It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Teddnzo

    He wishes he could retire to Thailand like loads of divorced lonely old men. But the problem is they have to work a proper job for long enough to take early retirement then they can live a good life over there on a tiny pension

    Lloyd hasn’t worked much of his life certainly not since he left JWs. He had an easy ride to start with with lots of support for his YT channel but now he has blown it by being the biggest advert for not leaving JWs because look what a mess you make of your life like Lloyd has.

    He could branch out from ex Jw stuff to reviewing the best places in Thailand for gentleman’s clubs ect. Yes there are YT channels for divorced lonely western men who like Lloyd go dating sex workers in countries like Thailand because that’s all they can get.

    There is even a name for now called passport bros.

    they make an excuse saying western women are no good but in these cheap countries women are so much better.

  • Toblerone5
    . A tactic meant to bleed out the defendant in a court case.

    So it looks like he's mad at the wrong lawyer then. He thinks one Australian Lawyer ,Hi Kim , is the cause of all is self -inflicted problems , the lost of $ , the stunamie of lies and hatred ,while he was raising is head of the trenches , that brought him closer to the Abyss than anything else have ever had ...😳🤧🥱

    That's nothing compared to what your Croatian "team of lawyers" are doing to you right now . How much money did they took away from you Mister Evans so far , and it doesn't look like there done yet with this ? This is what I really don't undestand is why would a law firms take such a ridiculous case? To be fair though, maybe they did tried to reason with him , tried to explain with some crayons and lots of drawings how frivolous this lawsuit would be and it would most likely ,like 99.9% never even see a day in court . But then they saw how he was a vindictive, stubborn , lunatic that had a BIg Huge chip on his shoulder ,that is so long it is sticking of his ass,and he would never let this go , so if they didn't take this guy money another law firm would ,so why not. We are talking about Croatia here. A quick Google search said this about Croatia cultures and values

    With over 90% of Croatian-born people belonging to the Roman Catholic church, many of the Croatian cultural values stem from religious beliefs. These include family and marriage, morality, devotion and compassion. Honour is an important principle in Croatian culture and is closely linked with the values of family.

    I don't think Croatian people goes to court for stupid things like ,so and so said I make all my videos in one day. 😠

    Trust me I was raise Catholic,before my parents became JW, catholic peope don't bring others in court , it goes against the "we have to be like Jesus and love and forgive others" bla bla bla...When were mad at somebody we just wish they will burn in hell for this 😁 ( and when catholic become JW ,and their mad at somebody ,like my saint JW mother would say : They are going to pay for this at armagedon. That's what my mother said to me when I tried to explain to her all the pedo cover-up in the ''Organisation" 🤬 But I digress this is not about moi, It's about how Lloyd Evans is Barking at the wrong Lawyer tree...Well look at that , I could had just said that simple phrase and it would have explain everything 😳Sorry ? Well sometime I give you the short version .and something the long one...In the long one i get to make sarcastic comments and hopefully make some of you laugh...

  • Toblerone5
    I have another observersion about ,you know who Youtube hissy fit comment. He divided this in 14 long paragraphs , full of hate and anger victim blaming of the "cancerous self-cannibalizing toxicity within the movement "...That would be Us by the way .Then at the end he only wrote 2 short sentences thanking people who still supports him. This is ,I think the roots of all his problem. Instead of focussing of all the people who still worshiped him ,all those 653 👍 and 153 comments just on that ridiculous post
  • TonusOH

    That is one of his favorite themes- the exJW community is full of people who are so damaged by their experiences that it messes them up. It's his explanation for everything- for his infidelity, for the 'hate campaign', for the loss of support, and so on. When you have a boogeyman to blame your problems on, you never have to face your own part in creating them.

  • pr0ner


    This is a common thing in Croatia, so it makes sense why a lawyer there would be ok doing it. There are currently 935 cases ongoing just against journalists. Seems to be a common practice. This to me at least explains the lawyer angle. His lawyer should be willing to step aside so as not to hurt their client with an untriable case. Makes you wonder if there is a bar association and how seriously they take these sorts of things.

