OK, We Need To Talk About The Crazy New Great Tribulation Video...

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  • bennyk

    And because "true worship was restored in 1919 [sic]", the very next year they published the booklet Millions Now Living Will Never Die! which contained their false prophecy regarding 1925 (?)


  • jp1692

    Gotta love this shot with Jesus looking all Marvel comic bookish:


  • jp1692

    It's the same bullshit that the WTBTS has been spouting for over a century.

    They say it's coming "soon!"

    Image result for you keep saying that word

  • dubstepped

    First, that's messed up if you're in it, and somewhat funny to look back on and remember that you once took so seriously.

    Second, I couldn't help but notice that the white parents or whatever seem to always have darker complected kids. The magical unified borganization is so multi-cultural that even white parents are popping out darker kids. Obviously it may not be taken so seriously, but they way they force pictures to look a certain way always got to me. It's often so fake.

    Third, they just gloss over that thousand year reign, going straight from Armageddon to after the final test. Yes, even if you make it through all of the awful and scary things they tell you about, you still have to endure 1000 years with Jehovah's Witnesses without losing your shit lest you be killed, and then you get to endure another awful scary horrifying time where Satan has his one last chance at you before finally you are good enough to live forever, of course as long as you don't screw up because we've already seen that perfection on earth to date is only batting .333, and that guy with the hit had to be the freaking son of god.

    Good luck Johos!

  • Diogenesister

    “WAR of God the Almighty??” In what way is the most powerful super being in the Universe smashing a bunch of frail human babies, old folks and civvies a “WAR”??

    Jehovah certainly hasn’t signed up to the Geneva Convention when the object of his “war” is to kill the billions of children whose civilian parents don’t sell Watchtower Corporation literature!!

  • Diogenesister
    Notsurewheretogo No, they taught years ago that during the GT but before the Big A that all anointed would be in heaven...if they are alive during the GT then they are "taken" to heaven so all 144,000 slaughter innocent ones.

    Yup. Otherwise known to Christendom as the “rapture”.Which is why they gloried in stating that it would be the anointed 144,000 ( GB) that would join Jehovah in the mass slaughter, but didn’t mention Jesus.

  • Diogenesister

    This is it” Toni Morris: “Don’t be emailing each other when you hear a world leader say “Peace” and say “this is it”....

    Leave the channel to do the click Bait !”

  • Ding

    In 1919 they were selling The Finished Mystery, which is filled with nonsense.

    Michael is the Pope...

    Leviathan is the locomotive...

  • waton
    1919 vs 1914: "- no longer having to define “generation” in increasingly incredible ways.-" sbf.

    those 5 years wont make a difference in the overlap of franz-like super centenarians. or on the 1918 wt doctrine, that the heavenly resurrection had taken place that year, the FDS was appointed, that millions then living would never die. and

    the elephant in the room that to fight at Armageddon, the anointed generation overlappers will have to have passed away, heavenward before the end, whereas Jesus said that the generation would not pass away, as indeed it did not in the first century., having fled to the mountains.

    Tony with egg on his face invisibly of course. he really looked nervous by the way. he must know.

  • smiddy3

    true worship was restored in 1919 ?

    What were the teaching and preaching in 1919 that they still believe today ?

    If they have today rejected many of there teachings in 1919 as old light ,how can they claim to have true worship today ?

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