PORTUGAL: Filed a petition to the parliament to erase the legal entity of the Jehovah's Witness

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  • Diogenesister
    Tor 1500 That is why they give you the inner workings like a drip...they know if you know all, most likely you won't join.

    That's the perfect description Tor.

    Frankly I'm getting tired of some on this site who seem to delight in intentionally cavaling making disputatious statements for the sake of it.

    As born-ins I can agree that the majority know the game, however they are kids who risk withdrawal of parental love and approval if they don't comply.

    Converts in the main are not fully aware of the orgs more nepharious behaviours and we were most definitely told that shunning of family was by way of spiritual association only.

  • Vanderhoven7

    Why not simply a petition to exempt them from tax-exempt status?

  • steve2

    I’d Like updates on number of votes this petition receives.

    BTW, there should be room on this forum for vigorous debate without people’s intentions or motives being questioned. I saw a post earlier that talked about some posters seeming to “delight” in “cavaling” (sic) the petition!

    Reminiscent of how the Watchtower focuses on people’s presumed intentions and not the substance of what they say.

  • sparrowdown

    Shame on WT for having a "rule" that you must shun disfellowshipped family or face shunning or disfellowshipping yourself. Shame on parents that comply.

    DFed or DAed may not have a choice if they are shunned by others as you cannot force someone to acknowledge, greet or show common decency towards you, but, JWs do have a choice whether they shun or not. It might not be an easy choice and there will be consequences but it is still a choice.

    Anyone who chooses to stand up and do the right thing will face the consequences of disapproval by others who don't like it.

  • poopie

    Unless someone's cares and awfully lot nothing's going to change its not it's not

    Dr suese

  • scratchme1010

    EdenOne, thank you for the clarification. Seems like some people here still have the idiotic JW customs of not liking people asking questions. Like with the JWs, they can eat my shit, I'm not going to stop.

    In any event, thanks again. Interesting post, BTW.

  • _Morpheus
    When my jw joined he was NOT told many things! I told him many things, printed out from the old Quotes site, many of your stories here, news stories, etc... He would then go to the elders about some of it and they would minimize what I had said, said it was out of context, refused to let him see the actual books the quotes came from and on and on. It was like WW3 here between me, the elders and a very confused and gullible (?) man. I then spent a small fortune buying a few old jw books and some reprinted (example-Millions book) from Freeminds and elsewhere but by then he wouldn't look at them and he and the elders claimed an apostate probably made them and changed them to make jw's look bad.

    Theres a lot to respond to there but first what does “joined” mean? To a witness, “joined” means baptized. Some of your remarks lend to an understanding that he wasn't baptized per say but rather studying.

    Also some of your remarks seem to indicated that you think jw history is the same as jw rules. Its not. You soent a lot of time digging up jw history and exposing the white wash job they on that. Well done. Its a good way to help someone being indoctrinated to see things a bit differently. But thats not the same as not being told the rules. 99% of jw’s know nothing of their history. Hes a grown ass man. Hes married. If he was baptised he knew the rules. Please observe the following screen shots that show the questions asked before they are baptized. It shows clearly the questions on disfellowshipping and the source material in the same book.

    So yes, maybe he was not told all the rules because they were too busy trying foil my attempts to get him to think and question. As you well know they held out a carrot even his wife could not compete with, a chance in paradise earth.

    uhm... what? I see the bitter coming from you and its probably well deserved, but you dont really think that with 24 hours in a day they “couldnt tell him the rules” because they were trashing you..? Really? Is it just too painful to admit that he bought into a cult? Most everyone on this board did. Sounds like you saved him at some point. Be proud of that. Most never get out.

    If the organization has only an unspoken rule about shunning then there is not much one can do.

    Its not unspoken. Its spoken. And written. Every jw knows it.

    Baptism as a minor with all that entails for a jw is unconscionable.

    I could not agree more.

  • Drearyweather
    Giordano: Never saw that book wonder if the Society sent a copy to Portugal?

    Sorry, what do you mean by sent to portugal?. It's one of the two books (second book) used for studying with those who want to convert to JW's. It's available on their website and is also mentioned in the petition.

  • Drearyweather


    What impact will the suspension of the legal status of the WT society have on its members?

    Since shunning violates a person's basic fundamental rights, do you have reports of any case in EU where a shunned member has put a case in court against the WT for their shunning policies? What were the results of it?

  • carla

    When I say joined I mean exactly that, he made a conscious decision to join this insidious group. Some people 'join' a gym, join a bookclub, etc... he happened to 'join' a cult. Yes, he was baptized and remains in 'good standing'. Did they trash me? You have absolutely no clue what me and my entire extended family went through with these people. Am I bitter about jw's? yes. Some things I do not go into here because just like many on this board I do not need any added trouble from them.

    Do you really think only past and current members have horror stories to tell about jw's? You have no idea the hell my family went through because of jw's and the choices my grown ass husband made.

    Is it possible to get on with things and for things to improve as a ubm? yes, as I have stated here many times before. Things can get better and even go on to have good times with your jw as I have said numerous times before. However, for those who have never had any contact with jw's, don't know any and your spouse decides to join this group, life will never be the same as pre jw days and that is a fact. It will affect your marriage, your children's life,parents, siblings, in-laws, nieces & nephews, friends, everybody!

    Are there times he does not seem to get the 'memo' from dubland? yes, more times than I can count. This still happens even after all these years.

    Is it possible he simply used 'theocratic warfare' on me? without a doubt, jw's are taught to lie to those who don't 'deserve' the truth (see the Aid book)

    I still maintain that before his baptism he still thought shunning was a very rare occurrence and all of you (apostates) were liars making things up or just wanted to live 'sinful' lives.

    What year was the 'Organized....' book used? Was it in use when he got baptized? is it still in use now? You know what? none of that even matters. You could have Jesus Himself come and sit down with a jw and try and explain things but unless a jw is ready, on their own, they will not believe anything else. They must come to the conclusion themselves.

    As for the petition and any news story, I know it will not change the mind of a jw but it may stop others from giving them the time of day when they knock on their door.

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