admitted to himself. By the way, the trafficking has never been mentioned by the magnificent seven, this has been mentioned elsewhere, so he is obviously doom-scrolling everything. This is a guy who has no time on his hands at all.

    Number 9. He did admit to what he did to KIm, he even said that on his Livestream. Just imagine that going to court and his own video being used as evidence. 🤡😂🤡😂

    The guy is nuts, and it is absolutely hilarious watching him. Better than any soap. He'd make a great soap villain. 😂

  • pr0ner

    Not sure how it works in Croatia but in most of the civilized world in order for defamation or libel to be proved you have to prove the person you're suing knowingly told a lie with intent to harm. As in, saw overwhelming evidence that what they were saying was untrue and still said it. His whole defense is "my word against theirs". The problem is that he will have to prove to a judge his word is good enough. The sum of a trial would be a lawyer showing numerous times that Lloyd lied so therefore his word can't be taken seriously.

    There really isn't much to the case other than the two key questions before a judge. First being, do the defendants have reasonable cause to believe Lloyd was seeing prostitutes in Thailand? Well, he himself admitted to using prostitutes for years. he admitted to "dating" a "sex worker" in Thailand. I think most judges would find it reasonable for many to assume that yes he in fact did use a prostitute in Thailand. With that, it's also perfectly reasonable to speculate that any prostitute used may have been trafficked. It's now up to HIM to prove all these are not true in order for anyone to be found guilty of defamation or libelous.

    The second is if Lloyd is a "public figure" so therefore, defendants are immune from criminal liability due to the extremely high bar that comes with that. It would be easy to argue that this sort of talk is protected as "free speech" (Croatia has a carve-out specifically for this). Lloyd can't claim he makes money as a public figure and therefore is entitled to X and then claim he isn't a public figure so should fall under the laws for a private figure.

    It won't go to court but if it did I think his biggest issue would be Dijana. I think that has been his biggest fear all along. She knows all the secrets. Get her in a deposition and watch how fast Lloyd would likely drop the case. I suspect that is why he kept playing really bad defense on this trying to get ahead of it. He knows Dijana talked.

  • pr0ner


    I believe #6 is claiming that the M7 made claims that he made all his content in one day. As some sort of defamation campaign that because he made it in a day he was grifting his audience out money claiming it takes a long time to make. Again, his problem is he never showed any evidence to the contrary even if someone made the claim or legit believed it. The majority of his claims he showed no evidence to the defense any of these were an actual lie. I'm sure he'll try to rope in that I made claims he was a smut peddler. The problem again for him his once I found the evidence JLE wasn't him I apologized for it and set the record straight.

    That's another problem for him. Many of the M7 actually swatted down lies and defended him. Something that doesn't work for his 'they were out to ruin me" tactic.

  • Toblerone5

    I was curious to see if he had finally closed is Ipsilon Media doo comp. So far , we can still have acces to it on the Internet. Is that mean it's not close yet ? Anyway I noticed he made some few changes ...He took his wife name completely out of the comp. he also took Tibor name out ,he used to be there as an employee ? or something like that .He also change the adress of the comp. It used to be in Sisak now It's in Zagreb. 😁

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