PORTUGAL: Filed a petition to the parliament to erase the legal entity of the Jehovah's Witness

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  • Simon

    What a waste of time and utterly misguided. How on earth can you make the government tell people who they must speak to?

    Whatever slight benefit that law could have in very, very unique and specific circumstances would be more than wiped out by the ways it could be abused.

    No government that you would ever want to live under would ever pass such a law. If such a law was passed you have bigger problems.

  • EdenOne

    There's a difference between YOUR self-willed choice of who you want to associate with or not, and a choice that is imposed on you by an institution by means of coercion. In the EU we don't take those nuances lightly. Naturally, you're free to feel differently about it. As for me, I don't wish for a society where a religious entity has leeway to do what the Jehovah's Witnesses do regarding their former members. And I chose to try to make a difference.

    And even if the outcome isn't a change in the Watchtower policies, the public awareness of this reality as a result of this petition in Portugal will already have been worth it.


    What EdenOne said. It’s not about forcing anyone to speak to someone they honestly don’t care to speak to.

    Its about the WTBTS morons being put in check as they attempt to coerce the R&F into cutting ties with loved ones, based on nothing more than their dogma.

    Ignorant Dubs are victims of the manipulative ideology that the WTBT spews 24/7. As humans, the R&F have a right to make informed decisions.


  • EdenOne
    Whatever slight benefit that law could have in very, very unique and specific circumstances would be more than wiped out by the ways it could be abused.

    The petition isn't asking for any laws to be passed. The petition draws the attention of the legislator to the behavior of the branch in Portugal in violating EXISTING laws, including the Constitution. If the WT is breaking existing laws, including the Law of Religious Freedom because of its stance on shunning, then it should have its legal recognition suspended until it make amends on its policies to comply with the existing laws. That's all there is to it.

  • TJ Curioso
  • Giordano

    The issue is that the WTBTS Is violating Portugal's Constitution by punishing those that were DF and/or DA. by enforcing Shunning.

    Even worse they are ready to harm anyone even a family member who maintain's contact with a DF or DA person.

    The Constitution states in its Article 46:
    "3 - No one may be compelled to be part of an association nor coerced by any means to remain in it."

    Article 2 of Law 16/2001 says:
    "1 No one can be harmed, persecuted, deprived of any right ... because of their convictions or religious practice."

    I would think that many JW's are coerced to shun against their will.

  • Crazyguy

    I do think it’s weird thier going after just the JWs but to those that don’t agree and say it’s a waste of time because how can you tell people who to not talk to, just think it’s not about controlling who you can and can not talk to its about them the WT not getting tax exempt status for making these kind of evel rules.

    Its about hurting them in their wallet!!

  • no-zombie

    Any spotlight ion the Organization is a good thing regardless of the outcome. However, it does seem that some old fashioned campaigning is needed here to get those required numbers. Unfortunately I don't live the EU to provide real help, but it looks like a good chance for a few enthusiastic heretics too have their own carts ... to give those in Warwick another thing to worry about.


  • Drearyweather
    and a choice that is imposed on you by an institution by means of coercion.

    Interesting. But how would you prove that JW's use coercion? At the first place, joining the religion is voluntary and a person who joins the JW's is very well aware of the JW rules.

  • carla

    "JW's is very well aware of the JW rules"- NO, they are not nor are they told in no uncertain terms exactly what the rules are. When my jw joined up he was not told about all the rules. As for shunning he was told 'some' people may shun but it is very rare. Through time in the borg he found out that shunning is 'loving' and all the further brain washing speak and now thinks it is 'helpful' to families. How damn screwed up is that?!

    If jw's were honest at the doors they would say something like this- Would you like to join our group? we have our own interpretation of the bible and not only that but we have rewritten it in places we don't agree with. We expect the following from you if you join-

    We will control how you-

    spend your time



    facial hair

    blood transfusions

    your sex life

    what you watch,music and what you can read

    who you associate with

    who you may talk to

    no holidays or other celebrations we deam wicked

    how many pillows you may have (ha, just kidding had to add that)

    this is just a start of how we will control your life. Should you break any of those rules you will suffer the consequences which may result in some or all of the following:

    bullying by the elders to get you to comply

    the silent treatment from the congregation (you have been marked)

    shunned by all

    These are just a few of the consequences.

    So, should we sign you up?

    That would be an honest spiel at the doors.

    Any negative press about jw's is good press. Bring it on

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