PORTUGAL: Filed a petition to the parliament to erase the legal entity of the Jehovah's Witness

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  • Drearyweather
    As for shunning he was told 'some' people may shun but it is very rare.

    Interesting. Jw's have been pretty much clear about their shunning and it is very well documented in numerous of their literature what behavior they expect from their R&F toward disfellowshipped ones. He could have easily known about their shunning by reading their own literature.

    If jw's were honest at the doors they would say something like this-

    The rules and points that you have listed are pretty much explained in the "God's Love" book. It is a complete rule book that covers almost each and every aspect of a JW life.

  • Diogenesister

    Its about hurting them in their wallet!!

    Exactly. If they are removed from the roll of Portugese religions I presume that is exactly what will happen - they will loose their charitable status!!

  • Diogenesister

    Dreary W. I world have to disagree with what you just said to Carla. I remember very specifically being told, and this from a new convert, my mother figure, JW's do NOT shun family and it is only, in fact, "SPIRITUAL association that is curtailed". That was always their go-to expression when the questioning got too hot!

    I get your point on JW's joining voluntarily, though, so it could potentially be hard to prove they dont know.

  • Simon
    "We will control how you ..."

    Sorry, but isn't it more that "you can decide to follow our rules or leave at any time ..."

    What control do they have once you decide to leave? Do they come to your house with guns?

    The rules people cite are meant for the cases where people are genuinely threatened and coerced to do certain things. Not for when they do something voluntarily and then later change their mind.

    If you bought a bad product because you didn't bother to read the reviews first then you're a poor consumer. Hopefully you learnt something and can tell other people to warn them but you can't ban the product that you don't like that other people are happy with.

  • _Morpheus
    When my jw joined up he was not told about all the rules.

    Nonsense. Before baptism jws are required to go through three separate one hour (or more) sessions answering around 300 questions that deal with every aspect of jw life including the obligation to shun. Its sad and frankly awful but no one can claim they didnt know. Also no one can get baptized in a short period of time (one or two months) and then claim they didnt know. You have to study for months (sometimes years) then go out in field service consistently (sometimes a year or more) before you can be considered to go over the questions for baptism.

    Maybe he had buyers remorse. Maybe he was just really bamboozled (lots of us were) but to say he didnt know? Dosent add up.

    As for the OP... have fun titling at that windmill. If a petition makes you feel better then petition away.

  • Giordano
    The rules and points that you have listed are pretty much explained in the "God's Love" book. It is a complete rule book that covers almost each and every aspect of a JW life.

    Never saw that book wonder if the Society sent a copy to Portugal? Do you think anyone investigated the JW's on that level before allowing religious status? Do you think that they understood that the two witness rule applied to child sexual abuse?

    All the Society has to do is respect the rules and laws of any country they are active in. Eliminate shunning if someone DA's. I think that would preserve family contact....... It's really simple. Instead the WT tells us that they can't stone people who reject their rules any more. So shunning is the only option left. Boo Hoo.

    When my wife and I left decades ago my family was able to maintain contact with us. My son got to know his grandmother, my sister, etc. We had a different opinion about their so called 'Truth' and learned very clearly that they had their opinion. So we engaged in neutral conversations.

    Obviously many of our still in friends no longer had association with us. That was fine as we didn't want to sit around with them guarding our every word.The believers among them were uncomfortable about my statements, others because a lot of the social life revolved around meetings and service, Assemblies etc. I got it .....expected no less, it's always easier to be around people who agree with you then people who oppose your viewpoint or beliefs.

    Decades later when I found this site I learned how corrupt and how corrupting the Society was. That there was a highly secret binder 'Shepherd the Flock' of all of the things you could be marked or DFed over. Minor things that you were coerced to shun. Evan shunning close family members.

    I learned how screwed up the body of Elders could be. Some became petty with their power and called for a JC over a slight.

    The many flip flops of their core beliefs.

    I would be very contented if Portugal disassociated the Jehovah's Witless-es from their tax status. And I would hope every other country who believed that freedom of religion was dependent on freedom from religion............. would do the same.

    The WTBTS has drifted to the evil side. They can't go back on any number of their foul teachings so followers are subjected to their reckless rules. With the WTBTS it's Jonestown each and every year.

  • mentalclarity

    I'm confused. It's debating that it is against religious freedom for members to shun other members who question or leave their religion? Isn't it religious freedom to belong to whatever the hell religion you want?

  • poopie

    Check the written statement in correspondence guidelines page 44 para 3 I quote God provides things needed to human life that are used by all people good and bad alike we as Christians have no reason to discriminate against other humans even those in the world whose lifestyle or religious beliefs are out of harmony with the scriptures.

  • poopie

    So unless df or da aren't humans then they can shun them .

  • tor1500


    Your choice of religion/faith is personal & that's why the gov't should not choose your belief...again, it's a personal matter.

    The more exposure the org. gets in regards to their inner workings the better. No the petition may not do anything but it's showing that JW's are concerned. I'm a witness...not a extreme witness...I go to the hall when I can...in regards to the shunning thing, some take it to another level, some don't talk to the DF'd person, even go out of their way to be rude to them. But that's who they would be even if they were not a witness.

    Many may not talk at the hall, but at home most likely they do.

    The only thing this petition can do is show what this religion is really about...join at your own risk. That is why they give you the inner workings like a drip...they know if you know all, most likely you won't join.

    I don't think the gov't can stop the shunning but this may shed some light on the ARC thing...

    This time we just might have to wait on Jehovah really clean the org. His clean not man's clean...I know I know he is taking his time...but as I mentioned in another topic. Maybe he is waiting for the org's conscience to kick in and clean up their own act...this could be why so much is being written but he's just saying...OK, OK, you see it's closing in on you...You can give yourself up or I can...he is saying to the org...You don't want me to come down there, now do you..(spoken like a parent).

    Negative press, no just real press of what the real org. is like...no sugar coating...there are rules and regs. to belong to the witnesses...more rules than Jesus would ever put on us...

    Jesus is about LOVE...


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