  • Toblerone5

    😭 it took me to long to write my latest post , it was cut in 1\2 . the rest please

    ... Instead of focussing of all the people who still worshiped him ,all those 653 👍 and 153 comments just on that ridiculous post not to mention the Patreons he has left. he prefer to focus of what he used to have , to be at the top in the JW community ,have people work for Free for his YT channels ,not to mention that herd of flying monkeys at his disposition to like he would say "destroyed" anybody he didn't like. As long as this is the main focus in is life ,there's going to be no pills, no sex-workers girlfriends no lawsuits , that will take him away from his "mental health" abyss of dispair. The problem is like we say in french ,between is 2 ears. It's all in is head. Face it Mister Evans you've been there ,done it now get over it!

    That's what we will all eventually do. Right now for some of us , ok moi, your Drama queen tamtrum are sort of amusing, for others it's like watching a car crashes. You know you shouldn't watch it, you know what will happened next but you can't help it you have to not just watch it you then have to make one or two post about it...Ok 1241 pages of it just on this forum ,but who's counting...😁 Plus it's again 1241 pages on multiples car crashes... And how's that working for you?

  • Toblerone5
    This is a common thing in Croatia,

    Thank Pruner I had no clue of this. Well Lloyd should feel right at home then in Croatia ... As a former catholic I want to say this is not been a very good " christian" , they made jesus cried by not turning the other cheek 😁 Don't they know bad catholics don't go to heavens...🤣

    Too bad I'm not catholic anymore though...I could have said Mister Evans is going straight to HELL for what he did to a lot of people over the years...and I would have made it to

    claim number 15 ! say I will burn in HELL!

  • Simon
    When I was doing my research before the biggest win for defamation was from a politician. I also found an article (link below) about the system is abused but 90-95% of cases are thrown out and the defendants typically win.

    Apparently the law was designed to be abused by government officials, to allow them to silence bad press reports about them. It's a reason the US and other countries doesn't respect any judgements made in Croatia - they are not viewed as having sensible or typical laws when it comes to protecting speech (based on what I read about it all).

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Alimony and child support are coming if she is indeed following through with the divorce.

    These rants of his always seem to be connected to something that had happened or is happening in his life. He’s been mum on the state of his marriage ever since the livestream. At first he seemed to indicate they were attempting to work it out. When he got caught on the London dating group, he lashed out and said they were in a trial separation where both parties could see if they could live apart. He also revealed that he had moved out at the end of March 2022.

    Ever since then he has attempted to create an illusion of a family business - Dijana working for the company, she needs to be employed, etc. The implication was still there that they were working on some things and there was a possibility they would eventually reconcile.

    There have been indications that their marriage has been dealt its final blow. T5 discovered two or three months ago that Dijana was no longer credited on his voicemail videos as she always was. Lloyd soon after that revealed that he had a volunteer helping him with those, but with no mention of her status.

    Just this past month he has been dropping clues that their split is for good. On the Instagram page for his open mic nights in an introduction to a song he mentioned that his marriage had broken up. Then in the rant a few days ago he specifically referred to the “breakup of a marriage”.

    I believe that Lloyd felt his move to Zagreb was more of less the “open marriage” he had been seeking with some minor adjustments. He felt that he could stay for as long as he wanted and could return to her at will. I also believe that at some point this summer Dijana decided to drop all connections with him and ceased answering his voicemails and wanted to drop all pretence that she worked for him and moved for an official split, complete with alimony and child support.

    This was a contributing factor and probable reason behind in his sudden decision to close Ipsilon and officially lay her off.

    Lloyd doesn’t hold himself accountable for anything. Despite his frequent abuse of both her and his marriage, his final word on it would be that parties outside the marriage interfered with it and created a situation where Dijana decided to move for a permanent split. I think he was fine with the status quo of them being in a trial separation, but whenever it seemed that she was distancing herself, tried to reinsert himself into her life in some aspect (inviting her on holidays) in order to keep the marriage afloat.

    It finally collapsed and he is lashing out now at parties he holds responsible for hastening its demise.

    He also found out the hard way based on what’s available in Zagreb that she was the best he could have ever gotten by far. He’s probably made some overtures to younger women he has met, only to be turned down, quite possibly because he has a reputation round town for torpedoing his marriage because he couldn’t control his penis.

    It would explain why he’s so eager now to sue.

  • WingCommander

    Sure is a wall of a text above to state what everyone is really thinking:

    LE is a bloated sack of bovine excrement and a lazy cunt!

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