OK, We Need To Talk About The Crazy New Great Tribulation Video...

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  • scruffmcbuff

    Yes!! Brother paranoid curtain twitcher made an appearance. Hes my fave.

  • redvip2000

    You can't make this stuff up. I really don't know what I was thinking when I didn't realize all this stuff was nonsense when I was in the cult.

    The video is as pathetic as you would expect. There is actually a guy shooting a gun at the sky.. lol.

    Oh and God is going to make the United Nations attack religion, really? .. Can't send a piece of bread to starving children in Africa but he has enough motivation to convince a useless organization like the UN to attack religion.

  • WillYouDFme

    1:18 - Satan is so stupid - even though this video is out - he still will do the 1 thing that makes god kill him:)

  • Beth Sarim
    Beth Sarim

    As the Borg faces lawsuit after lawsuit, they may get 'uglier' and 'uglier' all the time. More ramped-up convention$ about loyalty, donating more, more extreme videos. I'm just relating to what one youtuber said in the comments section after the 2016 'Remain Loyal' Convention where they mentioned 'shunning' of inactive ones.

  • truth_b_known

    A couple of things I noted:

    1) Official statement that "True worship" was restored in 1919. This de-legitimizes Charles Taze Russell and all his work.

    2) Morriss stays the phrase "After prayerful consideration" no less than 3 times before revealing that the Governing Body identifies Russia as the King of the North. So, 8 guys pray and then considered. Whatever they come up with after that is to be accepted as true.

    3) I have been out for over a decade, but I believe this is the first time the Watchtower stated if any of the 144,000 would be on Earth at Armageddon which is a "no". That creates a real dilemma for them with increased partakers.

  • sir82

    That creates a real dilemma for them with increased partakers.

    "All partakers are mad as hatters...except we 8, of course".

    Problem solved.

  • slimboyfat

    Okay, I have a different take on this.

    It seems to me this video will age well, and it could be part of a long term strategy to establish a credible and enduring presentation of their endtime expectations.

    The video, at least the part I saw, mentioned 1919 many times, but I don’t think it mentioned 1914 once. The new Ezekiel book has 27 mentions of 1914 whereas it includes 50 references to 1919. Moreover 1919 features in many of the paragraph questions for emphasis, whereas 1914 appears in none. Which is pretty astonishing when you consider that the official line is that 1914 was predicted by scripture, whereas 1919 is derived from 1914 by extension and by events of that year.

    I suspect they may be preparing to drop 1914 altogether and replacing it with 1919. The reasoning offered may be that while 1914 was based on faulty chronology, Jehovah nevertheless used these expectations providentially to gather people for pure worship in 1919. The basis for 1919 will simply be the evidence that a group of people emerged in this year with true Bible teachings and embarked on the modern preaching campaign, severing the link to a specific chronology, and 1914.

    If that’s the plan then this video could still be played even after 1914 is dropped.

    Obviously the advantages of dropping 1914 are multiple, including no longer defending a dubious set of historical and exegetical claims, plus no longer having to define “generation” in increasingly incredible ways.

    Plus I find it a bit odd that a main objection from Cedars is that the video presents as if the GB really believe this “crazy” endtime scenario. I guess I just don’t find this so surprising. If you believe what JWs believe, then this video is a pretty straightforward presentation of what JWs believe. It’s crazy if you don’t share those beliefs, but just a simple presentation of the facts if you do share those beliefs.

  • notsurewheretogo
    but I believe this is the first time the Watchtower stated if any of the 144,000 would be on Earth at Armageddon which is a "no". That creates a real dilemma for them with increased partakers.

    No, they taught years ago that during the GT but before the Big A that all anointed would be in heaven...if they are alive during the GT then they are "taken" to heaven so all 144,000 slaughter innocent ones.

  • notsurewheretogo

    Slim...the issue with 1914 is not just faulty prophecy or chronlogically incorrect.

    1919 is only 5 years after 1914 and they still teach that Satan has a "short period of time"...whether 1914 or 1919 the fact is we are 100 years from that and getting further away from it.

    The reason why we on this forum are stating they need to drop 1914 is the very same reason they will need to eventually drop 1919....it's too long ago and nothing has happened as to what they say will happen.

  • john.prestor

    I can't see them dropping 1914 for 1919, why bother? They'll pick a date that gives them more time if they drop the former, I dunno, 1993 (I just picked that at random). But I thunk abandoning 1914 would 'stumble many older members but then again, who knows? They crowned themselves the faithful slave in what, 2014, with no obvious backlash or exodus.

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