It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • WingCommander

    6. He's had to reduce his "mental health breaks" to only TWICE a year instead of every 3 months.

    7. He'll visit local brothels now cause he can't afford to travel to Phucket for the LadyBoiz.

    8. No more BMW SUV. Only the flimsiest Vespa moped for his fat ass now! Beep-Beep!

    9. Can no longer afford gym membership. Damn you Patreons! WTF is wrong with you?

    10. Lloyd still can't Master his penis, but he can Master your money! He just needs more practice. Won't you please send more of your money for Lloyd to manage?

    11. Carrots. This is why Lloyd's hair is orange. He can only afford to eat cheap frozen pizzas and carrots for dessert. Won't you please send more money so Lloyd can afford proper nutrition?

    12. No more spa treatments to bleach his hair and asshole. No money for it. Damn you all to hell! (shakes fist angrily as sky)

    13. Forced to forage for wild psychedelic mushrooms. Hair is orange, might as well taste the rainbow. Speaking of rainbows...... he looks bi-curious to me.

    14. One thing that hasn't changed; this is still all Kim's fault! In Capt Kirk angry voice: "Kiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm!!"

  • Toblerone5
    One thing that hasn't changed; this is still all Kim's fault! In Capt Kirk angry voice: "Kiiiiiiiiiimmmmmmm!!"


  • WingCommander


    Oh shit......I'm dead! (and it's Kim's fault)


  • Diogenesister

    15. He's lost gracious Tibor😭

    16. He's found God (or something👹)

    17. He's lost his "production company" and is no longer CEO/Director/His Excellency The Supreme Leader and Lord High Protector of Ipsilon Media and JLE Translation Services LTD!!! (Specialism: drunken live streams and Mancunian )

  • Athanasius

    Lloyd's hair is probably the result of a cheap dye job. However, it could also be the prelude to his coming out party.

    Oh shit......I'm dead! (and it's Kim's fault)


  • Thisismein1972


    Kim was going about her day like any normal day in Australia when she heard what sounded like a roar getting louder, it was almost an echo at first as it reverberated around the buildings, and it built up to a roar, this had to have originated from a different country she concluded. When investigating more she realised that it was Lloyd on his computer in Croatia doom-scrolling and seeing his arch-enemy posting something not related to Lloyd but Lloyd still took offence at, because, reasons!

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas

    He still can’t get his head round the fact that a woman outsmarted him. Figured all women were made out of the same clay Dijana was - easily molded to whatever purpose he intended for them. If anyone ever dared to cross him, his band of Cedarites would regulate… right? February - March 2022 was such a wild ride on Twitter. For every loud Lloyd supporter there would be four or five calling out their bullshit. He never expected it and assumed they’d bully every contrary voice off social media. He was even swearing up and down to Andrew Gold that his detractors were such a huge minority… until the video went live and Gold couldn’t find more than two Cedarites in the chat defending him. He got completely exposed and humiliated. That failure had to have fucked with his head a bit. I think I’d take the shrooms too if people googled my name and found a bunch of “penis mastery” and Jabba the Hutt memes, along with a tonne of threads, blogs and videos all made with relatively minimum effort that completely embarrassed me.

  • TonusOH
    she heard what sounded like a roar

    That couldn't have been Lloyd. It would have sounded more like a high-pitched squeal.

    I will say this: Evans had been able to bully lots of people, men and women alike. I think it's less that he feels superior to women as it is that he feels superior to everyone. Unless they push back, in which case he immediately plays the victim and accuses the other person of bullying.

    This is what he did to Kim. Snapped at her when she first asserted herself, in the hopes that she would back down. When this didn't work, suddenly she became the "retired lawyer." Evans implied that she might go after him if he did not mind his words carefully. Time showed this to be false, as the whole livestream was him throwing caution to the wind and Kim hasn't come out of retirement (yet). But he did not hesitate to make her out to be the bully when she stood her ground.

  • Thisismein1972

    He's harking back to the days when he had an army of trolls/flying monkeys that would jump as soon as he put the call out. He never expected to see the day that the numbers would swing back against him.

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