It's been a long 9 years Lloyd Evans / John Cedars (continued)

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  • Diogenesister
    Jeff I was going to say (again) that I don't think the word "churn" means what he thinks it does.

    Jeff he's picked up on what I call "tube speak" - Many you tubers not only use specific terms, but they even have their own inflections or prosody.. the intonation of their words and they way they stress (or don't) speech. I find it fascinating in an annoying kind of way. Anyway he's picked up on that term, for some reason. Maybe he thinks it resonates with his younger audience. Me I think it sounds like what it is....repetitive, mindless junk (those 'sushi's' for one).

    Tonus some of his performances could be described as stomach-churning, so there's that.


  • Diogenesister

    Oh boy. If Cedars gets a monthly salary from a wealthy donor, does it even make any difference if others stop donating? He'll continue regardless.

  • Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    Las Malvinas son Argentinas
    If Cedars gets a monthly salary from a wealthy donor, does it even make any difference if others stop donating? He'll continue regardless.

    He has (or more accurately- had) many regular “under the table” donors who routinely sent him money via PayPal, including one I know who is now a vocal critic of his. He still has some as he alluded to in his begging video where donors stepped in to “save” his company. Even that has a shelf life, esp when he does little to earn it. Moving forward, it’s more likely the private support will come in the form of paid holidays like the shroom trip.

    He’ll continue because he has no choice. There are no decent job prospects in either country he’s a citizen of. In say 10 years time, his channel will probably be somewhat different in scope, but he’ll still be dependent upon donations. His problem is he can never ditch exJW topics, for which it is evident he has little interest or desire to do.

  • TonusOH

    His trip to Canada to try mushroom therapy was fully paid for by someone else, as he tells it. During his livestream, someone offered to pay for a trip anywhere around the world for him and his family. There are wealthy people who will bankroll him for some time. But that's a Faustian bargain, in the long run.

    If he cannot get a large and diverse base of financial support, those wealthy donors will find a new beneficiary. Why throw money after someone who has stopped 'making a difference' and has come to expect your continuing support? Does anyone think that Evans won't turn on these rich patrons once they turn off the money spigot? Do any of them think he won't consider their action a betrayal?

    He can only ride the "Blame Kim" train for so long, and --in spite of his promise to follow up for decades-- he will need to find a new villain to blame his problems on. A group of wealthy former patrons with buyer's remorse would be the logical choice.

  • Ron.W.

    Just read this message to his patrons:

    Hi folks!
    It's been a while since I've given you an update on developments behind the scenes, so here goes!
    February has been a slow month for me because I've been battling a weirdly-lengthy cold-flu virus which has majorly impacted my productivity. I was really hoping to get a video out today (i.e. right at the end of the month) but unfortunately despite my best efforts it just hasn't worked out the way I wanted. I'm therefore going to try to hit the ground running in March and focus on clearing some more of the backlog of videos requested by my amazing patrons and YouTube channel members.
    Despite setbacks it has still been a relatively productive start to 2024. I have assembled a new JW Watch team of passionate and knowledgeable fellow ex-JWs who can collaborate and advise on future projects. I've also resumed work on the Second Edition of The Reluctant Apostate, which will be made available simultaneously in English and German! So far we on schedule to release both versions (and hopefully, an audiobook!) in early 2025.
    Since January 1 the channel has grown by around 800 subscribers, which is great news and definitely motivates me to continue!
    It's still challenging to settle into a rhythm after closing my production company in October. I obviously no longer have a video editor so a lot more time, effort and thought needs to go into each upload even though there are fewer of them. For now I am just doing my best to avoid burnout by churning out content according to my capacity in terms of time and mental health.
    In the coming weeks I will be revamping my Spring store as I think merch is a really cool way for people to support the channel while getting something back in return. I have also been giving some thought to the Patreon/YouTube channel member tiers and how they can be streamlined. If you are a patron/member and there are specific rewards that you would really like to see made available, or any areas in which I could improve as a content creator, please comment below as I am very interested in your feedback.
    For now I just want to sincerely thank all of you who take an interest in my channel, especially the 443 of you currently supporting it as patrons and channel members. It's very difficult to keep dipping into my religious experience - a source of profound personal trauma - to produce resources that will help people escape abusive cults. But knowing I have the support of so many of you is extremely heartening and makes my work significantly easier! Thank you!

    So keep sending the money and buying the merch while brave Lloyd battles on doing F.A....

  • slimboyfat

    Lordy, this could drag on for years at this rate.

    His cynicism in collecting money for a cause his heart is no longer in should be plain as day. I guess this whole saga has taught me there truly is a sucker born every minute, and there are those who are able and feel no compunction about making money off the gullible.

  • Mikejw
    there truly is a sucker born every minute, and there are those who are able and feel no compunction about making money off the gullible.

    Sad but true. It amazes me that anyone is stupid enough to still give Lloyd any money when they know it will be funding illegal sex exploitation of desperate women

  • Toblerone5
    Since January 1 the channel has grown by around 800 subscribers

    But according to this site

    In the last 30 days ( so february?) he had ZERO subscribers...It will be interesting to see in march how many "subscribers"( he bought😉, allegedly...😏) ...

  • Diogenesister

    Well Barbara Anderson said he's not only inaccurate in statements he's made to British media, but she made it pretty clear in Saturdays podcast she finds it abhorrent that a certain exjw you tuber is paid a monthly salary for his for-profit 'hacktivism' without which he'd have no interest in it.

    I concur with Barb - a true activist driven by genuine principals for whom we all have enormous respect.

  • Simon

    Someone, somewhere is saying "damn, I'm angry I was conned by those JWs! But I'll bankroll this Lloyd guy who promises to bring them down, as a way of getting back at them!"

    A sucker will be a sucker all their life, regardless of how much money they have - someone will relieve them of it.

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