OK, We Need To Talk About The Crazy New Great Tribulation Video...

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  • jp1692


    Armageddon ain’t ever coming. Just accept and move on.

  • Finkelstein

    It seems as long as the WTS has their own published literature to push onto the public, they will continue to use the fear mongering tactic exploited from the word of god the Bible.

    Its a marketting scheme the leaders of this religious publishing house have been using for over 100 years.

  • days of future passed
    days of future passed

    I guess they figure it's safe to start throwing shade at the UN again. They had to tame it down while they had their "library card" but now that some time has passed, it's down with the UN!

  • Finkelstein

    The bullshit keeps flowing, so does the innate stupidity to support it.

    Where would the WTS/JWS be without ignorance, fear, guilt, obligation and corruption ?

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    But Slimboy, 1919 has no obvious significance to anyone apart from the GB. OK, it was predicted in the Watchtower that by 1914 they would see a paradise on Earth under Christ's heavenly rule. Like all WT predictions it was entirely wrong and in this case the very opposite happened to what was promised --world war-- but 1914 was a memorable fixture to hook ideas on.

    If 1919 were to be a pivotal date it has no secular marker nor can it be linked to the Bible without devious contortions. If there were such a fantasy as "true religion" and that it began with the inheritors of Russell's teachings in 1919, then why does not everyone stick by the hallowed beliefs of that time and all enjoy the fruits of this divine outpouring? JWs most certainly don't and that would make Russellites the best candidates for the " true religion".

    The year 1919 however was indeed significant for the leadership of the Bible Students; they were almost miraculously saved from bankruptcy that year. The cynic in me believes they think this was a signal from their tribal god.

  • Diogenesister
    . Dub stepped Yes, even if you make it through all of the awful and scary things they tell you about, you still have to endure 1000 years with Jehovah's Witnesses without loosing your shit lest you be killed,

    Mike LoL

  • Vidiot
    waton - "They, GBs are confident that they will die, in time to be at the good end of Armageddon as heavenly fighters..."

    Raptured, actually (although they don't use that word).

  • dogisgod

    Is there a link to watch the great tribulation video?

  • stuckinarut2

    Fear mongering at its worst - and they are proud of it!

  • waton
    sitr: Fear mongering at its worst - and they are proud of it!

    yeah, but will fear bring more donations? Donations are lagging because people want to pay for performance, and wt has failed to produce hoped for results, namely paradise on time.

    The ones paying up are the old dying ones, estates harvested by wt, or elders, financial adviser, because old ones want to buy a resurrection. Not unlike the sales of indulgences in Luther's days.

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