How Long Before They Introduce Tithing?

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  • Searril


    Calm the heck down. Re read my post. I said “it stands to REASON”, meaning, you can draw a logical conclusion. I didn’t make a factual statement. I also used the word “probably”, meaning I am speculating. I am happy to admit that.

    Thank you.

    How very Watchtowerian in wordage.


    The above hypothetical letter would work. Loyal Dubs would do it because there’s this really sick thing people are into called “shared suffering.”

    “Times are tough and I just barely make ends meet with my medical bills, gas for Pioneering, and food, clothing and shelter for the children since my Husband became an apostate, but Jehovah provides for his loyal ones.

    Just last week I prayed to Jehovah about coming up with my $50 monthly donation as I had no idea how I could afford food, let alone $50 more dollars.

    Guess what? That very next day, Brother Cleaning Company Owner had a night job for after the meeting, and it would only be a few hours work so that I could get to field service the next day. Guess what it payed?? $50!!”

    DD 🤢

  • pepperheart
    The problem the watchtower has got though is that if somebody is a good jw and spends many hours going door to door etc they will not have a great deal of money to tith with any way
  • blondie

    Currently, donations to the WTS are anonymous unless you privately request a form from the IRS proving religious donations over $250 or you pay with a check. How will they handle individual donations and hold them to a particular amount monthly?

  • TD

    How Long Before They Introduce Tithing?


    The reasons (Legal and otherwise) have been discussed more than a time or two.

  • Biahi

    When I attended a church, we put our donations in envelopes with our name on it, and they provided an end of year statement to give to our tax preparer.

  • Diogenesister
    Doubter Now, to address why WT doesn’t go get govt money to offer social service is because (1) they don’t need it, and (2) they are not a social service organization or have any social services arms.
    That’s like asking why doesn’t the Red Cross go get govt funding to open bloodless surgery hospitals.


    This made me cross.

    The red cross may not open " bloodless hospitals"( reason: it's dangerous) BUT if they got a JW emergency they would do bloodless surgery if the only other option was immediate death for a jw patient!!

    (Also....they sure don't need govt money; the poor duped rank and file keep their coffers stuffed.)

  • Diogenesister
    Doubter Now, to address why WT doesn’t go get govt money to offer social service is because (1) they don’t need it, and (2) they are not a social service organization or have any social services arms.

    Also Doubter ( or anyone else, not picking on Doubter) why in the hell not?? Why don't Watchtower have a charitable arm? Jesus said give all your belongings to the poor and come follow me and he told the parable of the good Samaritan so he certainly didn't intend for Christians to only give to others of their faith...

    If jws are Christian, why don't they have a charitable arm??? What's their excuse??

  • LongHairGal


    Yes, every other religion has a charitable arm except the JWs...You are on your own! Thankfully, I held onto my job until retirement.

    JWs gullible enough to swallow the religion’s anti-college and career stand end up in trouble. I’m sorry for any who did.

    What bothers me is the JWs painting a charitable picture of the religion to new recruits. I suspect that many of the new recruits of recent years (types with serious ‘issues’) were lured into the religion with bullshit talk about a ‘brotherhood’ and how ‘they are going to be taken care of’. 🙄

    Well, JWs is not a charitable organization. All their talk is B.S. and the equivalent of blowing a kiss at somebody..In my opinion, the religion’s solution is to target responsible people in congregations and ask them for money!!!..I’m sure this is happening in many halls. I’d never tolerate this and I’m glad to not be around the Witnesses anymore.


    Like Wal-Mart deciding to offer organic food, or any other corporation, the WTBTS will do the “right thing” when it suits them financially, or saves them.

    There are so many genuinely nice Dubs ( although brainwashed ) who would gladly be up at 5am on Saturday to serve food or provide clothing to disadvantaged people.

    I’ve always believed the Dubs could run one of the most organized kitchens there is. The Rank and File would gladly volunteer, it would breathe life into the cult. Sadly the blame for no charity rests solely on the Gibbering Body..


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