How Long Before They Introduce Tithing?

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  • Doubter

    For those trying to prop up the Mormons and SDAs for their alleged giving back, it stands to reason that social programs are being funded by the government, not tithes:

    So if this funding wasn’t available, would they provide those social services to their congregants, or anyone who’s not a memeber? Probably not.

  • FedUpJW

    Fake letter, just for fun!

  • Sanchy

    FedUp nailed the watchtower letter formatting perfectly

  • DesirousOfChange

    I think there would be a rebellion if they instituted actual tithing. JWs are funny about money. At least the older ones are because they remember how much it was said and advertised that they have No Collections and everything is FREE FREE FREE. Younger ones wouldn't care as they don't contribute anyway.

    What they have already is damn near the same as tithing except it doesn't enforce it equally on every JW. The Circus Assemblies all have predetermined "donation" amounts based on the publisher head count. Here it is (or at least used to be) $10.50 per publisher (whether they attended or not) per day for the use of the Assm Hall, or about $10,000/day. It doesn't matter if all 1000 pubs give $10.50 or 100 pubs give $100 each. WTS is going to collect their "donation", or else! When sufficient donations are not received, the balance due is divided up on a per publisher basis and each Cong in the Circus is responsible for paying their "fair share".

    One-day events were always "profitable" here. Two-day Circus Assemblies suffered. I believe this is why there are now only one-day assemblies.

    IF IT HAS NOT ALREADY HAPPENED.......I think they will institute the same system for every Cong. (Perhaps someone who is PIMO and still serving can comment.) I suspect when the Circus Overseer meets with the elders he is to determine if they are "donating" sufficient funds to WT. In the past CO's did this based on literature used and contributions given for it.

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  • LongHairGal


    Even though they have something that resembles tithing in a way (as others have mentioned), it would not surprise me if they did do this at some point.

    Many more would leave the religion, I think. Also, those who were criticized for their job like I was probably wouldn’t give anything. Imagine criticizing somebody for their full time job..and then thinking you are going to ask those people for money??..Dream on.


    I don’t think you should be pointing the finger at any other religion over ‘social programs’. Too many JWs have finagled to get government benefits so don’t even go there. In fact, a recent thread was started on that very topic. You’ve heard the expression: “People who live in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.” Don’t.

  • Doubter

    You did not comprehend my post.

    I did not say that taking government money was wrong. I was simply saying that taking government money, and opening social programs with that money, doesn’t make you charitable.

  • dubstepped

    What prevents JWs from getting that same federal money and actually helping people?

  • Sanchy

    What prevents JWs from getting that same federal money and actually helping people?

    What do you mean?? Money, hospitals, schools, food banks, soup kitchens, orphanages ... those things don't REALLY help people dubstepped. The good news in the publications, that's what truly helps.

  • Spiral

    Well, it's complicated, isn't it.

    For years the bOrg preached anonymous, voluntary giving (not a reality in some situations, but they always tried to paint it that way) ....... but now, having bitten off way more than they can chew financially (and before you add in all the legal costs) a way is needed to tithe. They have to do it, somehow.

    "Sir82: I don't know that they would do it for everyone, but I can easily imagine that it would become a requirement for being appointed as an elder, MS, or pioneer.

    I.e., only those who tithe get "special privileges".

    Sadly, I think this is where it is all heading. You can't get anything extra these days (cart duty, permission to go to the International Convention, work on the KH builds, etc.) unless you "qualify", so why not sell these privileges for a tidy profit? Take a page out of the pope's playbook --- wait --- If they could sell guaranteed entry into paradise THAT would really be a money maker.

    Otherwise, just going with straight tithing is problematical when all the JWs (here, at least) are poor AND rely on unreported cash income just to get by.

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