OK, We Need To Talk About The Crazy New Great Tribulation Video...

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  • slimboyfat

    1919 does give them more time than 1914 because it is not tied fo “this generation”.

    1919 simply marks the re-establishment of pure worship and the endtime can stretch from that date indefinitely.

    Keeping 1919 affirms the authority of the GB-faithful slave chosen in that year, without tying them down to 1914-generation teaching.

    For example Seventh Day Adventists believe the endtime and investigative judgement began in 1844 and continue to stretch this out.

  • Half banana
    Half banana

    What have the WT org got left to keep the flock on board? The prophetic hopes have run their course and still no Armageddon, not the slightest hint of divine manifestation anywhere. The goal posts forever wandering off the field into the future. The only tactic left is to ratchet up the fear to heighten the tension.

    This is how doomsday cults come to their natural end.

  • The Fall Guy
    The Fall Guy

    Aww shucks, c'mon everybody, give Geoffrey Jackass & his fellow "lovers of truth" a break!

    The Vatican has used hell-fire & purgatory for centuries to terrify and control its minions - especially the children - so surely the H8teful8 in Warwick are entitled to concoct their own business model!

  • waton
    the very same reason they will need to eventually drop 1919....it's too long ago and nothing has happened as to what they say will happen. nswtg

    The 1919 FD&S teaching is different then the 1914, installation of the kingdom, doctrine, it is not time limited to "this generation will by no means pass away" constraint.

    GB members since Pentecost come and went , overlapped (except for the babylon the great hiatus).

    So the " anointed generation overlapping " doctrine would become a natural for the FDS / GB. and so of course with the spiritual food. once gobbled up by the folks, it becomes old light excreta. naturally.

    I disagree with cedars, the presenters Morris and Splane looked nervous, not too pleased, afraid to be called out on the stuff they had to present by consent. They did not especially revel in their glory.

  • minimus

    Same old same old.

  • littlerockguy

    Don't they still claim the trumpet blasts in Revelation refer to judgements proclaimed in convention talks in the 1920s in Cedar Point, Ohio?

  • sir82

    Don't they still claim the trumpet blasts in Revelation refer to judgements proclaimed in convention talks in the 1920s in Cedar Point, Ohio?

    They have not published anything to "update" that little nugget of wisdom; however, they have not mentioned it at all since they last published a revised "Revelation Climax" book in 2005 or 2006.

    That is their MO when they want to abandon an embarrassing teaching: remain completely and utterly silent on the topic for a decade or 2, then suddenly publish "new light".

    I expect a new "Revelation" book in 4 or 5 years - they're probably dreaming up a new interpretation even now.

  • dozy

    These videos are kind of beyond parody , really. SWAT teams facing down JWs , control rooms with agents leafing through Watchtowers and TV screens with GB members broadcasting. It would be laughable if it wasn't resulting in our JW family members wasting their lives serving an organisation and giving older people false hope.

    But essentially I don't think anything has changed as far as JW Armageddon theology is concerned. The somewhat confused timeline with the UN turning on Babylon the Great and then "Gog of Magog" turning on JWs is pretty much what they have said for decades. Notably it's only the "evil" military forces that are seen being destroyed. Babies , women & the general 7+ billion none JW "worldly" population ( not to mention the "Kevins" of the organisation ) aren't depicted.

  • Tenacious

    The video. The warnings. The propaganda.

    They're all designed to instill fear not love.

    Fear just lasts longer than love.

    Mark my words. The governing idiots will wish they were never born.

    Enjoy it while you can indiscreet maggots. Enjoy the glories of this life.

    Your hot seat awaits you as you draw your last breaths . . . .

  • Vidiot

    "Remain faithful unto me, and a firing squad will be your reward..."

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